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Alaska Ferry Map

The Only Interactive Alaska/AMHS Map: Enjoy!

Orange routes = The AMHS Mainline to Homer. (Southeast Alaska and Gulf of Alaska) 
Green routes   = The AMHS South Central and Southwest Mainline.
Purple routes  = The AMHS daily connections.

Yellow routes = Ferry connections from other operators (daily city-to-city ferries or ferries to tourist locations) near the AMHS routes.

seasonal monthly passenger traffic chart alaska

Source: 2019 Annual Traffic Volume Report AMHS

The Seasonal influence on these routes is important to know, as many ferries don't run from October to March.


Ferries in Alaska

The Alaska Marine Highway System and its ferry routes are known for their complexity and frequent (smaller) changes, necessitating comprehensive guidance.

Additionally and – probably even more critical – the region's reliance on older vessels[1]Alaska government: Service notices and occasional crew shortages[2]Skagway News: Ferry system management says the state is working to fix hiring problems can further contribute to these challenges, making up-to-date guidance essential for tourists. All happenings that have direct influences on routes can be found here.

At AMHS, they are simply not good at translating all those routes, changes, and schedules in a user-friendly way. We've spent countless hours gathering the best possible data and plotting unique maps to provide better visual guidance. While you are able to view the schedules from AMHS, it's all difficult to use for the first time. We explain more about that here

Alaska Highway Marine
alaska interisland ferry
Haines Skagway Fast Ferry
Seldovia Bay Ferry Alaska
bc ferries

The AMHS Mainline: Southeast Alaska + Gulf of Alaska

Catch in-depth insights into the most-booked orange routes.

In this region, Juneau is the port most tourists embark from (41.000 passengers in 2019), and after that, Haines (24.000), Ketchikan (23.000), and Skagway (15.000). 

Routes we will add shortly:

  • Juneau to Haines


Alaska ⇔ Alaska
15 hours
Up to 3 times per week
From: 91,00


Alaska ⇔ Alaska
6 Hours
Up to 5 times per week
From: 64,00


Alaska ⇔ Alaska
21 hours
Up to 4 times per week
From: 138,00


WA ⇔ Alaska
41 hours
Up to 2 times per week
From: 342,00


WA ⇔ Alaska
62 hours
Once per week
From: 466,00


WA ⇔ Alaska
69 hours
Once per week
From: 504,00

The AMHS South Central and Southwest Mainline

Catch in-depth insights into the most-booked Green routes.

Most people embark in the following ports in the Southwest region: Whittier (10.000), Valdez (5.000), Kodiak (6.000), Homer (7.000), and Cordova (5.000). To bring the differences into perspective, only +/- 400 passengers per year embark from Dutch Harbor.

As soon as we know the 2024 sailing dates we will add these routes in a more detailed way. On our list:

  • Ferry to Dutch Harbor / Unalaska (70)
  • Akutan
  • False Pass
  • Cold Bay
  • King Cove
  • Sand Point
  • Chignik
  • Old Harbor (Kodiak Island)
  • Kodiak
  • Port Lions
  • Ouzinkie
  • Seldovia
  • Tatitlek


Alaska ⇔ Alaska
15 hours
Up to 3 times per week
From: 91,00

The AMHS daily connections

Catch in-depth insights into the most-booked purple routes.

Ferry routes from AMHS with daily crossings, most around Whittier and Juneau.


Alaska ⇔ Alaska
6 Hours
Up to 5 times per week
From: 64,00


Alaska ⇔ Alaska
3 Hours
Up to 3 times per week
From: 55,00


Alaska ⇔ Alaska
4 Hours
Up to 5 times per week
From: 72,00

Alaska ferry connections not owned by AMHS

Catch in-depth insights into the most-booked yellow routes

Smaller / more touristy or different routes not owned by AMHS.


Alaska ⇔ Alaska
3 Hours
Once per day
From: 49,00
Fast Ferry
HSFF - Alaska Highway Marine


Alaska ⇔ Alaska
45 minutes
Up to 10 times per day
From: 32,00

2023 Alaska Ferry Travel Updates

  • Summer Schedule: Due to international regulations, Prince Rupert AMHS doesn't stop here.
  • Summer Schedule: There is no vessel available this summer that services Yakutat. 
  • Summer Schedule: No mainline service from Bellingham to Whittier (expected to return in 2024!)
  • Summer Schedule: Reduced service to some Southwest and Prince William Sound Communities.
There are no Cross Gulf connections on November, December, January and February.

The summer schedule lasts from May until September. 2024 Updates will follow when we have them available.

Using the AMHS schedules

  1. Click here and then click on the Sailing Calendar.
  2. Press on the button ‘Get Schedule‘ When you have selected the month you want to travel. 
  3. Click and play with the results, if you want to look at Cross Gulf crossings only click on the Colored Schedule Grid and select the schedule: Cross Gulf.

Let's hope they improve this in the near future, it might even be better to use the schedule made by FerryTravel

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Over 103000 non-resident passengers and 27000 vehicles use a ferry crossing per year across all AMHS routes.[3] Economic Impact: Alaska Marina Highway System 

Most people embark at Juneau, and other popular end destinations are Whittier (also to travel on to Anchorage), Haines, Ketchikan, and Homer. 

Alaska residents are mostly from Juneau, Anchorage, or Ketchikan. Which also makes sense since those are the bigger cities along the route. 

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