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Popular Destinations in Europe

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On FerryGoGo you will find information for the ferry best crossings in Europa and the world. For every destination we provide unique maps and travel opportunities.

We will also cover many popular international crossings. We look beyond the most obvious route. Sometimes driving a little further by car can mean a shorter ferry crossing and therefore save a lot of money.

You can also read on FerryGoGo how to get to popular destinations that do not have a direct ferry service.

Booking a ferry is sometimes quite a complicated job. Some sites are only in the local language and there are so many boats sailing to, for example Corsica, that it is almost impossible to compare them.

It can help to book through an Agent. You pay a small extra free or commission for this, but for that you get favorable suggestions and you are unburdened when booking and when making your ferry crossing.

In Europe we work together with most ferry companies including companies like P&O Ferries, DFDS, Scandlines and Direct Ferries.