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Ferry to Norway from UK

How to travel (indirectly) from the UK to Norway

Step 1: from the UK to mainland Europe, first choice: Dover-Calais, depends on where you're based though.

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Step 2: from mainland Europe to Norway, first choice: Kiel-Oslo

Getting to Norway

Unfortunately, there is no direct ferry to Norway from The United Kingdom. Yet, you can get there quite easily by car and two ferries! Getting to Norway without ferries (driving) is possible, but that is not advisable since that's a very long drive through Sweden!

  1. There are five logical routes (we logically excluded the Southern UK routes to France) to reach mainland Europe from the UK.
  2. Four follow-up connections will eventually get you to Norway from Western Europe.

There used to be a connection from Eemshaven/Emden to Norway. This connection was a logical second step. However, this connection doesn't exist anymore and ended in September 2023

Sit tight. We will explain why the picks above are our preferred options and provide you with all possible routes on this page. Let's start with our map:

UK to Norway ferry route map

The Blue route (the 9h car drive included) is the route we recommend, we will explain later why this is the best choice if you want to travel by ferry from the UK to Norway. This depends of course on where you're based in the UK if it makes sense.

Will there ever be a direct route to Norway?

The ferry route from Eemshaven to Kristiansand, which unfortunately faced bankruptcy after a two-year run, serves as a cautionary example for potential investors considering a direct route from the UK to Norway. The default and subsequent closure of the HNL route between the Netherlands and Norway have significantly diminished the prospects of a new direct route emerging from Norway to the UK.

Nevertheless, the founders of BCL remain committed to exploring the feasibility of a route connecting Stavanger /Bergen and Newcastle. While we hope this endeavour will come to fruition soon, it's essential to acknowledge that the odds of success are slim. If this route becomes a reality by some fortunate turn of events, it is projected to launch in 2026. [1]Source: Bergen Cruise Line

There also is a DFDS-managed direct freight ferry route from Immingham to Brevik. However, passengers can't travel on this route: “Due to UKBF port approval, private passengers are not permitted to be carried through Immingham.”

Step 1: Getting to mainland Europe first

As a direct connection doesn't exist, you must first get from the UK to mainland Europe. You can choose between direct crossings to Holland (Netherlands) or various options from Dover to France, depending on where in the UK you depart.

Departure is possible from NewcastleHullHarwich, and the two Dover connections: Dover-Calais and Dover Dunkirk

The five best options for the first step

Ferry RouteTransfer TimeCost of Car Transfer (Approx)Distance to Kiel
Hull-RotterdamApprox. 12 hours£150 - £250About 360 miles (580 km)
Harwich-Hook of HollandApprox. 6-7 hours£100 - £200About 370 miles (595 km)
Newcastle-AmsterdamApprox. 15-16 hours£200 - £300About 335 miles (835 km)
Dover-CalaisApprox. 1.5 hours£40 - £80About 466 miles (750 km)
Dover-DunkirkApprox. 2 hours£40 - £80About 453 miles (730 km)

The distance to Kiel is important as that is where step 2 starts—the first possible departure to Norway. Your personal choice also depends on where you depart from in the UK. There are more routes, especially from the UK to France, but these routes are more West and can't be seen as good routes if you want to travel to Norway

In this connection, our preferred route to mainland Europe is the Dover-Calais crossing (avoid high-season, though). No planning is needed for this route, and the transfer is relatively cheap. From there, drive to Kiel, and then let your holiday begin! 

All 5 ferries & operators for the first crossing

dover-calais ferry operators

Dover Calais

UK ⇔ France
1h 30 mins.
Up to 35 times per day
From: £31.00
p-o ferries


UK ⇔ Holland
11h 30 mins.
Once per day
From: £141.00
stenaline ferry

Harwich Hook of Holland

UK ⇔ Holland
6h 30 mins.
Up to 2 times per day
From: £66.00
dfds seaways ferry


UK ⇔ Holland
17 hours
Once per day
From: £49.00


UK ⇔ France
2 Hours
Up to 8 times per day
From: £70.00

Indication of the time you'll need to travel from one port to another:

  • From Rotterdam to Kiel (Germany): ± 6 hours 30 minutes
  • From Calais to Kiel (Germany): ± 9 hours 30 minutes
  • From Calais to Hirtshals (Denmark): ± 14 hours 15 minutes
  • From Dunkirk to Copenhagen (Denmark): ± 13 hours (inc. ferry)

Step 2: To Norway from Denmark or Germany

From Europe’s mainland, most people choose a cruise ferry from Kiel or a fast ferry from the North of Denmark. 

Earlier on, it was possible to travel from the Netherlands to Norway via the (new in 2022) Eemshaven-Kristiansand ferry connection. This ferry, however, went bankrupt.

The best options you have for the crossing to Norway

Ferry RouteTransfer TimeCost of Car Transfer (Approx)Why this one?
Hirtshals-KristiansandApprox. 2 hours£60 – £100Speed! (Fjordline is fastest)
Kiel-OsloApprox. 20 hours£400 – £800More of a Cruise than a Ferry!
Hirtshals-BergenApprox. 17 hours£300 – £400Luxurious Vessels, Positive Reviews

Of course, there are more routes and options you can take, but these are the most popular when arriving from the UK. The Kiel to Oslo is, of course, the perfect start to your holiday. This is a night crossing on the beautiful ship from Color Line. This is more of a ‘cruise' experience than a ferry experience.

On this page, you'll find more information about all the ferries from Germany to Norway.

the ship sailing on this connection

The luxurious cruise ships from Color Line on the Kiel Oslo route

Alternative (option 3) if you're looking to include Sweden in your trip to Norway:

If you're planning a trip to Norway but also considering including Sweden in your itinerary, you might want to consider travelling via either the outbound or return route through Kiel to Gothenburg. For instance, if you choose to go outbound via Kiel to Gothenburg and continue from there to Norway, you could return via Oslo to Kiel or Kristiansand to Hirtshals, or vice versa, of course.

colorline logo


Germany ⇔ Norway
20 Hours
Up to 7 times per week
From: £114.00


Denmark ⇔ Norway
2h 15 mins.
Up to 2 times per day
From: £30.00


Denmark ⇔ Norway
16h 30 mins.
Once per day
From: £62.00


Germany ⇔ Sweden
15h 30 mins.
Once per day
From: £82.00

All ferries from Denmark to Norway

The departure ports in the north of Denmark are not just around the corner, but anyone taking a road trip to Norway will undoubtedly benefit from one of these crossings.

You can choose between various destinations depending on where the rest of your vacation or trip will take place. For example, destinations like Larvik, Kristiansand, Oslo and Bergen.


Denmark ⇔ Norway
2h 15 mins.
Up to 2 times per day
From: £30.00


Denmark ⇔ Norway
19 Hours
Up to 5 times per week
From: £34.00


Denmark ⇔ Norway
16h 30 mins.
Once per day
From: £62.00


Denmark ⇔ Norway
9 hours
Up to 5 times per week
From: £43.00


Denmark ⇔ Norway
2h 15 mins.
Up to 2 times per day
From: £30.00


Denmark ⇔ Norway
4 Hours
Up to 3 times per week
From: £25.00


Denmark ⇔ Norway
10h 30 mins.
Once per day
From: £91.00
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Drive to Norway from the UK

It may not be the most obvious route, but we'll mention it anyway: it is also possible to drive to Norway!

You can choose to take the Channel tunnel (Shuttle) and drive all the way to Copenhagen. From here, you can take the bridge to Sweden and drive further to the north to Norway.

Beware, though: there are many toll routes and additional costs attached to these routes. Also, you must travel 973 miles (1566 KM) kilometres from Calais to the Swedish-Norwegian border for this.

Other ferry guides that would help you reach Norway move convenient:

Our Personal Experience

On one of our latest trips to Norway, we went with the now-stopped route Eemshaven-Kristiansand and then back through the Kiel-Oslo ferry. Here are a few images that back up our claims of our trip to  Oslo from Kiel in April 2023. Click on them to enlarge.

How to book tickets to Norway

It's easy. Use our booking engine below and see what tickets are available at which dates for which price! You have to buy the two tickets individually though, but by using this tool you'll book your tickets at one company. 

Summary; Why we picked these routes

As you can read in much of the above guide, there are many reasons why these routes are our first choice if you want to reach Norway from the UK. To summarize:

  • Calais-Dover is a cheap route.
  • The 10-hour drive from Dover.
  • There used to be a better route from Eemshaven and Emden, but that route stopped.
  • Kiel-Oslo provides a cruise-like experience.
  • Calais-Dover and Kiel-Oslo are different from each other: meaning you get two different kinds of ferry experiences.
  • It's better to end with the most luxurious one

Many things are involved, but one point might be most important: Where do you start and where do you want to go to in Norway? If you leave that point out, it's simply an excellent choice to drive first and reach your ‘luxurious' ferry after your long drive instead of the other way around. There are enough other options:

Interesting combinations we also considered:

  • Harwich – Hook of Holland & Hirtshals – Bergen: Two high-quality (semi-cruise-like) ferries and also a very nice route with a slightly lower driving time, and of course, you start your Norway trip in Bergen.
  • Newcastle – Amsterdam & Copenhagen – Oslo: If you time this wisely, you could book amazing day trips in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, and Oslo. This won't be a very cheap holiday, however! (very expensive cities and ferries)
  • Dover – Dunkirk & Hirtshals – Kristiansand: Also a great trip but you will miss a very luxurious ferry on this one, If you want to travel to Norway at least go for one cruise-like experience. 
  • Kiel-Gothenburg & Oslo-Kiel: if you're thinking about a road trip through Scandinavia where you want to travel to both Sweden and Norway this is a great option.

The following (last) image of this guide, explains our Kiel-Oslo choise also much better:

Oceanic á la Carte Restaurant at Color Fantasy © FerryGoGo 2023

Oceanic á la Carte Restaurant at Color Fantasy © FerryGoGo 2023

ferry to Norway from the UK
Map with routes to Norway from the UK

Frequently asked questions Ferry UK-Norway

There is no direct ferry from the UK to Norway. You can choose to travel to  Holland (Rotterdam or Amsterdam) or France and drive to Kiel or to the north of Denmark. From there you can take various ferries to Norway. 

Depending on whether you bring a car and book a cabin, the costs for the ferry to Norway vary a lot.  To give an indication: A ferry to the Netherlands will be approximately £ 40 to £ 300 per person, and from the Netherlands to Norway up to around £ 60 to £ 800 per person. You can read the exact pricing within this guide.

You can take your dog along on most crossings from the UK to Norway. Be sure to inform and follow up on vaccination rules and rules aboard the ships.

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