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The ferry enthusiasts behind the website

Jelle van der Bij

Jelle van der Bij

Jelle, an online entrepreneur from The Netherlands, had the idea for while planning a trip around the world in 2018. It was then that he realized the need for a comprehensive ferry portal that would provide all the necessary information for travelers. This inspired him to create and start

Jan Willem

Jan Willem

Jan Willem is a co-founder of, with a passion for travel and food. He has a special fondness for France and enjoys connecting with locals in his travels as a unique hobby. At FerryGoGo, Jan Willem's role involves researching and gathering vast amounts of topographical and geographical information on various cities and countries, as well as discovering interesting facts to enhance the user experience. His enthusiasm for his work on FerryGoGo is a reflection of his love for the world of travel and exploration.

Jochem Vroom

Jochem Vroom

Jochem is a co-founder of FerryGoGo, a curious traveler and entrepreneur who has a passion for exploring the world of ferries and ferry routes. His focus at FerryGoGo is on working with external partners and ferry companies, as well as leveraging the power of social media channels to connect to the many ferry travelers around the world.

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The Growth of

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.. And how a small Dutch website evolved into theĀ #1 ferry guide in the world!


FerryGoGo was born in 2017 when Jelle van der Bij found it challenging to plan ferry travel for a round-the-world trip. He realized there was a need for better information provision and thus created the first version of FerryGoGo.


FerryGoGo, together with other online projects, was placed under the umbrella of the company[1]Recente overnames en projecten, This company was founded by Jochem Vroom, Jelle van der Bij, and Jan Willem van Tilburg after an exit of another company. [2]Founders Imbull build new Niche imperium (Oprichters Imbull bouwen nieuw niche-imperium), Emerce [3]EU Discount Affiliate CupoNation Announces Purchase of Rival Imbull,Ā

Despite Covid-19 delaying many of our projects and investments, we continued to expand our portfolio of ferry services websites. Our passion for the ferry industry kept us motivated despite the setbacks caused by the pandemic, and we never forgot about FerryGoGo.

Jan 2022

In early 2022, we shifted our focus back to FerryGoGo with the goal to enhance the website's scope, quality, and international appeal. We expanded our team by bringing on board several talented individuals and conducted a comprehensive review of major ferry connections worldwide.

Jun 2022

In the middle of 2022, we achieved a significant breakthrough with our website, which led to a surge in traffic with hundreds of thousands of visitors and garnered the attention of numerous news outlets that wrote about our unique ferry maps and guides. This success served as confirmation that we were headed in the right direction, and as a result, we redoubled our efforts towards expanding

Mar 2023

In March 2023, we made significant enhancements to the design of our website and placed greater emphasis on expanding our global reach. In addition, we refined all of our guides and launched numerous social media channels to augment our online presence.

What's next?

We have an extensive list of plans and developments, but here's a small sneak peek: More Growth, Asia, Social Media, New Research, More Connections, The Caribbean, Alaska, etc.Ā 

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1 Recente overnames en projecten,
2 Founders Imbull build new Niche imperium (Oprichters Imbull bouwen nieuw niche-imperium), Emerce
3 EU Discount Affiliate CupoNation Announces Purchase of Rival Imbull,Ā