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Plans are underway to bring back a ferry service between Scotland and Europe by spring 2024, and discussions have intensified to establish this new ferry ...

Update: Holland Norway Lines just (4th of September) filed for Bankruptcy. The charter agreement has been terminated, which means the ship is no longer under ...

Block Island is a highly sought-after vacation spot, particularly during summer and holidays. The ferry services to Block Island are, therefore, highly ...

Holland Norway Lines has found a solution for the recent problems on the connection from Eemshaven to Kristiansand. From mid-April, the connection to ...

Update: This connection has changed to Emden-Kristiansand for the reasons below.. You can read more about this move here: Eemshaven docking problems forces ...

In our latest update regarding the ferry troubles on the Wellington Picton connection, we mentioned that 5 out of 6 ships weren't sailing anymore. A few days ...

New Update: Kaiarahi is sailing again from Wednesday onwards and the ferries from Bluebridge seem to be repaired fast as well.Usually, the fleet of ...

The ferry company Havila Kystruten operating in Norway is changing the rules for the transport of electric, hybrid, and hydrogen((Hydrogen Vehicles - ...

While LNG is the cleanest of the fossil fuels((How clean is LNG - NationalGrid)), you can't really call it 100% green. Maybe that's why Incat is currently ...

We love to play around with new technology, and when we were able to create and generate the most beautiful ferry-related images, we generated (literally) ...

How to get to Dover harbor to get on a ferry towards France. The address of the Dover harbor is Eastern docks Dover kent ct16 1ja. To get there read the ...

This dataset is a combination of the stats of Eurostat((Eurostat: Passenger Data EU)) and UK Passenger 2021((Gov. UK: Annual Passenger data)) data. For the ...

The largest cruise ship in the world, the Icon of the Seas, was launched on December 9 at the Meyer Turku shipyard. The safe ship was then moved to the ...

There have been sea trials of the first ship of P&O Ferries this week. From 2023, two new ships will sail for P&O Ferries on the Dover-Calais ...

Peter Pan, an impressive new ship, will be the second TT Line ferry from a new environmentally friendly generation of boats in the southern Baltic Sea. ...

With the first sea trials starting in December, MF Hydra will be the world's first ferry powered by PEM fuel cells running on liquid hydrogen.The two fuel ...

New York Cruise Lines and Green City Ferries together will launch the first zero-emissions passenger ferry in the US. The two companies will make use of the ...

On the 23rd of October 2022, the only ferry connection between Tasmania and Australia moved from Melbourne-Devonport to Geelong-Devonport. One month after ...

Molslinjen acquires ForSea. Molslinjen is known for the many ferry connections in Denmark and the fast and most modern ferries in the world. Backed by EQT ...

The volume of traffic that travels during the start of the holidays from Dover to Calais has reached a peek which the French border controls couldn't control ...

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corsica sardinia ferry lines
3 months ago

Golfo Aranci to Porto Vecchio ferry

From: 50,00
The ferry from Porto Torres to Ajaccio connects Sardinia and Corsica to each other with a quick and direct crossing between the French and Italian Island. It is a very popular crossing during the summer season.
corsica sardinia ferry lines
3 months ago

Porto Torres to Porto Vecchio ferry

From: 50,00

The ferry from Porto Torres to Ajaccio connects Sardinia and Corsica to each other with a quick and direct crossing between the French and Italian Island. It is a very popular crossing during the summer season.

Boston Harbor City Cruises
9 months ago


From: 70,00
Take your Boston to Provincetown planning to the next level. Read about connections, times, operators and other interesting facts about this ferry.
Cape May Lewes Ferry
9 months ago

Cape May-Lewes

From: 10,00

The crossing between Cape May and Lewes is being operated by CPLF and sails 13 times a day with the M/V Cape Henlopen, M/V New Jersey and M/V Delaware ships. In about 85 minutes you'll make this crossing.

Davis Park Ferry
9 months ago

Patchogue – Fire Island

From: 12,00

The Sayville-Fire Island Ferry provides a vital link between the picturesque village of Sayville and the enchanting Fire Island. Offering a seamless connection to this idyllic barrier island, the ferry service ensures both residents and visitors can experience the island's natural beauty and recreational offerings.

Sayville ferry service
9 months ago

Sayville – Fire Island

From: 12,00

The Sayville-Fire Island Ferry provides a vital link between the picturesque village of Sayville and the enchanting Fire Island. Offering a seamless connection to this idyllic barrier island, the ferry service ensures both residents and visitors can experience the island's natural beauty and recreational offerings.

Fire Island Ferries
9 months ago

Bay Shore – Fire Island

From: 14,00

From Bay Shore, Fire Island Ferries departs to various locations on the island. The crossing takes between thirty minutes and 1 hour.

RTA ferry
11 months ago

Dubai Marina – Old Town

From: 25,00

The ferry service from Dubai Marina to Dubai Old Town offers a scenic and convenient transportation option, allowing passengers to traverse the city's modern waterfront to its charming historic district.

11 months ago

New York-Statue of Liberty

From: 28,00

The Liberty State Park ferry embarks from Jersey City, New Jersey, sailing 2.5 miles across the Hudson River in a 15-20 minute journey to Liberty Island and Ellis Island, accommodating hundreds of visitors with frequent departures every 20-30 minutes, allowing for an unforgettable experience to explore the Statue of Liberty National Monument and the Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration.

11 months ago

New Jersey-Statue of Liberty

From: 28,00

The Liberty State Park ferry embarks from Jersey City, New Jersey, sailing 2.5 miles across the Hudson River in a 15-20 minute journey to Liberty Island and Ellis Island, accommodating hundreds of visitors with frequent departures every 20-30 minutes, allowing for an unforgettable experience to explore the Statue of Liberty National Monument and the Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration.

Cataferry Bluewater
12 months ago

Mersing-Pulau Tioman

From: 20,00

Cruise from Mersing in Malaysia to Pulau Tioman, delighting in the island paradise during the (low quality) ferry ride with an average travel time of around 1 hour and 30 minutes.

12 months ago


From: 30,00
Embark on a cross-border ferry adventure from Dumai in Indonesia to Melaka in Malaysia, enjoying the maritime passage on the approximately 2 to 3-hour journey.
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  1. We are on our way Mr Frodo! =)

  2. You were right, the map was unclear, I added the Travemundo to Helsinki route to the map. However, if you want to go to Stockholm you probably need this connection:

    Which also is now on hold.

  3. Thanks Rosemary =)

    Indeed foot passengers are allowed on this route!

  4. @ Jennifer

    Here you can read more about the ID requirements for most of our ferry routes:

    This is the currently active summary of travel docs on the route to the Bahamas:

    ” All U.S. Citizen adults and minors must be in possession of a current, valid passport book or passport card which you must show when traveling on this connection. There are however many exceptions to this rule. “

  5. @Fin, the rules on this case are a bit different per company. Check out this blogpost regarding the issue of electric cars on ferries:

  6. Before Mid- Summer probably: May / Jun, early July!

  7. Hi Tom,

    Here you can read some experiences with this:

    This one is more recent (no tie down straps as I can see)

  8. Hello Roy Mann,
    Thank you for your question. We found the best answer to your question here:

  9. Hello Susan,

    The Cat sails on:
    Maine ⇔ Nova Scotia
    New Brunswick ⇔ Nova Scotia
    Prince Edward Island ⇔ Nova Scotia. sails on:
    North Sydney, Nova Scotia ⇔ Newfoundland

    We hope this helps you on your journey.

  10. Hello Chris,
    We have not yet thoroughly examined this area, but it appears that there are no ferry services. Parknasilla Resort & Spa offers boat trips, so maybe that’s something to inquire further about.

  11. Hello Jennifer,

    The Tangalooma Boat Transfer costs:

    Child ages are 3-14 years
    Infants 0-2 years travel free

  12. Hi Angie,

    There isn’t a ferry available. The majority would opt for driving or using public transportation.

  13. Hello, it is advisable to directly contact the ferry company for this matter.

  14. Hi Jose,

    Viator is one of the best websites to check out the best things to do on Martha’s Vineyard. If you have an OK budget be sure to jump on the 3 hour sailing tour around the island!

  15. Hi Patrick,

    100% True, these islands are close to each other and great to combine!

  16. Hi Jeff,

    Thank you for your questions. The company stopped due to many problems, the biggest one probably that it had to leave Eemshaven port. It will be nearly impossible to get your money back on this one. Services already stopped, 75.000 people are victims as you can read on the website of Holland Norway Lines. Here is a website in which you can file your claims soon:

  17. Hi Karl,

    I would really advise you to talk with your car-rental company about this. I think you are not allowed to take your rental car from Malta to Sicily!

  18. Hi Rhian,

    Good question, yet it is! Flying takes you 4 hours and can be done from Seattle! A round trip is about $300/ Should have included flight in this comparison. You can’t bring your car with you on a plane though!

  19. Hi Tyrone,

    I think those 2200 are not nearly enough compared to what is needed to get this going. Demand has to be ‘immense’ if you want this ferry to run.

  20. @Loretta

    This truly is one crazy ship! Works well on Social media these days (maybe that’s why it’s that crazy) =)

  21. Hi Paul,

    This is not possible, however, we do advice you to book these kind of ferries at like one ferry company. For example Ferryhopper or Directferries. They can combine the tickets which makes everything way easier.

  22. Hi Ruhaul,

    I honestly think that these 3 ferries are the best way for reaching this island. There are ‘excursion based’ trips available however but we are unsure about water taxi’s.

  23. Sicily is a large part of Italy and has many passengers coming and going by ferry!

  24. Hi Rosette,

    This is simply for safety reasons, they don’t want people to stick in the car decks.

  25. Thanks Nelson,

    We will look into this for a future article, great idea!

  26. Thanks! Be sure to follow us on Pinterest to check out more!

  27. You always need a dog passport and probably much more! Be sure to double check this article: Dog & Ferry Guide.

  28. There are many tourists each day traveling from Ireland to Germany by ferry, most however travel by Dover to Calais and from there drive to Germany. (which is still a far ride)

  29. Yes. but you have to call Calmac customer service for this: 00 44 1475 650397

  30. Hi Shane,

    It’s not a very long route, so I’m quite sure you won’t fall sick on this route!

  31. @Juana

    Not sure what you mean! Could you explain?

  32. It’s a rainy island. For warm weather you really have to go there June/July/August.

  33. There are quite some ferries remaining and active on this route, so I wouldn’t worry too much. Make sure you look for ferries from Las Palmas to Tenerife.

  34. Hi Tara,

    We would advise you to call with the ferry terminals that you want to use. What I do know is the following:

    Most (if not all) ferries servicing Batam-Singapore are the same. They do not have special entrance for wheelchair but the staff on the ferries would be more than happy to carry you into/out of the ferry.

    Batam Center Ferry Terminal is the most wheelchair friendly terminal I would go for.

  35. @Roberto it really is an amazing series, we have one of the biggest fans working here. =)

  36. Hi Patricia,

    There are several websites that can you help with this. Personally I like this youtube Video about the Island:!

  37. Hi William,

    There are actually two ships on the route (KING SEAWAYS and PRINCESS SEAWAYS), crossing each other, but because of the distance there are indeed not much departures per day. The route started February 2011.

  38. Hi Davina,

    Seasickness can be a bad thing on a long distance (12 hours +) ferry, we wrote the following article about it with 19 tips that are really helpful: How to avoid Seasickness on a ferry.

  39. Hi Stanley,

    If you look at the port of Liverpool: There are about 10 – ferry departures per day leaving port for Ireland. The biggest routes are at this moment: Liverpool-Belfast and Liverpool-Dublin.

  40. Thanks for the question Rhys,

    IN Duke Point:

    • $1.00 for 30 minutes, maximum 2 hours
    • $22.00 for each 24 hour period · Multiple day parking allowed.

    I think that would cost you $66!

  41. Yes on all ships on the Calais-Dover route dogs are allowed.

  42. It’s indeed an enormous ship! 800 Passengers is far above average for ferries. Staff is about 80-100 probably!

  43. @Mont-Unk
    We did a test booking on Corsica Ferries and all ticket prices for ‘foot-passengers’ remain the same at about € 40 to € 50 per person. These ferries aren’t that expensive.

  44. Hi Bradley,

    Yes that’s the two companies you have to choose from!

  45. Hi Lukas,

    There are 4 operators on the routes from Sweden to Poland, and the ticket prices are averaging around € 120 for the crossing. I also want to ask a question to you: What are you missing in the guidance above? That way we can make the guidance better and improve! Let us know!

  46. Hi Maria,

    You can get from Dover to Calais and from there you can drive to Barcelona and pick up the ferry from there. I think that’s the most used road to Ibiza from the UK.

    I hope this answers your question!

  47. Hi Roy,

    Good question, Yes this ferry runs more often during the peak Season (April – Early Sept)!

  48. Hi Paul, we really have to agree here: People tend to get seasick from this ferry. Especially in wild waters. Geelong so far seeing all reviews tend to be an improvement! So that’s good news!

  49. @Simone
    The price went up big time the last few years. (except last year) We will try to add the prices for the last 10 years in our research we do about this next year. Thanks for the question!

  50. Hi Noeline, Yes you can! We did a test booking for you and the total price was £359. The price will be more a less the same depending on the season / type of ticket. etc.

  51. Hi J. You Caught us there, we will add more in the near future, Canada indeed we haven’t covered that well yet!

  52. Hi Megan,

    We really wish there were more UK / Scandinavia connections, now all options are unfortunately ‘indirect’.

  53. Hey Pascale,

    If you can’t book the trip yet others also can’t, just wait a bit until the 2024 schedule arrives. You can book here.

    Good luck!

  54. Hi Benrita, Yes in most cases you need a passport, you can read all about it here:

  55. @Beldina, you have the Queen Mary 2 that makes Transatlantic Crossings from Southampton UK (and sometimes (rarely) stops in The Netherlands). This is an expensive trip though, not really a ferry. A cheap way to cross the Atlantic Ocean is not possible.

  56. 8:30 is earliest departure and latest departure from Malta is 18:00, here you can see the schedule. Make sure you book your tickets in advance!. Make sure you book your tickets in advance!

  57. @ Sonia

    These are (more or less, things can change a bit) the prices for Malta to Sicily:

    Normal Return – €109.00
    One Way – €68.00

  58. @hanna Then why go by ferry? I would consider going by plane and/or if you got by Train I would take a look on

  59. @Portuguese M

    Yes there is, we will list this route and guidance for this route in a future update, thanks for the question though, because of the question we found out we missed this one.

  60. Yes there seems to be, thanks for the tip / question. We will add the ferry from Funchal to Porto Santo Island to FerryGoGo shortly.

  61. So far there is no update on this connection.

  62. No Thank you Ticky for using the website =)

  63. Hi Sophia,

    Yes it is possible to leave in the morning and arrive in the evening!

    8:30 is earliest departure and latest departure from Malta is 18:00, here you can see the schedule. Make sure you book your tickets in advance!

  64. Hi Plum,

    We really hope this ferry will get there in 2026! This however isn’t the first time we hear about this connection appearing in the future, many things can go wrong and so far more failed then started.

    The travel time through the Netherlands and such is instead a hassle. Have you ever looked at the Kiel – Oslo connection and driving all the way? (Calais-Dover) It’s a long drive but Kiel Oslo is a connection many people seem to enjoy!

  65. Hi Sharon,

    If you sail by ferry to Spain from the UK you’ll be sailing with Brittany Ferries: Brittany Ferries does have pet friendly cabins on the Galicia, Salamanca, Pont-Aven and Normandie vessels. Spain with your pet aboard Brittany Ferries for just £29 to France and £45 to Spain each way.

    Hope this answers your question.

  66. You are welcome, happy to be of help!

  67. Hi Terry,

    Thanks for your question, at the moment there is no ferry from Santander to Portugal. There are however trains that will take you from Santander to the Algarve region, or Lissabon and Porto.

    When there is news about this we will inform you.

  68. Hi Jeff,

    We would go for Newport Beach, as the CA-91W is also a toll route and is now the fastest route to Dana Point due to traffic conditions. Navigate to the Balboa Pier Parking Lot.

  69. Hi Sujith,

    You can read all about passports and international travel documents here:

  70. Hi Rob,

    The author of this research is on vacation: but will try to answer a small part of your questions. A cruise ship is often more like a floating hotel and way heavier than a ferry. More about how you calculate cruise carbon emissions here: In the visualization you also can see the difference for travel by ferry on a car and travelling as a foot passenger. The Carbon emissions depend on various factors, including efficiency, distance, size of a ferry, and the number of passengers on a crossing. The data presented here represents averages. In the research, the average emissions per kilometer are considered. So, if no one takes a car on board, you can roughly use the figures for foot passengers.

  71. Thanks for your review and sharing your experience Sami!

  72. Hi Emi,

    For which particular crossing are you looking? The ferry from Liverpool to Belfast for example is possible with cabins. But in general on the shorter routes there aren’t always cabins on board of the ferries. Let me know if we can help you further.

    Best regards,

  73. Hi Wendy,

    Yes you actually can take the ferry from England to Spain with a trailer, but you can book this only by phone at Brittany Ferries directly.

    Happy travels!

  74. Hi Richard,

    Yes you can bring your dog on the ferry to Arran. More information here as well:

  75. Thanks for your review Woobie, much appreciated.

  76. Thanks for your review Lenore, very much appreciated.

  77. Thanks for your perspective Mark!

  78. Hello Ayla,

    We think our map on the Bahama’s page should be helpful. You can zoom in and out to get a better perspective. There is a bridge from New Providence to Paradise Island – but there are no other inter Island bridgets. So travelling per ferry or mailboat is preferred way of travel. From Nassau you can also fly to all the Islands. This website might be helpful to figure out how to travel:

    Happy travels!

  79. Hi Luigi,

    I’m afraid there isn’t. There are ferries from Northern Spain to the UK and Ireland. If you travel from either Bilbao or Santander to Portsmouth (UK) and a ferry from Portsmouth to France for example. But there isn’t a direct passenger ferry from Spain to the Netherlands.

  80. Hi Susan,

    Thanks for your question. If you meant the ferry from Saint John to Digby – then the duration is about 2 hours.

    Happy travels!

  81. Hi Anne,

    Thanks for your question. There is public transportation from Cairnryan to the other parts of Scotland. You can travel by bus and train to for example Glasgow and Edinburgh – there are even buses leaving directly from the terminals in Cairnryan to Edinburgh (+/- 3.5 hours). Let me know if there are any remaining questions!


  82. Hi Corey,

    We’ve tried to look this up, at first it seems you can bring your dog on board the Smyril Line ferries: but under Icelandic law it’s only possible for pets to enter Iceland only via Keflavik Airport and must spend four weeks in absolute quarantine. This is because of Iceland’s strict disease prevention laws.

    Best regards

  83. Hi Des Casey,

    Depends a bit per ferry company but in general you can bring up to 2 dogs. If you bring more dogs you need to book a kennel instead of a dog-friendly cabin. If you want to know more about bringing your dog onboard the ferry we have this comprehensive guide for you: . Be sure to also doublecheck with the ferry company to see if they have any specific rules.

    Hope to have helped you a bit further.

    Best regards,

    Jan Willem

  84. Hi Madeleine,

    Thanks for your question. The Cirkewwa-Mgarr ferry is running in October. For the Mgarr to Valleta crossing we can’t see past september yet. But we expect that one to be sailing as well.

  85. It’s a connection people are simply willing to pay that much for, a huge bridge would be the best solution =)

  86. It’s a great Island, getting more popular every year!

  87. Hi Suzanne,

    It’s a bit more expensive and a bit more work to book it at the ferry, through Scandlines you can easily book ‘flexible’ tickets, that’s what most tourists from The Netherlands of Belgium do.

  88. @Kimberly

    Yes, you can take the ferry to Haines, in your case we would contact Kirsty (or another employee) of, they can surely help with arrangements.

  89. Hi Adeel,

    There is currently a Sicily Summer offer – which is valid for July and August – you can find the details here;

    Good luck and have a nice trip!

    Team FerryGoGo

  90. Hi Krishna,

    This might be possible – depends if the ferry is fully booked or not. You can try it of course but it is a small risk. When you plan to bring a car we highly recommend to book in advance.

    Best regards – Team FerryGoGo

  91. Hi Rebecca,

    Thanks for your question. For now it seems like the last ferries to Spain from the UK will sail in the first week of November (5th of November). And then this particular crossing will have a winter break and will start up again in early 2024.


  92. Hi Irene,

    This probably will be in the autumn, after the peak season. The schedules generally don’t change to much year over year.


  93. @Through-email:

    In summer the ferry Royan – Le Verdon runs continuously. Since it takes half an hour to get across the maximum wait time would be half an hour since there are two ships son the route. The first departure though you could aim for is 7:45 from Royan and 7:15 when you leave from Le Verdon. You can’t pre-book tickets and this ferry is known to be ‘expensive’.

    ” In the the holiday period there can be kilometers of queues and hours of waiting times! ”
    ” The gates open 45 minutes before departure and only then you can buy the ticket for the crossing.”

  94. Hi Eddie,

    We did the research for you: Yes, they are also running in October ( multiple sailings per day), they seem to run all year through (also November). In october the sea is more rough, and yes on this route especially things can get really rough. 90 minutes is quite ok though.. So even in bad weather 90 minutes is done before you know it. Check out more about seasickness on ferries here:

  95. Thanks Cecille, we are running quite some ads on Pinterest, thanks for the heads up! ⚓

  96. The MS Oscar Wilde from 2006 connects Rosslare with Pembroke and could be a good option for yoU:

    It’s quite a modern ship, don’t mistake it with the MS Oscar Wilde Cruise. That’s not really a Seaworthy Ship!

  97. Hi Cubanita,

    The Only way to do travel to Cuba from Mexico is flying. We personally never even heard of these ferries. I think there was once a ‘plan’ to have ferries from the US to Cuba, but that plan never ended up going!

  98. Hi Nate,

    Check out this page:

    With your answer: Grand Bahamas harbor address: Terminal 2, Freeport Harbour, Grand Bahama Island

    Good luck traveling to the Bahamas!

  99. We only know about the port to port connections from Hurtigruten that you can book individually. ( We are currently working out a plan to add them to the website but this won’t be easy at all as we don’t want to add routes without much bookings. Faroe Island is not in the Port to Port finder, did you actually make a booking to the Faroe Islands on a port to port basis? Would be super interesting!

  100. Thanks Big M for this additional guidance, we’ve been on a mailboat a few times and we 100% agree with what you say here: It’s an adventure! You need some time in advance to simply ask at the harbor what’s possible and such, online the info simply isn’t always the best or outdated.

  101. You are 100% right there BergerM. We will add them mid August when they have started and we know more about the ferries.

  102. Thanks we made an error here, we also had an e-mail from someone with the same comment. It’s sometimes difficult with talking about Vancouver Island while Vancouver is not on it!

  103. You can’t depart from Marseille. The best route is probably to drive to Toulon and take the car ferry from there, for the other options you have to drive to Barcelona. The earliest departures from Toulon are quite late: At around 17:15 or so. this changes a lot however per day! Your other option if you need more time slots is Barcelona.

  104. The ferry is still active somewhere in Croatia. When you spot it let us know 🙂

  105. Hi Meg,

    Yes that could be one reason for usage, (There are also companies who do this for you) but it won’t be enough to get a ferry going between NZ and AU if that’s your only target market 🙂

  106. Hi Redditox,

    We looked at the prices of these ferries and the distance and you could call these ferries above average in the cost per km or mile.
    There are however far more expensive ferries around!

  107. Hi Nicole,

    Yes, we did this route like 5 years ago and we would not have made it back if it wasn’t for the 4WD we rented over there, quite sure no roads were added in the last 5 years! When you go there though, please share some images with us as we would love to have more images for this connection!

  108. Hi GoldGoose,

    It’s a lot of work to get this map completely ready, it’s however on our TODO lists!

    Follow us on Twitter if you want to know more about ‘when’ we will update this map completely (to reflect ALL US connections, the map is currently at 50-60%, though most of the big connections are added)


    Thanks though for the comment!

  109. Hi Day-M,

    Most people take the ferry from Calais to Dover with P&O Ferries if they ferry travel without a car as with DFDS you can’t book without a car (only with a bike) and with Irish Ferries it also doesn’t seem possible (they are more unclear about it, when you book as passenger though there don’t seem to be any ‘sailings’ which is odd).

    Check out the route here:

  110. Hi Geby,

    Thanks for your question and we did the research for you:

    You need to drive to Mallaig and from there take a car ferry to Armadale. From Armadale you can drive to Portree. I made a few arrows on the map to show you how this looks:

    Here is the route you need:

    Good luck with your travel to the Isle of Skye!

  111. Thanks ‘Dog Kennels in Auckland’ =)

    Would be awesome if you would link from your site towards this article that you describe as ‘the most comprehensive guide on traveling with dogs on ferries.” ! Much appreciated and we are happy that the guide was able to help you.

  112. Hi Timz, it all depends a bit, read more about it here: Generally when travelling internationally with ferries: Always carry a passport!

  113. Hi Nexus,

    From Brindisi to Patras is a great connection if you want to eventually travel to Crete (from the UK) , What a trip that is going to be.. If you have made the trip be sure to drop us a few pictures of the ferries, we love to have more media on Greek ferries!

  114. Hi Bruggema,

    We will keep an eye on this route. DFDS was supposed to take over this route, however, we haven’t seen or heard anything about this route. We’ll tweet them for an answer! If you follow us on Twitter ( ) you can follow this conversation!

  115. You don’t need to book these tickets online! You can just book them while you are there!

  116. Thanks Bookerz, These ferries to Algiers also change so now and then. Not the easiest crossings to find info on.

  117. If you need assistance with this trip you could contact, I’m sure there can help you with this trip. They are specialized in this region. Do you want to drive and ferry? Ps. if you want to ferry be sure to book these kind of trips months in advance.

  118. That’s a difficult one to answer, the website that they just to have is offline. This connection used to be part of the Marina Island Group:

  119. There is a ferry that also brings you directly from Malaysia (Johor) to Indonesia (Batam). It’s about 90 minutes from Johor to Batam, we will also list & analyze these routes in the near future on this website. For now you can find good info about this connection here:

  120. Hi Francis,

    We provide guidance and can’t book this for you. Pages that could help you further are:

  121. Hi Veronica,

    Good questions, It all depends on what you exactly want.

    The distance between the Balearics and Corsica is quite far, if you are looking for 14 days I would advise you to choose one of them. Like the Balearics OR Corsica. (I would prefer the Balearics) It’s quite easy to reach the Balearics from Barcelona. These are the options you have: And then in Mallorca, you can charter a boat with a captain to go around the islands. You can do that at for instance. 10-14 days on the Balearics is quite ok if you are also there to enjoy the beach and so on. Combine it with 2 to 3 days in Barcelona and you are going to have a nice holiday!


  122. So many people use them and say they work… You can never be 100% sure though but there are just too many happy experiences from users, check the 26.000 reviews here for instance:

  123. Good points, normally ferry-lines with competing operators on them work quite ok. We are not pro or against anything within the industry really. Doesn’t matter at all for us: we just provide guidance where possible.

    It’s just that there are so many (huge) cases around the world with lines that are not running well ‘while’ nationalized. And also many cases of lines that run really well due to healthy competition (All ferries on the Canary Islands for example with Fred Olsen and Navie Armas (inc. the fastest ships in the world))

    This one is an interesting read:

  124. If you look at other countries this is not entirely true as we’ve seen ‘nationalized’ projects like this gone wrong around the world in many countries, also, especially as national services. The best-known example is the ‘Ferry Fiasco’ in Scotland on which simply everything went wrong.

    You are right about one thing though: This connection simply needs better ships, of the 6 ships about 4 of them are like 30 years old. (also with loads of problems appearing unlike other older ships) This connection needs ships like the Fjords FSTR or the Spirit of Tasmania IV.

  125. A single trip with car will be around € 80 – € 100 if you book in advance. You can see a test booking here for that particular day:

  126. @Trevor, you are not alone. From 2007 tot 2026 there were ‘so many plans’ to re-enable this route, however not much materialized. The thing is that the great success of the route from Eemshaven to Kristiansand (which started last year) might be a good case to also restart this route. We really hope this route starts again in the near future.