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10 things you need to know about the Lavezzi Islands

The Lavezzi Islands are an archipelago of small rocky islands off the coast of southern Corsica. Big granite boulders mark the coast here. Add to this white sandy beaches and an azure blue sea… and you get the most beautiful pictures! Do you want to know if the Lavezzi Islands are worth a visit during your holiday in Corsica?

10 facts about the Lavazzi Islands

  1. The Lavezzi Islands are small uninhabited islands with spectacular rock formations. They are known for their beautiful nature, crystal clear waters, and breathtaking beaches. [1]
  2. In summer, a boat departs every hour from the harbor of Bonifacio to the Lavezzi Islands. It is a trip of about 30 minutes to Île Lavezzu, the largest island. Discover the island at your own pace and take the ferry back to Corsica at the end of the day. During the boat trip, you can enjoy the view of the islands and Bonifacio's impressive white limestone cliffs.
  3. Unfortunately, uninhabited is not the same as unknown. Île Lavezzu attracts many curious tourists from Corsica. So don't assume that you will be alone on the island. It can even be quite busy in high season.
  4. Île Lavezzu is a nature reserve and has no infrastructure or facilities such as restaurants, toilets or garbage cans. It’s a back to basic experience, so bring your own picnic basket.
  5. One Lavezzi island is inhabited: Île Cavallo. You can buy a villa with a sea view here for a fortune. Well-known and less well-known billionaires have a holiday home on Cavallo. The island is largely privately owned and there is little to do for the ordinary tourist.
  6. Do you want to experience the luxury on Île Cavallo yourself? For tourists there is one (quite expensive) hotel on the island: Hotel & Spa des Pecheurs.
  7. This is the best way to explore the Lavezzi Islands: rent a boat yourself (possibly with a skipper) bring food and drinks and enjoy the Lavezzi Islands from the water. Drop anchor to take a cooling dip in the sea. Continue to sail down the islands towards one of the beautiful bays and dock for a picnic on the beach.
  8. Île Lavezzu is perfect for walking. There are excellent hiking trails with fantastic views of the sea and surrounding islands.
  9. The Lavezzi Islands are home to the most beautiful snorkeling spots in Corsica! The crystal clear water, and you can see the most beautiful fish there. This is due to the protected status of the area and the recesses in the underwater rocks, where many species of fish find a safe place to hide.
  10. There is barely any shade on the Lavezzi Islands. So don’t forget the following things during your day out: a sun hat, sun cream, parasol and lots of water.

Lavezzi Islands and South Corsica

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