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We're still working on the Seattle, San Francisco region, and Massachusetts region, for all ferries to Fire Island, check out our new guide: Ferries to Fire Island. Do you miss a ferry line and or guide? Let us know in the comments, we would love to review and go on some new ferries!

Alaska Ferry Routes

A complete overview from all ferries within Alaska

Alaska's ferries hold a unique status, and we've produced numerous guides detailing these routes and talking about the considerations surrounding availability, which are influenced by crew shortages and the aging vessels within the Alaska Marine Highway System.

Orange = (AMHS) The Mainline to Homer. (Southeast Alaska + Gulf of Alaska) 
Green = The AMHS South Central & Southwest Mainline.
Purple = The AMHS daily connections
Yellow = Ferry connections from other operators near the AMHS routes.

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balearia ferries


USA ⇔ The Bahamas
2 Hours
Up to 6 times per week

Orient Point-New London

CT ⇔ Long Island
42 minutes
Up to 20 times per day
On hold
seastreak ferries

New York-Nantucket

New York ⇔ Nantucket
6h 15 mins.
Once per week
On hold
seastreak ferries

New York-Martha's Vineyard

New York ⇔ Martha's Vineyard
5h 15 mins.
Once per week


Alaska ⇔ Alaska
6 Hours
Up to 3 times per week
On hold
Casco Bay Lines

Portland-Bailey Island

USA ⇔ Bailey Island
2 Hours
Once per day
On hold
alaska marine highway ferries

Prince Rupert-Skagway

Alaska ⇔ Alaska
42 hours
Up to 2 times per week

Fort Lauderdale-Grand Bahamas

USA ⇔ The Bahamas
2h 30 mins.
Up to 1 time per day


Alaska ⇔ Alaska
6 Hours
Up to 5 times per week

New London-Montauk

CT ⇔ Long Island
1h 18 mins.
Up to 4 times per week
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Information for ferry tourists

About the ferry routes in and around the USA

Over 106 million passengers use a ferry crossing per year in the US.[1]Ferry crossing per year – That's about 1 in 3 Americans using a ferry every year!

There are ferry services in 37 States, About 190 ferry companies are servicing these scheduled routes. These companies service nearly 500 ferry terminals/ports.

There are close to 350 ferry routes near or in the US. With our website, we currently covered just over 70 of those routes so we are only at 20%. Though passenger-wise the numbers are better as we mainly list the more extensive ferry routes!

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  1. The USA ferry map isn't that complete yet, are you going to add the (many) ferries in Seattle as well?

    • Hi GoldGoose,

      It's a lot of work to get this map completely ready, it's however on our TODO lists!

      Follow us on Twitter if you want to know more about ‘when' we will update this map completely (to reflect ALL US connections, the map is currently at 50-60%, though most of the big connections are added)


      Thanks though for the comment!

  2. Hi there! Thanks for this information, but I've still one question. Is the Staten Island Ferry for free?

    • Hi Vincent,

      On July 4th, 1997, Mayor Rudy Giuliani eliminated the Staten Island Ferry fare. Since then it's free. It used to be only 50 cents though. so even if you would have to pay for it, it never was that expensive!

  3. Hello,

    Will you be adding the Vallejo Ferry and/or other routes of the San Francisco Ferry system to your website?


  4. Do you need a passport to go from Ft Lauderdale to Bahamas?

  5. @ Jennifer

    Here you can read more about the ID requirements for most of our ferry routes:

    This is the currently active summary of travel docs on the route to the Bahamas:

    ” All U.S. Citizen adults and minors must be in possession of a current, valid passport book or passport card which you must show when traveling on this connection. There are however many exceptions to this rule. “

  6. Are there any ferries that travel the East Coast that you can take from Massachusetts or New York that would bring you to North or South Carolina

    • Hi Jeff,

      Thanks for the question,

      We've looked into all possibilities out there and even called a few of our partners. It's impossible if you look at ferries. If you look at cruises however, there are a few – very expensive – opportunities, for instance this cruise that sails on the Atlantic Coastline. There aren't real many though that you can hop on and hop off, and the prices are extremely high.

      ~ Jochem

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