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Santa Teresa-Bonifacio

From: 32,00

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Destination(s) 🇫🇷 Corsica, 🇫🇷 France, 🇮🇹 Italy, 🇮🇹 Sardinia
Duration 54 minutes
Operated by Moby Lines
Sailings Up to 4 Times p/day
Distance 10 miles, 16 km
2p+Car+Return in our estimation € 120
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A well-known crossing to Sardinia from Corsica and vice versa is the crossing Santa Teresa di Gallura – Bonifacio. If you want to go Island hopping between the two Islands or travelling through then this is an ideal connection from Corsica to Sardinia.

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Ferry to Santa Teresa and Bonifacio

Many people on holiday in Italy or France would like to spend a few days in Corsica or Sardinia to explore these islands. The easy thing about this is that a crossing is offered between these two islands. This way you can easily see both islands in a short time. It is possible to make the crossing in your car as well. Moby Lines offers 3 daily crossings, Ichnusa Lines also sails on this route.

In addition, it is also suitable for holidaymakers who are on holiday on one of the islands and would like to see the other island. Then you can easily go for a day because the crossing only takes an hour.

Please note that prices can be a lot higher in the high season.

On this page, you will find information and tips about these ferry routes to Corsica and Sardinia

Ferry Santa Teresa-Bonifacio costs

If you want to travel by ferry to Sardinia and Corsica or the other way around you can expect the following prices. The ferry between Santa Teresa takes you over 20 km in about 50 mins to an hour.

  • Tickets are available from €33,- Which is for 1 person without a car and a single journey.
  • A crossing with a car and 2 people in will cost somewhere around €120,- (return), for the crossing.- (test booking in October)

The boat ticket prices depend on the season and the crowds, as you can see above. Specifically in peak season (summer) prices rise sharply for the crossings to Sardinia and Corsica. Book early to get the best price and to be sure that you can bring your car, motorbike, or camper on board. Also, check the low-fare calendar, a handy tool that helps you save money.

Timetable – schedule ferry Santa Teresa-Bonifacio

The ferry from Santa Teresa to Bonificia connects the Islands of Corsica and Sardinia to each other. Moby Lines has 24 weekly sailings on this crossing; Ichnusa Lines also sails on this route with 3 weekly crossings. On most days there are ferries in the morning, afternoon and evening so you'll find a ferry that will match your needs. The ferry from Corsica to Sardina takes you 50 to 60 minutes from coast to coast and covers about 16 km as the crow flies.

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Tickets are available from around €35 (based on 1 person, single ticket). In general, it is like the earlier you book, the less you will pay.

Port information

To get to the departure port, use the address and follow the signs to the terminal when arrived.

Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa terminal address

Via del Porto, 07028 Santa Teresa Gallura, Italy


Bonifacio ferry terminal:

Quai Noël Bereti, 20169 Bonifacio, France.

On board the ferry to Santa Teresa and Bonifacio

This (and more) can be expected on the ferries of Moby Lines to and from Santa Teresa and Bonifacio

  • Outside Deck
  • Cabins
  • Children's play area
  • Sun deck
  • Animal cabins
  • Swimming pool
  • Food and drinks
  • Pizzeria
  • Arcade hall

Alternatives to the ferry to Santa Teresa and Bonifacio

Travelling to Sardinia or Corsica? Then you have a lot of choices for getting on these Islands. There are leaving a lot of ferries from the French and Italian mainland to these Islands, and there are some connecting both Islands to each other. If you want to sail from Island to Island, you can also choose to sail from Porto Torres to Ajaccio or vice versa. If you're sailing to Sardinia, you can find an overview of all the Sardinian ferry crossings here, and for Corsica, the overview with all the ferry crossings is to be found on the ferry to Corsica page.

Frequently Asked Questions: ferry to Santa Teresa and Bonifacio

How long is the sailing between Santa Teresa and Bonifacio?

The ferry from Santa Teresa to Bonifacio takes about 50 to 60 minutes for a crossing of 16 km.

How many ferries leave Santa Teresa to Bonifacio per week?

The ferry route between Santa Teresa and Bonifacio is a popular crossing and has 27 weekly sailings back and forth between these popular vacation destinations.

Which ferry company sails on this route?

Moby Lines is the most frequently sailing ferry operator on this route, but also Ichnusa Lines has some weekly crossings.
Santa Teresa-Bonifacio
Santa Teresa-Bonifacio

From: 32,00

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