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Ferry to Faroe Islands

Ferries to Faroe Islands from Iceland and Denmark


Denmark ⇔ Faroe Islands
40 Hours
Once per week
From: 220,00


Iceland ⇔ Faroe Islands
20 Hours
Once per week
From: 220,00

Ferries to the Faroe Islands

There is only one company sailing on the Faroe Islands, the Faroese Smyril Line sails from both Iceland and Denmark to the Faroe Islands, where it makes a stopover and sails further in both directions. From Hirtshals in Denmark and Seydisfjordur in Iceland, the ferry, MS Norrona, is sailing to the main city of the Faroe Islands: Torshavn.

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Map with crossings to Faroe Islands

If you want to travel by ferry to the Faroe Islands, you'll sail with the MS Norrona. The MS Norrona is the Faroe's largest ferry and a cruise ferry that sails back and forth between Hirtshals (DK) Torshavn (Faroe Islands) and Seydisfjordur (IS), as shown on the map above.

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The prices for the ferries to Faroe Islands can rise sharply as when the ferries fill up. Therefore, book far in advance and avoid high additional costs.

Ferries from Denmark to the Faroe Islands

This would be the most logical route for taking a ferry to the Faroe Islands for the European mainland and the UK. It is not the most common way to travel to the Faroe Islands. The ferry from Hirtshals to Torshavn is a 40 hours crossing. On this cruise ferry, you can bring your car; on the parking deck, there is room for about 800 vehicles, and the ferry to the Faroe Islands offers space to +/- 1500 travelers. 
1 smyril line ferry to iceland
From: 220,00
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Ferries from Iceland to the Faroe Islands

Are you travelling from Iceland to the Faroe Islands? Then you can board the MS Norrona from the East Coast of Iceland in Seydisfjordur, where you can sail from there to Torshavn on the Faroe Islands in around 20 hours. In most cases, this is a night crossing. On board the MS Norrona, there is plenty to do to stay entertained during your crossing. 

Ferries between the various Faroe Islands

As the Faroes consist of 18 different Islands, a popular way of traveling from inland Island to the island is to board one of the Faroese ferries. The ferry schedule between the various destinations within the Faroes like Torshavn, Tovroyri, Sorvagur, Hvannasund, Skopun, Sandur, or one of the other Islands can also be found on – the Faroese website on public transport. On this site, you can also find several domestic buses.

About the Faroe Islands

faroe islands

The Faroe Islands, also known as the ‘Faroes' is a Northern Atlantic Island group located between Iceland and Scotland. The Faroes are an autonomous territory of the Kingdom of Denmark. You can travel by plane or by ferry to the Faroe Islands. The MS Norrona is the ship that brings you from either Denmark or Iceland to the Faroes, Torshavn to be specific. On the website of the Faroese company Smyril Line, the owner of the MS Norrona you can book various vacation or combi packages (package tours) to the Faroe Islands.

You can travel with your car, camper or motor to the Faroes by ferry and enjoy the Faroe Islands breathtaking nature to it's fullest extent. The Faroe Islands offer endless beauty with staggering wonders like the dramatic steep mountains, large green valleys, the small pictoresque villages, distant churches and of course the cutest bird on the planet: puffins.


The Faroes are made up of 18 volcanic islands with rough nature and are scenic paradises.

Frequently Asked Questions: ferry to the Faroe Islands

Only Smyril Line sails on the international crossings to the Faroe Islands. The cruiseferry, MS Norrona brings you from either Iceland(Seydisfjordur or Denmark (Hirtshals) to the Faroes capital city: Torshavn.

If it's mainly about the crossing then the shortest crossing to the Faroes is the ferry from Iceland to the Torshavn. This ferry will take you in about 20 hours to the Island Archipelago. Travelling from Denmark? Then you'll be sailing for approx 40 hours before arriving in Torshavn.

The cheapest ferries is the ferry from Iceland – this is also the shortest route. The MS Norrona sails once a week from Seydisfjordur to Torshavn and then to Hirtshals and back again. So in fact Torshavn is the stopover for the ferry from Denmark to Iceland and vice versa.

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  1. If you want to travel to the Faroe Island there are also alternatives, maybe not regular connections but I know many people that want to visit the Faroe Island jump on the ferries/cruises from Hurtigruten. You do have to make some kind of deal though as you don't want the full cruise experience for ~ $10.000.

    • We only know about the port to port connections from Hurtigruten that you can book individually. ( We are currently working out a plan to add them to the website but this won't be easy at all as we don't want to add routes without much bookings. Faroe Island is not in the Port to Port finder, did you actually make a booking to the Faroe Islands on a port to port basis? Would be super interesting!

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