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Isle of Skye: fairy tales do exist

Imagine majestic mountain peaks, crystal clear lakes and lush green valleys. Breath taking cliffs overlooking the sea. This is Isle of Skye. An island that enchants every nature lover. The enchanting scenery of the Isle of Skye Scotland is a fantastic destination anyway, but the beauty of ...

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Legoland® Billund Resort

Have you ever played with LEGO®? The one and only Legoland® is located in the middle of the Danish peninsula Jutland. In the town of Billund to be exact. If you have small children Legoland® was probably already on your destination list. But even as an adult you should have seen this amusement ...

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Walk to an island: mudflat hiking

Visit one of the Dutch Wadden Islands in a very special way: instead of getting on the ferry, you just walk! Are you up for a challenge and not afraid to get a bit dirty? Mudflat hiking: a challenging outdoor activity You got mud up to your knees and wade through deep gullies where the water ...

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5 secret pearls of the Cyclades islands

The Greek Cyclades: a beautiful group of islands in the Aegean Sea. You probably know Santorini, Mykonos, Naxos… All beautiful islands, without any doubt. Unfortunately, these famous islands of the Cyclades Archipelago have become very popular holiday destinations, so their beauty is hidden behind ...

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Keep the kids entertained on board

Let the anticipation begin, because the ferry is a big adventure for children. They don't have to stay in their seats. In fact, there’s plenty of space to play. And as soon as the children are happy, you are happy: your holiday is about to start now! 5x the best entertainment for children on ...

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How do I get to Texel from Amsterdam?

Would you like to visit the beautiful Wadden island Texel? Then travel to the northernmost tip of the province of North Holland: Den Helder. Texel can be reached quickly from Den Helder; you can reach the island in just twenty minutes by ferry. How do you get to the ferry terminal in Den ...

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Birdwatching on Helgoland

Helgoland is the best place for bird watching. At this time of year (September/October) and in spring (April/May) thousands of migratory birds come to find a sheltered spot between the red rocks of the island. What a fantastic destination if you love nature, animals and special locations! Where ...

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Go by Ferry this Fall! 4 amazing autumn trips

Autumn is the perfect time for a beautiful trip. Be outside and enjoy fantastic colours in the countryside, thanks to the warm autumn sun. The largest crowds in the cities decrease during the low season. The best time to go out! Traveling by ferry in autumn: check the offers Just relax on ...

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