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As you can see on the map there are several route options if you want to ferry from Ireland to Europe. The ferries leave from Ireland to Wales, Scotland, England, Spain and France from where you can travel further inwards Europe to for example Germany and the Netherlands.

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France ⇔ Ireland
24 hours
Up to 5 times per week
From: 400,00


England ⇔ Ireland
8 hours
Up to 3 times per day
From: 114,00
Fast Ferry
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Wales ⇔ Ireland
2h 15 mins.
Up to 10 times per day
From: 36,00


Spain ⇔ Ireland
18 Hours
Up to 2 times per week
From: 227,00


Ireland ⇔ Isle of Man
2h 54 mins.
Once per week
From: 23,00


France ⇔ Ireland
14 Hours
Up to 2 times per week
From: 66,00
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Information for ferry passengers

About the ferry routes in and around Ireland

You can reach Ireland by ferry from England, from Wales, France, and Spain in Europe. These are often large ferries that sometimes also include an overnight stay. The major ferry companies operate on 6 different routes to Ireland.

There are also sailings with fast catamaran ferries. The Holyhead-Dublin ferry, therefore only takes 2 hours and 15 minutes. Ireland is also easily accessible via the ferries from Scotland to Northern Ireland. 

Are you departing from Ireland? 

Then you can go in many directions to Europe with a ferry. There are ferries from Ireland to the UK, to France and Spain. The Isle of Man is also easily accessible. In the summer, you can also take small, fast ferries to Islay or to the Kintyre peninsula in Scotland. Popular crossings to France from Ireland are Dublin-Cherbourg and Rosslare-Dunkirk. The ferry to Spain from Ireland is theroute from Rosslare to Bilbao.

From Ireland you can also take the ferry to France first and then travel further to for example Germany, The Netherlands, Scandinavia and so on.


What people like to know

The ferry companies that you see most often when you book a ferry to Ireland are DFDS, P&O, Irish Ferries, and Brittany Ferries. 

The cheapest ferry to Ireland we found is the Holyhead-Dublin crossing with Stena Line. You pay £32 / €36 as a foot passenger. 

It is smart to book far in advance and compare multiple crossings. The shorter the crossing, the cheaper it usually is. Skip the ferries with a cabin and travel on unpopular times and days. 

Depending on which ferry you book and in which season prices can vary a lot. If you're looking for the cheapest options then you'll have to look into the shorter crossings between the UK and Ireland. From either Holyhead, Fishguard, Liverpool and Cairnryan ferries are leaving for Ireland. From around €45,- you can book a ferry from the UK to Ireland.

The longer ferries are a bit more expensive, the ferry from Liverpool to Dublin (8 hours) is around €114 for a crossing.

Yes, it is usually possible to take the dog on board the boat to The United Kingdom. On the longer crossings, kennels can often be booked or the dog is allowed in the cabin. On short crossings, the four-legged friend can remain in the car. There are some formalities. For example, the dog must have an animal passport, a microchip, timely rabies vaccination, and treatment against tapeworm.

If this is not followed, there is a risk that the dog, cat, or ferret will have to be quarantined for four weeks. More info regarding bringing pets on ferries.

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  1. I really like to sail on modern / new ferries, any input on this if I want to travel from the UK to Ireland? What's the most modern ferry on this country connection?

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  3. Greetings,
    I want to ferry from Parknasilla, Kerry to Pullen or Droumark, Cork.

    How can I go that (or something close)?

    • Hello Chris,
      We have not yet thoroughly examined this area, but it appears that there are no ferry services. Parknasilla Resort & Spa offers boat trips, so maybe that's something to inquire further about.

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