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Sailings continuous
Operated by Scandlines
Distance 11 miles, 18 km
Duration 45 mins.
2p+Car+Return in our estimation $ 98
Destination(s) 🇩🇰 Denmark, 🇩🇪 Germany
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The shortest crossing between Denmark and Germany is the Puttgarden-Rodby connection. The ferry to Rodby only takes 45 minutes, and upon arrival, you can easily continue your journey.

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ferry Rodby

Ferry Puttgarden to Rodby

Puttgarden-Rodby is a much-used crossing for those who want to travel to Copenhagen or Sweden with their own transport. The ferry sails from Germany to the Danish island of Sjælland, where Copenhagen is located and where the Oresund Bridge connects Denmark with Sweden.

The ferry shortens the route to Copenhagen and Sweden by 140 kilometers. Also a breath of fresh air on the deck is, for many, a welcome change from the long car journey.

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Timetable Puttgarden – Rodby

The ferry from Puttgarden to Rodby is one of the most popular crossings in Europe. The ferry, therefore, runs with great regularity, day and night.

There isn't really a timetable needed if you have a ferry that leaves up to 45 departures per day. In terms of departures per day, this route is even busier compared with the Calais-Dover ferry.

Departure, sailing time, and arrival

haven overtocht puttgarden rodby
How far in advance do you need to be present?

Check-in at the ports of Rødby or Puttgarden is possible up to 15 minutes before the scheduled departure. For a comfortable trip, we recommend taking plenty of time for this

Starting point Puttgarden

You arrive near the village of Puttgarden via the E37. This road ends at the departure port, so you just have to follow it. It's pretty self-explanatory.

If you come by train you need to buy a ticket for Station Puttgarden. This station is right next to the terminal.

Sailing time Puttgarden-Rodby

This crossing between Germany and Sweden takes only 45 minutes.

Arrival Rodby

The arrival in Denmark is very similar to the departure. You arrive at the village of Rodbyhavn where the E47 starts directly. The station is right next to the harbor.

Ferry costs Puttgarden – Rodby

The costs start at about €52 for a one-way car journey, but usually, you will end up a little higher. You no longer pay if you are in a car with several people. It is important to indicate this when booking because the shipping company wants to know how many people are on board. The costs for this crossing depend on the time of booking and the crowds on board.

If you book online, you will already save €13, which is calculated when you buy a ticket at the departure port. So that's a smart thing to do.

There are two types of tickets:

  • Standard
    • Valid for the booked departure time or on the other boats on that day with free places on board
    • Changing the booking is free of charge, but a full refund is only possible with the optional Ticket Refund Service.
  • Flex
    • Guaranteed place on every ferry on the day of departure
    • VIP country boarding
    • Free cancellation
    • 1 free water/coffee/tea per person

As far as we are concerned, a Standard ticket is the better choice. The high costs of a Flex ticket do not outweigh the benefits.

Frequently asked questions

There are several questions that come up more often for this route:

Which ferry companies operate the Puttgarden-Rodby route?

Currently, Scandlines only operate on this route.

Where can you book this crossing?

The crossing is best to book on the Scandlines site itself. This means you don't have to pay a surcharge that you would have to pay in the port.

What are good alternatives for this crossing?

You can take a detour through Denmark itself if you want to travel to Copenhagen. The Travemunde – Trelleborg route is a good alternative for travelers to Sweden

What is there to do on board?

On board, you can buy food and drinks and do some shopping in the Travel Shop. There is also free Wi-Fi.

Can I bring my dog on board?

Pets are welcome on a leash in areas without carpet. The dog can also remain in the car, but for safety reasons, you are not allowed on the car deck

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From: 52,00