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This is the cost of a beer across Europe

The prices of beer in a country often serve as a reliable indicator of the overall cost of hospitality there.

Still deciding on your next holiday destination? After exploring ferry fares and rental car expenses, we've now turned our attention to the price of a beer (0.5l) at various European holiday spots. This investigation aims to uncover which destinations offer the best value for money!

Beer prices in local eateries are typically a good reflection of overall food and drink costs in a region. So, where will your summer travels take you?

Using the map below, you can gauge whether a country is on the pricey side or offers more budget-friendly options based on its beer prices. Unsurprisingly, Norway tops the list, while Spain and Portugal stand out for their affordability. The prices listed are for a half-litre of domestic beer((price data via Numbeo) in a restaurant per country.

After certain Scandinavian and Swiss cities, London ranks as the most expensive city in Europe to order a pint.

The maps provide a visual overview, and below, you'll find tables detailing prices across Europe as well in euros € as in £ (GBP).

Beer map of Europe: prices in Europe in £

Beer map of Europe: prices in Europe in €

Beer prices in table: first in £, then €

Prices per city in Europe

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