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Spain has ferry services with Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria.

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Funchal-Las Palmas

Portugal ⇔ Spain
14 Hours
Once per week


Spain ⇔ Ireland
18 Hours
Up to 2 times per week


England ⇔ Spain
28h 30 mins
Up to 2 times per week


England ⇔ Spain
31h 30 mins
Up to 2 times per week


England ⇔ Spain
20 Hours
Up to 2 times per week

Almeria to Oran ferry

Almeria ⇒ Oran
8 hours
Up to 3 times per week
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Information for ferry passengers

About the ferry routes in and around Spain

Spain is one of the most popular countries in Europe for a well-deserved vacation. Flying or driving to Spain are the most common ways of travelling but the ferry to Spain is a great alternative. 

You can book a ferry to Spain from different countries. That is why we have various ferry guides to help you with your choice. Our most popular ferry guides are about the ferries from England and Ireland to Spain. These are direct connections to the Iberian Peninsula.

Ferry to Spain from the UK

Ferries from the UK to Spain mostly leave from cities in the South of the UK like Plymouth (Devon) and Portsmouth. These ferries sail to Santander and Bilbao with a 1-night or 2-night ferry crossing. The crossings from Plymouth and Portsmouth to Bilbao and Santander are operated by Brittany Ferries and sail 2 times per week each. 

Travelling by ferry from the UK to Spain is a comfortable way of making the crossing with plenty of entertainment. From either of the harbours, you can travel inland to Spanish hotspots such as Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, or for example Sevilla. It is also possible to travel from Ireland to Spain by ferry.

Ferry to Spain from Italy

It is also possible to travel from Italy by ferry to Spain. Most of these ferries arrive in Barcelona. From Sardinia, Rome and Genoa you can sail to Spain by ferry. See our guide from Italy to Spain for more details.

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