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Ferry to Ireland from Scotland

Discover the best crossings to Ireland


Scotland ⇔ Northern Ireland
2h 15 mins.
Up to 6 times per day
From: 36,00


Scotland ⇔ Northern Ireland
2 Hours
Up to 6 times per day
From: 30,00

Ferry from Scotland to Ireland

If you want to travel to Ireland from Scotland, you can do so by ferry. There are two direct boats to Northern Ireland. From here you can continue your journey to your destination.

There are no direct ferries from Scotland to Ireland. Ireland can be reached from England but the nearest crossing departs from Liverpool. That is a relatively far drive from Scotland, namely 135 miles. This crossing also takes much longer, which makes this choice not practical.

On our ferry map below, you can see where the crossings to Ireland from Scotland are.

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Map with crossings from Scotland to Ireland

If you want to go to Ireland, it might be a bit better with the crossing from Cairnryan to Larne than with the ferry from Cairnryan to Belfast. The ferry to Larne is just a bit faster than the boat to Belfast and often cheaper.

Timetable, availability, and compare prices

Booking your ferry tickets from Scotland to Ireland or vice versa has never been easier! With our online booking module, you can easily find and book your desired ferry crossing in just a few clicks. Simply enter your travel dates and destination, and the system will show you all available options. You can then choose the one that best suits your needs and budget. It’s that simple!

Travel tip: Book early

The prices for the ferries rise sharply as the boats fill up. Especially during peak season, the ferries and parking decks fill up quickly. Therefore, book far in advance and avoid high costs.

P&O Ferry from Scotland to Larne

This ferry costs about £26 for a single journey as a foot passenger. A trip for two people with a car in high season can be from around £113.

1 PO ferries
From: 30,00
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Stenaline ferry from Scotland to Belfast

The direct ferry from Scotland to Belfast sails up to 6 times a day and covers 71 km as the crow flies. The starting price is about £32 if you book a single journey as a foot passenger. Do you want to go on board with a car and, for example, two people? Then you pay about £160. That is a rate in high season.

1 stenaline ferry

Compare prices

Ferry prices are subject to change. That is why it is best to look at the prices as they are the date when you want to make your crossing. Then you can make a good decision about whether a detour can be worthwhile. You can compare prices in this booking engine

Frequently Asked Questions

You can travel by ferry from Scotland to Belfast and Larne.  Stenaline sails to Belfast and P&O Ferries to Larne, which is located just north of Belfast.

The ferry to Larne is 6 km less than the ferry to Belfast. Cairnryan-Larne is with 2 hours sailing time also fifteen minutes faster than the ferry to Belfast. 

Sailing to Belfast is slightly more expensive than from Larne. P&O ferries, which run between Cairnryan and Larne, are generally a cheaper option for both foot passengers and tourists with a car.

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  1. Can you take a campervan on the ferry from scotland to Ireland? How often do they run and what would be the price for 2 adults and one campervan approximately 6 meters long. Thank You

    • Hi Noeline, Yes you can! We did a test booking for you and the total price was £359. The price will be more a less the same depending on the season / type of ticket. etc.

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