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Ferries routes Denmark

Ferry routes to, from and within Denmark

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Ferries to Denmark

Ferry guides for several routes leading to Denmark

Ferries from Denmark

Travel from Denmark to Germany, Norway, Iceland, and Sweden

Ferries in Denmark

Popular domestic ferry routes

Denmark boasts several popular domestic ferry routes to connect the various Island within Denmark. One notable route is the crossing between Rønne on the island of Bornholm and Køge on Zealand. (

This connection is vital for residents of Bornholm, providing a convenient link to the Danish mainland. Another frequently traveled route is the ferry between Spodsbjerg on Langeland and Tårs on Lolland, facilitating a 45 minute-ferry route between these neighboring islands. (

Additionally, the journey from Søby on Ærø Island to Faaborg on Funen offers a nice way to explore the South Funen Archipelago. You can view the timetables here.

Lastly, the crossing from Bøjden on Funen to Fynshav on Als Island allows seamless travel between these regions.

These local ferry routes (with Aarhus-Odden below) within Denmark serve as the most popular ferry routes within Denmark, enabling residents and visitors to explore different parts of the country while enjoying a nice ferry ride!

Ferry map Denmark

Most popular ferry routes to and in Denmark

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17 Ferry connections

Trending ferries



Denmark ⇔ Sweden
20 Minutes
From: 33.00


Denmark ⇔ Iceland
2 days
Once per week
From: 565.00


Germany ⇔ Denmark
45 mins.
From: 52.00


Denmark ⇔ Norway
2h 15 mins.
Up to 2 times per day
From: 34.00

Oresund Bridge Copenhagen Malmo

Denmark ⇔ Sweden
19 minutes
From: 63.00


1h 20mins.
Up to 12 times per day
From: 60.00
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Information for ferry passengers

Ferry routes in and around Denmark

Denmark is the most important ferry hub for people travelling between mainland Europe, Norway, and Sweden. There are, therefore, a lot of ferries to and from Denmark. For example, boats go from Norway, Sweden, and Germany.

Instead of travelling by ferry, you can also choose to drive. This is possible thanks to the bridge between Sweden and Denmark and the Bridge to and from Sjælland, the island of Copenhagen. For example, many people combine the short Puttgarden-Rodby ferry with the Øresund bridge. There are quite a few options.

We made a guide on how to get by ferry to Copenhagen too.

It would be best to remember that the bridges cost quite a bit of toll. Because of this toll and the long distance you travel through Denmark, ferries are often popular.


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