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Duration 2 Hours
Operated by DFDS
Sailings Up to 8 times p/day
Distance 47 miles, 75 km
Destination(s) 🇫🇷 France, 🇬🇧 United Kingdom
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The DFDS ferry from Dover to Dunkirk sails up to 12 times per day, making it a fairly frequent ferry. This ferry takes you to France or back to the UK in only 2 hours. This makes it one of the shortest return-trips to France, along with the Dover to Calais crossings. Ideal for those wishing to travel between France and England.

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The DFDS ferry from Dover to Dunkirk runs 11 times a day between France and the UK. This ferry takes you to the other side in 2 hours. This makes it one of the shortest crossings back and forth to France together with the crossings to Calais.

The big advantage of travelling by ferry is that you can easily bring your own car. Great for those who want to go on holiday to France or another European country. Together with Calais-Dover, the crossing from Dover to Dunkirk is one of the most well-known and busiest in Europe.

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Ferry to Dunkirk & Dover

This ferry ride takes you in only 2 hours from France to the UK and vice versa. the ferry takes you to the other side in 2 hours.

Especially for Dutch, Germans, and Belgians. Dunkirk is located a bit more to the north than Calais and can therefore be reached faster by Northern European countries. This way, you spend less time in the car and just half an hour longer on the boat.

On this page, you will find a lot of information and tips about this ferry service to Dover & Dunkirk

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Tickets Dover – Dunkirk

It is advisable to book in advance, but it is often no problem to take a last-minute crossing. It is often the case that prices rise as it gets busier.

Timetable to Dover and Dunkirk

For the crossing to Dover & Dunkirk, DFDS has a daily schedule with 12 crossings back and forth to France and the UK. Every 2 hours, a ferry leaves from both sites.

Departures from Dover to Dunkirk: Every 2 hours a ship leaves for Dunkirk in Dover. From Dover to Dunkirk it leaves at 02.00, 04.00, 06.00, and so on, as shown in the timetable below. The schedule the other way around is almost exactly the same. Only the first ship leaves later, and the last ship leaves later as well, because of the time difference.

Check in closesDepartureArrival

Departures from Dunkirk to Dover

  • Departure every 2 hours
  • Starting from 04.00 until 23.59 (the last ship of the day)
If you decide to travel with the ferry to Dover or Dunkirk, don't forget the time difference. The actual crossing will take you 2 hours but depending on which way you travel it can be either 1 or 3 hours on the clock.


Departure, sailing time & arrival

How long in advance do you have to be present? The Check-in on the crossing to Dover & Dunkirk closes at least 45 minutes in advance. It is of course wise to be present at the DFDS terminal in the port of Dover and Dunkirk well in advance.
Departure port: Dover The ships from Dover arrive and depart from Eastern Docks, Dover CT16 1JA, United Kingdom📍
Ferry to Dover & Dunkirk duration The sailing time between Dunkirk and Dover is approximately 2 hours. The exact sailing time may differ due to weather conditions and currents.
Arrival Dunkirk The ferry arrives at the following address: Terminal Car Ferry, Port 5670, Rte de la Maison Blanche, 59279 Loon-Plage, France📍
DFDS dover

Ferry to Dover and Dunkirk

DFDS advertises a starting price of €81 per car with 4 persons for a single journey. With an ideal booking, in the low season, which you then calculate back to ‘per person, this is possible. If you go with fewer people then you'll pay a bit higher price Generally, the earlier you book, the cheaper it is. In addition, there are sometimes offers that you can take advantage of.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a number of questions that are frequently asked for these crossings between Dover and Dunkirk

Are there ATMs on DFDS vessels on this connection?

DFDS mentions on their website that they have no ATMs on board, we were surprised to read this so we contacted them to double-check this and it was true. Make sure you have a full wallet when you board your DFDS ferry! Of course you can pay in the restaurant with credit cards and such.

How long does the crossing from Dover and Dunkirk take?

The crossing from Dover and Dunkirk takes a total of 2 hours

Can I bring my pet on board??

Yes, if you travel with your own transport, you can bring your pet (dogs and cats) with you. Kennels are available. There are rules for pets from the British government must be followed.

Can you bring a bicycle on board the ferry?

Yes, when booking, you can easily select that you want to take a bicycle on board the ferry. A bicycle costs €8 per trip.

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From: 81,00

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