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Founder & Managing Partner: Jelle van der Bij

Founder & Managing Partner: Jelle van der Bij

Jelle is an online entrepreneur from The Netherlands. The idea behind was born when planning a trip around the world in 2018. That's when the idea: "Let's build a large ferry portal with all info out there' Started.

“I enjoyed the ferry departing from Stockholm to Helsinki with Viking Line. It was quite fun to sail along the small islands off the coast of the Swedish capital. On many of the islands, there are beautiful country houses.

There was a lot to do on board. Certainly, the bar and nightclub played an important role for many passengers.

Besides this cruise ferry, I have to mention the small motor ship De vriendschap that sails between Wadden Islands Texel and Vlieland. This is quite an experience. The icing on the cake is a ride in a freight car across De Vliehors, a vast expanse of sand.”

  • Den Helder – Texel
  • Texel – Vlieland
  • Harlingen – Terschelling
  • Harlingen – Vlieland
  • Holwerd – Ameland
  • Royan – le Verdon
  • Wellington – Picton
  • Stockholm – Helsinki
  • Nice – Ajaccio
  • Puttgarden – Rodby
  • Piombino – Portoferraio
  • Hervey Bay – Frasier Island
  • Helsinki – Riga
  • Kreta – Santorini
  • Santorini – Athene
  • Larkspur – San Francisco
  • Sævrøy – Fedje
  • Paulus Hook Pier (NJ) – Battery Park City (NY)
  • Sanur – Nusa Lenbongan
  • Cangas – Illas Cies
Co-Founder: Jan Willem van Tilburg

Co-Founder: Jan Willem van Tilburg

Jan Willem is the co-founder of And is particularly interested in travel and food. My favorite destination is France. He wants to know the inhabitants of almost all destinations as some weird hobby. For FerryGoGo he has to find a lot of topographical and geographical information on different cities and countries and other fun facts which is why he enjoys working on FerryGoGo a lot.

“All journeys I have made so far by ferry were domestic routes in the Netherlands to the Wadden Islands. The most fun one is the water taxi to Schiermonnikoog which is the fast ferry from Lauwersoog to one of the Wadden Islands. The most memorable one was the ferry to Komodo Island (and surviving it) Planning and looking forward to sailing to Norway shortly on the new route from Eemshaven to Kristiansand.”

  • Den Helder – Texel
  • Harlingen – Terschelling
  • Harlingen – Vlieland
  • Holwerd – Ameland
  • Lauwersoog – Schiermonnikoog
  • Holbox-Chiquila
  • Labuan Bajo (Flores)- Komodo Island
Growth Hacker NL: Jari Alberts

Growth Hacker NL: Jari Alberts

Jari is responsible for the Dutch Content and growth of the Dutch part of this website.

Accounts & Sales: Jochem Vroom

Accounts & Sales: Jochem Vroom

Jochem Vroom is for FerryGoGo responsible for all media and client connections. Contact jochem if you want to advertise on this platform or seek more regarding possible cooperations.

FerryGoGo Editors

FerryGoGo Editors

The FerryGoGo Editorial is responsible for all updates and developments in the Ferry industry in relation to Dutch Ferry passengers. We compare and provide additional information about all possible ferry routes in the World. Your #1 Ferry Travel Guide.nsectetur adipiscing elit dolor

How FerryGoGo Started

How did ferryGoGo start and what is currently going on?


The idea behind FerryGoGo arose in 2017 when Jelle van der Bij mapped out a route before a trip around the world. This was no problem for flights, but finding and booking the right ferry services turned out to be a lot more complex. This is how the idea was born: “The information provision for Ferries could be much better”. Not long after, the first version of the FerryGoGo website was created.


FerryGoGo, together with other online projects, was placed under the umbrella of the company[1]Recente overnames en projecten, This company was founded by Jochem Vroom, Jelle van der Bij, and Jan Willem van Tilburg after an exit of another company. [2]Founders Imbull build new Niche imperium (Oprichters Imbull bouwen nieuw niche-imperium), Emerce [3]EU Discount Affiliate CupoNation Announces Purchase of Rival Imbull,

In addition to many other projects and investments, the portfolio of ferry services websites has been steadily expanded. We noticed that working on the ‘ferry topic' gave us a lot of energy.

Unfortunately, Covid-19 soon threw a spanner in the works, putting many projects on hold. That certainly applied to everything that had to do with ferries. But we certainly didn't forget FerryGoGo…


In 2022 we could do it again! New plans were forged, FerryGoGo BV was founded and the website was completely renewed.

What we do

We try to provide the best possible information to anyone who wants to make a crossing. This starts with conveniently displaying the available routes and alternatives. We do this with to-the-point explanations and handy ferry maps.

You can also contact FerryGoGo for practical information such as the duration of the crossing, the type of ship and the distance that is sailed. We provide information that is not always easy to find.

Are you sure which crossing best fits your itinerary? We will refer you to websites where you can book conveniently and cheaply.

FerryGoGo research & expertise

Since we've been active for a couple of years in the ferry niche we might even call ourselves ferry experts. 

We've written about a lot of ferry crossings and services and done extensive research on various topics regarding traveling by ferry.

Publications about FerryGoGo we're featured by:

If you have questions about the ferry business don't hesitate to reach out to


Our mission is to be the most informative and useful ferry guide in the world.

How we work

At FerryGoGo you can view which crossings are available and which is the most convenient crossing for you.

ferry to denmark

Company information

FerryGoGo BV is a Dutch company founded in 2022.

Represented by:

Jelle van der Bij
Jochem Vroom
Jan Willem van Tilburg


Jufferstraat 3A
3701 AD, Zeist
The Netherlands

Company Registration Number: 76706060
VAT ID: NL860762683B01
Bank Account: NL78 RABO 0349 5377 63

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