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Project Brave: New Ferry Rosyth-Dunkirk

Plans are underway to bring back a ferry service between Scotland and Europe by spring 2024, and discussions have intensified to establish this new ferry connection between Rosyth and Dunkirk.

A company named Ptarmigan Shipping is doing everything it can to restart the ferry service. They believe this ferry plan, nicknamed ‘Project Brave,’ could change Scotland for the better.

Bringing back this ferry is a big deal for the people who signed petitions for it. It’s not just about travel—it’s about helping Scotland and Europe trade, protect the environment, and connect in a new way. As talks keep going and plans take shape, we’re all waiting to see this new chapter unfold.

There used to be a ferry on the Zeebrugge (close to Dunkirk) to Rosyth route until 2018 when a fire broke out and the route stopped:

On Monday 16 April, a fire broke out in the engine room on board DFDS’ ro-ro freight ship Finlandia Seaways, which connects Rosyth in Scotland and Zeebrugge in Belgium.

An injured crew member was airlifted to hospital, where he is being treated for injuries caused by smoke inhalation.

The ship was towed to DFDS’ terminal in Immingham, where the cargo on board has been discharged, and where DFDS had the opportunity to carry out an inspection of where the fire took place…

… “Unfortunately, this will bring about further losses on the route, and it means that we have lost all hope of being able to turn around the route’s loss-making situation. Therefore, we have no alternative but to close the route as we undoubtedly will lose clients who will be forced to seek alternative solutions for their transport,” says Kell Robdrup.

DFDS Press Center

With new ferry lines, however, it's always the question: will it really happen? While we really hope this ferry will start in 2024! In our experience, there has to be a bit more commitment to make this a certainty.

Cargo or Passengers

Also important to make a note here as in much media, they are also talking about a passenger connection and, they are using images of the current DFDS passenger ships sailing from Amsterdam to Newcastle. The ship that used to sail on the route from Zeebrugge to Rosyth was the Finlandia Seaways, this ship was only able to carry 12 passengers. So don't get your hopes up just yet!

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