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By boat to Ibiza

Skip the plane, because Ibiza is easily accessible by ferry. A car holiday to Ibiza is therefore the perfect plan for next summer. What are the benefits of getting to Ibiza by boat? Read on soon.

Sustainable travel by ferry

Traveling by ferry is a lot more eco-friendly than by plane. Of course you will first have to drive to Spain by car. Are you traveling with 4 passengers? Then the car/boat option is still a lot greener than the trip by plane to Ibiza.

How environmentally friendly is the ferry exactly? Read it in our article about CO2 emissions research Ferry vs Airplane and compare your carbon footprint when you travel by train, car, ferry and plane

Your holiday starts on the ferry

Do you want to start your holiday peacefully? The ferry to Ibiza fits in with the rise of slow travel: take your time to enjoy your travel. The ferry is also a lot more comfortable than an overcrowded holiday flight; there’s enough personal space and you can stretch your legs. Take a deep breath of fresh air on the deck and let the stress of recent months slide away while you enjoy the beautiful view of the Mediterranean Sea. This way you arrive in Ibiza in total relaxation.

Take everything with you: car, luggage, dog…

Don't worry about your luggage, because everything can be taken with you. There is no luggage limit on the ferry like on the plane. You don't have to leave the dog behind either, because your beloved four-legged friend can come along!

Read our experiences and all information about: traveling with the dog on the ferry.

Ferry connections to Ibiza: from mainland Spain

  • Denia – Ibiza: 2 hours sailing. The shortest route from mainland Spain to Ibiza is the ferry connection between Denia and Ibiza. The sailing time is approximately 2 hours
  • Valencia – Ibiza: 5 hours sailing. Valencia is further north than Denia. So from northern Europe you are a bit shorter in the car. The crossing is longer: the ferry takes about 5 hours
  • Barcelona – Ibiza: 8 hours sailing. The longest sailing time is from Barcelona: the boat takes about 8 hours. On the other hand departing from Barcelona easily saves you 4 hours driving
TIP – Link your trip to Ibiza to a city trip to Barcelona or Valencia. Shop, experience culture and taste Spanish life before you get on the ferry to Ibiza.

Ferry connections to Ibiza: from the Balearic Islands

Want to see more than just Ibiza? Take a trip to Formentera. Close to touristic Ibiza, the whole island is an oasis of peace and quiet. The Balearic Islands are also perfect for an extended vacation in which you visit several islands. For example, go island hopping between Ibiza and Mallorca: the ferry takes you from Ibiza to Palma de Mallorca in 3 hours. Read more in our article about island hopping in the Balearic Islands.

Ibiza Harbour

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