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Ferry to K'gari (Fraser Island)

How to get to K'gari by ferry

Rainbow Breach-Fraser Island

Australia ⇔ Fraser Island
10 mins.
Up to 22 times per day

River Heads-Fraser Island

Australia ⇔ Fraser Island
50 mins.
Up to 5 times per day

River Heads-Wanggoolba Creek

Australia ⇔ Fraser Island
40 minutes
Up to 8 times per day

Getting by barge to K'gari (Fraser Island)

K'gari can be reached from two departure ports. Two ferries run from Hervey Bay to Fraser Island and one from Golden Beach to the southernmost part of the island.

Check our map and find more information on this page about the ferries.

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Map with crossings to K'gari

Travel tip: Keep an eye out for the sand flies

If you wait for the ferry you run the risk of being 'attacked' by sand flies. If you realize this too late, it can cause a lot of itching. So keep an eye on it and take some insect repellent with you if necessary.

The Ferries to K'gari (Fraser Island)

There are three different ferry companies that sail to K'gari. Two sail from Hervey Bay (River Heads) and one from Rainbow Beach (Inskip Point).

Hervey bay to K'gari (Fraser Island) ferry

  • Kingfisher Bay Ferry
    The Kingfisher Bay Ferry service departs from Hervey Bay / River Heads and sails to the Kingfisher Bay resort. Tickets can be booked online via Sealink. Bookings can also be made by calling 1800 372 737.
  • Fraser Ventures
    Consider this ferry of if you don't need to go to the resort. This ferry sails to Wanggoolba Creek and can be booked online via Sealink. 

Rainbow Beach to K'gari (Fraser Island) ferry

Manta Ray Fraser Island barge

Manta Ray Fraser Island barge

  • Manta Ray Fraser Island barge

The Manta Ray Fraser Island barge is a locally owned ferry service. The ferry sails in 10 minutes to K'gari (Fraser Island) and departs every 30 minutes. It is not possible to book this ferry online. Find more information on this page

K'gari (Fraser Island) Ferry cost

Have a look at the table below to compare prices for the K'gari ferry. We used return tickets in peak season since most people book these. The costs for both crossings that can be booked with Sealink are currently the same. 

👉🏻 Don't forget to buy a vehicle permit before the ferry departure

Fares Ferries to Fraser Island

FaresKingfisher Bay Ferry Fraser Venture Manta Ray Barge
Adult $65$65
4-14 years$35$35
0-3 yearsFreeFree
Large 4WD$300 + $7 pp$300 + $7 pp$130
Standard 4WD$230 + $7 pp$230 + $7 pp$130
Trailer/caravan up to 4m$145 + $7 pp$145 + $7 pp*
Trailer/caravan 4m – 7m$180 + $7 pp$180 + $7 pp*
Motorbike$130 + $7 pp$130 + $7 pp$60

*  4wd + Camper trailer / Trailer or Tinnie $230.00 return
    4wd + Caravan or Boat $260.00 return

Travelling around K'gari (Fraser Island)

Travel by 4WD on Fraser Island

K'gari is an excellent island that you can visit with a proper 4WD. In fact, it is a must since you cannot get through the rather impassable dirt roads with a 2WD or a SUV. 

If you do not have a 4WD yourself, you can rent one in Hervey Bay, for example. You can choose to explore the island independently or with an organized tour. It is possible to book this from the resort.

There are sandy roads all over the island, and you can also cover several kilometers on the beaches. It is very lovely to stay and camp on the island for a few days.

It is not always easy to drive a 4WD, so consider carefully whether it is something for you and rent a good car instead of the cheapest one. 

driving on beach Fraser Island

Fraser Island Ferry Review (Video)

Frequently Asked Questions

The ferry companies that sail to K'gari are Manta Ray Fraser Island barge, Fraser Venture & Kingfisher Bay Ferry.

Manta Ray Fraser Island barge is the shortest and cheapest crossing to Fraser Island. 

Getting to Fraser Island by 4WD costs between $130 and $342. Besides that, you need to buy a $54.55 vehicle permit. 

Dogs are not allowed on K'gari. 

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    Nicole D. Roberts June 21, 2023 at 7:13 am

    I was planning on ferry'ing to K'Gari with my Volvo station wagon out of 2006, guess I have to re-think this as this car wont get far on the beach! Thanks man

    • Hi Nicole,

      Yes, we did this route like 5 years ago and we would not have made it back if it wasn't for the 4WD we rented over there, quite sure no roads were added in the last 5 years! When you go there though, please share some images with us as we would love to have more images for this connection!

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