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Key West Ferry

Discover the best crossings to Key West

Dry Tortugas-Key West

Key West ā‡” Dry Tortugas
2h 18 mins.
Once per day
From: $175.00

Key West-Fort Myers

USA ā‡” Key West
3h 30 mins.
Up to 7 times per week
From: $142.00

Marco Island-Key West

USA ā‡” Key West
3h 30 mins.
Up to 7 times per week
From: $107.00

Miami-Key West

USA ā‡” Key West
15 hours
Once per day
From: $44.00

Get to Key West by ferry

Although Key West has excellent access thanks to many bridges, the ferry is a very good alternative for people who live on the West Coast of Florida.

There are two fast ferries from Fort Myers and Marco Island. Both are operated by the Key West Express ferry company. Currently, these two ferries are the only ones that sail on a regular basis.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no Miami to Key West ferry. If you want to go by boat from Miami to Key West, you are dependent on charters. Read all about why there is no ferry between Miami and Key West.

We explain all Key West ferry options and you can use ourĀ unique ferry map.

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Map with all ferry routes to Key West

There are only three ferries that arrive in Key West. Two sail from the West Coast of Florida, and one is the ferry between Key West and Dry Tortuga National Park.Ā Ā 

Tip: Try the Conch Fritters =)

Once you arrive by ferry in Key West, be sure to try some of the delicious seafood. But if you're feeling adventurous, try the conch fritters ā€“ they're a local delicacy! Just don't ask what's in them until after you've tried them.

Key West Express

The Key West Express sails with two catamaran boats. The ferry from Fort Meyers sails year-round. The Marco Island ferry is a seasonal ferry. Both ferries depart at 8:00 AM.

It is not possible to bring your car to the ferries.

Fort Meyers ā‡” Key West

1 key west express

Key West-Fort Myers

Take your Key West to Fort Myer ferry planning to the next level. Read about connections, times, operators and other interesting facts about this ferry.

Marco Island ā‡” Key West

1 key west express

Marco Island-Key West

Take your Marco Island to Key West ferry planning to the next level. Take a look at our maps and read about connections, times, operators, and other interesting facts about this ferry.

Ferry to Dry Tortugas

Those looking for a nice day trip can opt for the ferry between Key West and Dry Tortugas. This national park consists of 7 small islands, lots of beautiful water, and a 19th-century fortress. You can even camp there overnight if you want.Ā 

1 dry tortugas national park ferry

Dry Tortugas-Key West

Even if the heat index goes to 112: This trip is worth it. Over 2654 extremely positive (4.9 out of 5) reviews for the ferry to the Dry Tortugas National Park.

The Key West ferry terminal

The terminal is located in the north of the town (in a light green building). The address is 100 Grinnell St, Key West, FL 33040, United States

When you get off the ferry at Key West: you'll be greeted by a crowd of excited roosters. Don't worry ā€“ they're friendly (and quite photogenic). Just be sure to watch your step, as they tend to leave ‘presents' all over the sidewalks.

Alternatives for ferry from Miami to Key West

As mentioned before, there is no direct ferry from Miami to Key West. read all about this here: The ferry from Miami to Key West.

(Ferry & Boat) Day-trip Activities at Key West

Frequently Asked Questions: Key West Ferry

There is no ferry from Miami to Key West. Probably because the road connection is very good and you can travel by bus or shuttle if you are not able to drive to Key West yourself. Read all about it here: The ferry from Miami to Key West.

There is no Tampa-Key West Ferry. The best option is the ferry that departs from Fort Myers.

Naples and Bonita Springs are located right between the two departure ports to Key West. So you will first have to drive a bit to the ferry. The most logical choice is the ferry from Marco Island.

The answer is no. There are no ferries between Key West and Cuba.

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