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Below Deck Filming Locations – on a budget by ferry

10-6-2024 Update
Updated with the new filming locations of Below Deck Season 11 (St. George, Grenada) & Below Deck Med Season 9 (Athens, Greece)

This article provides a detailed list of the ports and sites where ‘Below Deck' was shot. We'll also guide you on whether and how to reach these places by ferry.

The globally celebrated series, “Below Deck” takes viewers to amazing places around the world. Ever wondered which of these spots you can visit by ferry?

While the mega yachts in the show navigate to the most beautiful locations such as the Caribbean, Spain, France, Greece Italy, Croatia, Malta, Norway, Thailand, Phuket, and Australia, you don’t need a hefty bank balance to chart a similar journey.

In this guide, we'll unveil “Below Deck” destinations, and there are some that are accessible by ferry, ensuring you capture some of the series' magic without breaking the bank.

We’ll dive into season-specific locations later, to provide a clearer roadmap. But for starters, let’s spotlight a few standout destinations easily accessible by ferry services.

The flagship “Below Deck” series primarily focused on the British Virgin Islands, The Bahamas, and one captivating season: Thailand. In the last couple of seasons, it's been filmed around the Caribbean: St Kitts(S9), St Lucia (S10), Grenada (S11)and more Caribbean Islands are visited.

Its Mediterranean counterpart, “Below Deck Med,” predominantly showcased the beauty of the Mediterranean, stopping by gems like Greece, Croatia, France, Spain, Italy, and Malta.

Meanwhile, “Below Deck Sailing Yacht” continued the Mediterranean love affair, with highlights in Greece, Croatia, Italy, and France. In a Nordic twist, “Below Deck Adventure” unveiled the fjords of Norway, while “Below Deck Down Under” – as you might guess – took viewers on an Australian odyssey.

Let's list the BD filming locations by country

Below Deck Mediterranean


Below Deck Med” and “BD Sailing Yacht” chose Greece as the backdrop for their inaugural seasons, predominantly focusing on the Ionian Sea. The crew's adventures spanned iconic destinations such as Corfu, Mykonos, Nidri, Lefkada, Paxos, and Syvota. In season 9 of Below Deck Med the crew returns to Greece to set sail from the port of Athens.

For those planning similar journeys, ferry connections to places like Corfu, Mykonos, Santorini, and Paxos can be located on FerryGoGo.

Mykonos – Greece


Croatia takes centre stage as the primary location for both the second season of “BD MED” and “Below Deck Sailing Yacht”. The crew embarks on journeys to picturesque harbours and islands, including notable destinations like Split, Trogir, Hvar, Korčula, and Vis, of which the underlined ones can also be found on our website.

“Below Deck Med” returns to the Croatian Islands and shores in its sixth season.

Trogir – Croatia


“Below Deck Med” Season 3 transports viewers to Italy specifically the breathtaking Amalfi Coast, showcasing iconic destinations like Naples, Capri, and Positano. This region is renowned for its staggering natural allure.

Meanwhile, “Below Deck Sailing Yacht” Season 4 anchors its story in Italy, predominantly around the scenic island of Sardinia, visiting captivating places like Cagliari and Olbia.

Amalfi Coast – Italy

Additionally, the season embarks on a journey to Bonifacio in Corsica, further enriching the viewer's experience with the breathtaking ferry port of Bonifacio.

Bonifacio – Corsica

In Below Deck Med Season 8, the crew returns to Italy, where it has been filmed around the Italian Riviera, with Genoa as its main port for the season; Portofino will also be visited this season!

In season 8 of Below Deck Med, Portofino is a popular destination.


The French Riviera, often referred to as the Côte d'Azur, also features prominently. “BD Med” Season 4 unfolds in this iconic French region, highlighting destinations such as Monaco, Cannes, Saint Tropez, and Nice.

Notably, Nice is conveniently reachable by ferry, and from there, the other famed cities are just a stone's throw away.

Cote d'Azur – French Riviera – France
Note: locations underlined in the article can be accessed via ferry and are clickable for more information.


Both “Below Deck Med” Season 5 and “Below Deck Sailing Yacht” Season 3 unfold in Spain's captivating Balearic Islands. While “Below Deck Med” predominantly showcases the beauty of Mallorca, “Sailing Yacht” anchors its narrative in Menorca. Various ferry services grant access to enchanting locations like Palma in Mallorca and Ciutadella and Mahón in Menorca.

Palma de Mallorca Playa – Balearic Islands – Spain


Season 7 sets its sails around Malta. The mesmerizing clear blue waters of the Maltese islands captivated countless viewers.

With the allure of cities like Valletta, Malta is undoubtedly a destination worth exploring. Discover the ferries to Malta we have listed.

Valleta Skyline – Malta

Below Deck Adventure


When one considers chartering a private yacht, Norway might not immediately come to mind. Yet, “Below Deck Adventure” Season 1 brings the breathtaking fjords of Norway to the forefront.

Fjords in Norway

With numerous ferry routes available within and to Norway, the Hurtigruten cruise might be a good option for those wishing to experience all the fjords.

Alesund – Norway

The show predominantly centres around Ålesund, situated roughly 400 km north of Bergen.

Below Deck

British Virgin Islands

The very first season of Below Deck (S1) takes the viewers to the British Virgin Islands. Filming locations are Jost van Dyke Island, Tortola and Virgin Gorda. At this moment we don't have ferries listed yet to the BVI.

Virgin Gorda – British Virgin Islands


“Below Deck” Season 3 unfolds in the stunning Bahamas, famed for its azure waters. The season includes a visit to Eros.

Travelers can conveniently access the Bahamas by ferry, with routes to destinations like Bimini or Grand Bahama.

Bimini – Bahamas


Season 4 unfolds amidst the Caribbean islands, showcasing destinations such as St. Barths and the British Virgin Islands. The spotlight in Season 5 is predominantly on St. Maarten/Saint Martin.

Season 8 revisits the Caribbean, with a highlight on Antigua. By Season 9, the setting moves closer to St. Kitts, and S10 in and around St. Lucia. In early February 2024 the new season of Below Deck aired – which was filmed in Grenada, in and around the capital of St. George.

St Martin – Caribbean


Season 7 takes us to a completely different part of the world: Thailand. We follow the crew as they navigate the waters around Phuket, using the Ao Po Grand Marina as their main base.

This season showcases stunning locations like Phang Nga Bay, Koh Poda, Koh Phi Phi, and Koh Rang Yai. For those interested in travel, ferries offer convenient access to Phuket and other destinations. A comprehensive list of Thai ferry routes can be found here.

Phuket Andaman Sea – Thailain


Whitsunday Island – Australia.

“Below Deck Down Under” is an Australian spin-off of the original series. Its first season was mainly filmed around the Whitsunday Islands: Fitzroy Island, Hamilton Island and the Great Barrier Reef.

Fitzroy Island – Whitsunday Islands – Australia.

While the second season continues to showcase the Great Barrier Reef, it predominantly features Cairns as the central hub of the popular series.

Below Deck by series, spin-off, season and location

1. Below Deck:

  • Season 1 (2013): Soggy Dollar Bar, Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands.
    • Filming took place around various islands in this Caribbean archipelago, which includes spots like Tortola, Virgin Gorda, and Jost Van Dyke.
  • Season 2 (2014): Ohana, British Virgin Islands.
    • Once again, the crew cruised around the BVI, visiting its diverse islands and enjoying its tropical beauty.
  • Season 3 (2015): Eros, the Bahamas.
    • This season shifted to the Bahamas, an archipelago known for its clear waters, stunning beaches, and vibrant marine life.
  • Season 4 (2016): Valor, the Caribbean (including St. Barths and the British Virgin Islands).
    • Locations included areas like St. Barths and the British Virgin Islands, with the yacht navigating the azure waters of the Caribbean Sea.
  • Season 5 (2017): Valor, St. Maarten. Caribbean
    • St. Maarten, an island nation divided between French and Dutch territories, was the primary location for this season.
  • Season 6 (2018): My Seanna, Tahiti.
    • This season showcased Tahiti's exotic and remote beauty and its surrounding islands in the South Pacific.
  • Season 7 (2019): My Seanna, Thailand.
    • Filming occurred in various locations around Thailand, offering a blend of tropical beaches, bustling cities, and rich cultural experiences.
  • Season 8 (2020): My Seanna, the Caribbean (including Antigua).
    • The crew returned to the Caribbean, with Antigua and its neighbouring islands serving as the main backdrop.
  • Season 9 (2021): My Seanna, St Kitts, the Caribbean
    • The crew and it's guests visits locations like Frigate Bay, Basseterre and South Friars bay
  • Season 10 (2022): M/Y St. David, St Lucia, the Caribbean
    • In season 10 of Below Deck around St. Lucia one of the key filming spots is Rodney Bay Marina
  • Season 11 (2024): M/Y St. David, St. George, Grenada, the Caribbean
    • The harbour of St George in Grenada is one of the backdrops of Below Deck S11

2. Below Deck Mediterranean:

  • Season 1 (2016): Greece, mainly around the Ionian Islands.
    • Primarily in the Ionian Islands, which includes locations like Corfu, Lefkada, and Paxos. These islands are known for their turquoise waters, rich history, and picturesque villages. Ship: M/Y Ionian Princess.
  • Season 2 (2017): Croatia, particularly around the Dalmatian coast.
    • Centered around the Dalmatian Coast, visiting places like Split, Dubrovnik, Hvar, and Korčula. The Dalmatian coast is renowned for its historic cities, stunning islands, and clear blue waters. Ship: M/Y Sirocco.
  • Season 3 (2018): Italy, specifically areas like Naples, Capri, and Positano.
    • The crew sailed around the Amalfi Coast and the Tyrrhenian Sea, visiting iconic locations like Naples, Capri, and Positano. The Amalfi Coast is famous for its dramatic cliffs, charming coastal towns, and delicious Italian cuisine. Ship: Talisman Maiton.
  • Season 4 (2019): The French Riviera, including places like Monaco and Saint-Tropez.
    • This season was mainly in the French Riviera (or Côte d'Azur), including renowned destinations such as Monaco, Cannes, Saint-Tropez, and Nice. The Riviera is known for its luxury, beautiful beaches, and glamorous events like the Cannes Film Festival. Ship: M/Y Sirocco
  • Season 5 (2020): Spain, focusing on the island of Mallorca.
    • It is primarily set in Mallorca, one of Spain's Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean. Mallorca offers diverse landscapes with its mountains, coves, beaches, and the historic city of Palma. M/Y The Wellington
  • Season 6 (2021): Croatia, visiting various locales along its picturesque coastline. The series set sail on the ship Lady Michelle.
  • Season 7 (2022): Malta, sailing around Malta with the historic capital Valetta. This season the ship was M/Y Home.
  • Season 8 (2023): Italian Riviera, including Genoa and Portofino.
    • Season 8 of Below Deck Med was mainly filmed across the Italian Riviera, visiting Portofino, Monterosso, Marina Porto Vecchio and Sestri Levante. The series was filmed on Motoryacht Mustique.
  • Season 9 (2024): Greece, the season starts filming in the Port of Athens on Motoryacht Mustique. And will be sailing around the Aegean Sea and nearby Greek Islands.

3. Below Deck Sailing Yacht:

  • Season 1 (2020): Greece, focusing on various islands and locales around the country.
    • Corfu: This Ionian Island was a primary destination during the season, with its charming old town and scenic coastlines.
    • Nidri: Located on the eastern coast of Lefkada, Nidri is another popular sailing spot in the Ionian Sea.
    • Mykonos: One of the most famous Greek islands, known for its vibrant nightlife and stunning beaches.
    • Syvota: A coastal village on the mainland, it's a picturesque area with turquoise waters.
    • Ereikoussa: A smaller and less visited island offering a peaceful escape.
    • Other nearby Ionian islands and coastal towns were also visited during the charters.
  • Season 2 (2021): Croatia, exploring various parts of the stunning Dalmatian coast.
    • Split: A significant port of call, Split is known for its ancient Diocletian Palace and lively Riva promenade.
    • Trogir: Located near Split, Trogir is a UNESCO World Heritage site due to its excellently preserved Romanesque and Renaissance buildings.
    • Šolta: An island close to Split, Šolta offers secluded bays and charming villages.
    • Hvar: Known as the “Sunniest Place in Europe”, Hvar is famous for its historic sites, nightlife, and lavender fields.
    • Vis: This island served as a filming location for “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again” and is known for its natural beauty.
    • Korčula: Known as the birthplace of Marco Polo, this island offers medieval architecture and stunning views.
    • They also made stops in other islands and coastal regions along the Dalmatian coast.
  • Season 3 (2022): Menorca, Spain
    • The series is being filmed around the Balearic Islands with Menorca as the home base
  • Season 4 (2023): Sardinia, Italy
    • Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4 was filmed around Sardinia. Some hotspots in Sardinia are Olbia and Cagliari.
    • The beautiful port of Bonifacio (Corsica, France) is being visited while sailing around Sardinia.

4. Below Deck Adventure

  • Season 1 (2022): Norway. The setting of the show alternates between the luxury yacht “Mercury,” cruising through the Fjords of Norway and other locations.

5. Below Deck Down Under

  • Season 1 (2022) – Australia – Whitsundays + Great Barrier Reef
    • The first Below Deck season is filmed around the Whitsunday Islands and Great Barrier Reef.
  • Season 2 (2023) – Australia – Cairns + Great Barrier Reef.
    • The series of the second season of Below Deck Down Under was mainly shot around the waters of Cairns in NorthEastern Australia and the Gateway to the Great Barrier Reef. Other places that were visited were the Whitsunday Islands.

Questions? What locations are you missing? And where should Below Deck start filming next? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I love this series! And from my understanding, they only returned to Croatia due to the pandemic. However, I would love for them to return to Mallorca. I don’t know if anyone else is with me on this, but there are many beautiful hidden gems for such a small island! For example, Alcudia has some amazing beaches and such a good culture for a small town. Bulgaria is somewhere I cannot believe they have not visited! Nessebar, especially, is a place with a beautiful story.

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