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Ferry from St Martin to St Barts

Discover the best crossings to St Barthélemy


1 Hour
Up to 3 times per day


42 minutes
Up to 12 times per day

How to get to St Barts from St Martin by ferry

  • The easiest way to reach St Barts from St Martin is to travel by the Great Bay Express ferry. This ferry leaves from Philipsburg on St Martin. For a single trip, this is around $60 USD.
  • Another option is the Voyager who leaves at Marigot. This trip is a little longer and more expensive.

There are however alternatives:

  • You can also book a private charter or boat to St Barts. Keep in mind these kinds of charters are expensive. A boat for 6 persons is for instance $ 1200,-. [1]Boat Base Price St Maarten to St Barth 
  • You can also go by the Edge ferry from Simpson Bay, this is a super fast ferry for a day trip, however, it only goes twice a week (Monday and Thursday) to St Barts and it's also $100+ per ticket. It leaves at 9:00 and returns at 16:30.
  • It's also possible to fly to St Barts, however, this is more expensive and not even that much faster, since it's only a short distance. 
  • Swimming would take 6 and a half hours if you are fully trained and ready to do the impossible. The world record for exactly this distance is by the way 5 hours and 2 minutes. Galadriel holds this world record, by the way, See the rings of power episode 2 for her performance. 😉

Take a look at our St Martin to St Barts ferry map to see where the ferries sail.

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Map with all routes from St Martin to St Barts

To Summarize: Ferries to St Barts, our top 3

  1. Simply the best and cheapest option: Take the Great Bay Ferry from Philipsburg to St Barts. 
  2. Take the Voyager (Marigot) and leave from the French part of St Martin. 
  3. Go for a day trip and take the Edge leaving from Simpsons bay. Time this right though as there are only two options per week.

When leaving St Martin however there are enough options out there. If you have enough money to spend the private charters are also great fun. You'll make quite the entrance on St Barts with champagne and loud music out from the private charter speakers!

Oyster Pond to St Barts

The Voyager ferry from Oyster pond is also known to leave from Oyster Pond. (the Dutch side of St Martin) However, when we checked the website of Voyager we were unable to find this route. So it was either a route from the past or it's not possible to book this route any longer.

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  1. Is the Voyager still sailing on this route?

  2. Aren't these ferries a bit overpriced for the distance?

    • Hi Redditox,

      We looked at the prices of these ferries and the distance and you could call these ferries above average in the cost per km or mile.
      There are however far more expensive ferries around!

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