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Miami-Key West

From: $44.00

Destination(s) 🇺🇸 USA
Distance 320 km, 200 miles
Duration 15 hours
Operated by Viator
Sailings Once per day
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Getting to Key West from Miami on your own can be such a hassle, but this nearby city has so much to offer. This trip from Miami to Key West includes motor coach round-trip transport from your hotel, so you can enjoy a stress-free ride without worrying about navigating through a new area!

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The Ferry from Miami to Key West

A ferry from Miami (the port of Fort Lauderdale) to Key West would need to cover a distance of 202 miles. A ferry covering this distance would normally take 9 hours and cost about $300,-. Purely looking at a ferry connection from an economical perspective this would be difficult to compete with simply taking a tour to Key West.

When you book a tour the 15 hours that are mentioned for it have ‘free time' included!

You can get there through Private Yacht rentals

The rate would be above $250 per hour though, you would need to rent a multi-day charter, at Boatsetter you can rent ships for this, be sure to get in touch with the owner of the vessel of your choice though at it's going to be very difficult to get a ship to simply ‘ferry' you to Key West. As mostly these ships are there for day trips or sunsets near Miami.

The tour option from Viator is extremely popular

How we would travel to Key West from Miami and experience Key West to the max.

It's also possible to combine the activities with the tours right away!

Things included in trips like this:

  • Enjoy around five hours of free time in Key West to explore independently
  • Your scenic ride crosses the well-known Seven Mile Bridge
  • Round-trip transport from your Miami hotel provided for convenience


Which ferry companies sail on this crossing?

There is no ferry active on this crossing, however, the coach to Key West can easily be booked with Viator.

How long does it take to reach Key West?

The travel time to Key West is about 4 hours, when you are there you have about 5 hours of free time.

How often does the Key West your go

It departs once per day

What is the distance between Miami and Key West?

The distance between Miami and Key West is approximately 200 miles from port to port.

Miami-Key West
Miami-Key West

From: $44.00

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