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Destination(s) 🇩🇰 Denmark, 🇩🇪 Germany
Crossing Germany ⇔ Denmark
Operated by Scandlines
Distance 11 miles, 18 km
Sailings continuous
Duration 45 mins.
Check-in >15 mins.
2p+Car+Return in our estimation $ 98
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The Puttgarden-Rodby connection, operated by Scandlines, offers the quickest crossing between Denmark and Germany, with a ferry ride lasting just 45 minutes.

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Puttgarden ferry information

Puttgarden-Rødby is a popular crossing for tourists between the Danish island of Sjælland and Germany. This connection effectively eliminates the need for a substantial detour through Denmark (140 km or 87 miles). It's also a favored route for tourists between Sweden and Western Europe.

Ferry Map

The left route on the map is Puttgarden-Rodby, and the right route is Rostock-Gedser. Both routes are operated by Scandlines and are considered important crossings.


The ferry operates with high frequency in both directions around the clock, departing every half hour.

  • At a quarter past the hour
  • At a quarter to the hour

📅 Timetable Scandlines

Sailing Time Puttgarden-Rodby

  • This crossing between Germany and Denmark takes only 45 minutes.

How far in advance should you be present?

Checking in at the ports of Rødby or Puttgarden can be done up to a maximum of 15 minutes before the scheduled departure. For a pleasant journey, we recommend allowing plenty of time for this.


You can purchase tickets for the Puttgarden-Rodby ferry using the following methods:

  • By phone
  • At the port
  • Online

Choosing the online option is advisable. If you buy tickets at the port or place a telephone order, an additional charge of €15 will be added to the price.

If you have an Early Booker, Standard, or Flex ticket, you can use it for all available departures on the same day.


Scandlines offers various ticket types which also vary depending on the high and low seasons.

If you plan to cross with a vehicle, the charges apply exclusively to the vehicle itself. You have the option to include up to 9 passengers with your vehicle. For vehicles longer than 6 meters, there is an additional fee of €30 for every extra two meters.

Here are the different ticket options:

1) Early Booker
Starting at €52, you can purchase tickets with limited availability up to 30 days before departure, beginning at €50.50 for a one-way trip. Additionally, a fuel surcharge of €1.50 applies.

2) Standard
Starting from €83, standard tickets can be bought online up to 2 hours before departure for €81.50. A fuel surcharge of €1.50 is added to the fare.

  • Valid for the booked departure time or on other available boats on the same day
  • Ticket changes are free, but full refunds are only possible with the optional Ticket Refund Service.

3) Flex
Starting from €113, Flex tickets are recommended for those considering this option due to uncertainties about their departure date. These tickets are available from €111.50, excluding the fuel surcharge.

  • Guaranteed spot on any ferry on the day of departure
  • VIP boarding
  • Free cancellation
  • 1 free water/coffee/tea per person

Rates per season

Scandlines offers different seasonal rates, with higher fares during the peak summer season and more budget-friendly options in the off-peak periods.

High Season Rates

One-way Early Booker
Vehicle <6m up to 9 persons €64
€30 for every additional 2 meters in length

Vehicle <6m up to 9 persons €105
€30 for every additional 2 meters in length

Vehicle <6m up to 9 persons €141
€30 for every additional 2 meters in length

Other Ticket Types
Motorcycle/scooter: €59
Pedestrian: €20
Child 5-13: €10
Bicycle: €3

Low Season Rates

One-way Early Booker
Vehicle <6m up to 9 persons €53
€30 for every additional 2 meters in length

Vehicle <6m up to 9 persons €83
€30 for every additional 2 meters in length

Vehicle <6m up to 9 persons €113
€30 for every additional 2 meters in length

Motorcycle/scooter: €48
Pedestrian: €10
Child 5-13: €5
Bicycle: €1.50

Cheap Tickets

If you want the best deal, a general rule of thumb is to book your desired departure as far in advance as possible using the booking module on the Scandlines website. This way, you can take advantage of the early booker ticket and save €30. Additionally, by booking online, you can save an extra €15 in surcharges.

We personally recommend avoiding the flex ticket, as, in our opinion, the costs don't outweigh the benefits.

There is no advantage to be gained when booking a round trip compared to booking two one-way journeys.

Combination tickets for tourists to Sweden

Travelers heading to Sweden have the option to reserve their ferry tickets between Helsingborg and Helsingør or Øresund Bridge tickets directly at the time of purchase.

The bridge is the quickest option, and the costs vary depending on your travel preferences. You can compare these costs by entering the details of your mode of transportation and travel party in the Scandlines booking module.

🚢 Combination Tickets

Baggage and Pets

Hand luggage and regular baggage that passengers store inside or on a vehicle or otherwise bring on board are transported at no additional cost.

Pets are welcome on board while leashed in areas without carpeting. Dogs can also remain in the car, but for safety reasons, passengers are not permitted on the car deck themselves.

Onboard the Ferry

The Puttgarden-Rodby ferry is a short 45-minute crossing. During this time, you can keep yourself entertained by indulging in some tax-free shopping or grabbing a meal. You have options like a buffet restaurant serving both breakfast and more elaborate dinners. For a quick bite, there's a cafeteria where you can, for example, order a hamburger. If you're looking for just a cup of tea or coffee, you can also purchase them, possibly in combination with a small snack, at the coffee corner.

Scandlines provides free Wi-Fi both in the harbor and onboard

Scandlines operates hybrid ferries equipped with rotor sails. You won't miss this advanced system when you arrive at the ferry terminal, as the circular tube extends 30 meters above the deck. Thanks to the hybrid technology and rotor sail, Scandlines can reduce the fleet's CO2 emissions.


If you navigate to the port of Puttgarden, you'll arrive near the village of Puttgarden via the E37. This road leads directly to the departure port. By following the signs, you'll reach the access control point and can then park in the parking area (indicated as the largest “P” on the image).

It's also possible to travel to the ferry by train, as the train station is located right next to the terminal, and you can easily walk onto the ferry via the gangway.

If you find yourself with some spare time, you may want to think about taking the exit to the Bordershop before or after your journey. It's situated just beyond the ferry entrance, providing an opportunity for bargain shopping.

haven overtocht puttgarden rodby

📍 Puttgarden ferry terminal


The port of Rødby is quite efficient, and boarding the ferry is a smooth process, especially if you've purchased your tickets in advance. You can easily drive onto the ferry from the E47. Beyond the entry gates and a restroom, there isn't much to be found in the ferry terminal.

It's possible to travel to Rødby Færge by train. From there, you can board the ferry and continue your journey by train in Puttgarden.

Rødby itself is a small town on the southern coast of the island of Lolland in Denmark. While Rødby is known for the ferry to Puttgarden, the village where the ferry arrives is actually called Rødbyhavn, located about two kilometers from Rødby. If you have some extra time, you can explore Rødby or Rødbyhavn, but aside from a supermarket and a few eateries, there isn't much to do.

📍 Rødbyhavn ferry terminal