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The cost of a ferry vacation with a car and two persons uncovered.We reviewed the ferry price data for this summer and analysed the total costs and cost ...

These are the former direct crossings from the UK to Denmark, Norway and Sweden which have ceased to exist.Frequently, we receive inquiries on FerryGoGo ...

Unfortunately, the 'Skane Jet' ferry service operated by FRS Baltic, which connects Sweden and Germany, had to end its 2023 operations prematurely due to ...

Updated with the new locations of Below Deck Season 11This article provides a detailed list of the ports and sites where 'Below Deck' was shot. We'll also ...

After numerous years of consistent growth, this year ushers in a more cost-effective option for car rentals. The prices of small rental cars at various ...

What is the total cost and price per mile and kilometer?In the latest update of this research, we've also added the price per kilometre in euros in the ...

Prices have risen a spectacular 129% over the past five years Do you leave the car at home or take it on vacation? A bit more insight into the costs ...

Can your dog come with you on holiday when you take the ferry?The rules of the ferry companies surrounding traveling with pets and dogs are different for ...

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brittany ferries
2 months ago


From: 227,00

Brittany Ferries now also sails from Rosslare to Santander in the northern region of Spain. An ideal option to start your vacation to Spain or Portugal.

8 months ago


From: 34,00

Travel to Sweden from Poland and vice versa with the ferries sailing from Świnoujście to Ystad, and Ystad to Świnoujście. With up to 33 sailings per week and tickets starting at €34 this is a popular crossing over the Baltic sea.

Atlantic Ferries Portugal
8 months ago


From: 5,60

The ferry from Setubal to Troia and from Troia to Setubal is one of Portugal's most popular ferry routes. With over 40 sailings daily of the ferry and the catamaran combined it has a frequent sailing schedule. This ferry takes you from Setubal to Troia in about 25 minutes.

fjordline logo
9 months ago


From: 105,00

The ferry from Hirtshals to Stavanger is a daily crossing of 10.5 hours operated by Fjord Line. When you sail on this ferry you'll be in Norway from Denmark or vice versa in 10,5 hours. As this is a night crossing you'll find comfortable cabins and some good entertainment and restaurants aboard.

dfds seaways ferry
11 months ago


From: 400,00

Experience the Dunkirk-Rosslare ferry, connecting France and Ireland. Enjoy an 18-24 hour journey with an overnight crossing. Ideal for travelers who want to skip England and want to travel right away to Ireland from Europe.

fjordline colorline
12 months ago


From: 46,00

Color Line and Fjord Line together have 4 daily sailings from Norway to Sweden and vice versa. On this ferry route between Strömstad and Sandefjord you can bring your car. And with 28 weekly departures it's a popular ferry.

stenaline ferry
1 year ago


From: 72,00

Stena Line sails 6 times per week on this 13 hour crossing between Sweden and Finland. The route from Hanko to Nynashamn is one of the newer connections between Finland and Sweden

1 year ago


From: 120,00
Polferries sails 7 times per week on an 18 hour crossing between Sweden and Poland on the route from Gdansk to Nynashamn.
holland norway lines
1 year ago


From: 225,00

This ferry started in June 2023, but the ferry company HNL went bankrupt in September 2023. This route connected Northwestern Germany with Kristiansand directly. A good alternative is the ferry to Kiel and Oslo.

Hover Travel
1 year ago


From: 23,00
Everything you need to know about the Hovercraft to the Isle of Wight that brings you there in 10 minutes! Take this unique trip with the world's only commercial passenger hovercraft service.
1 year ago


From: 60,00
Want to travel from Jutland to Sealand or vice versa in Denmark? Then the ferry from Aarhus to Odden might be a good connection. On this route, you'll be sailing with Molslinjen. The ferry sails 12 times daily, and the crossings take about 1 hour and 20 minutes.
tallink silja line vikingline
1 year ago

Mariehamn – Stockholm

From: 60,00
Want to travel from Aland Islands (Mariehamn) to Sweden, Stockholm or the other way around? Then one of your options is the ferry from Mariehamn to Stockholm. This ferry originally departs from Turku you'll first sail to Mariehamn and then continue your journey to Stockholm afterwards.
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  1. The high ticket price is probably a combination of factors. Short crossings are generally more expensive because they’re less efficient. That it’s an electric ferry will also play its part in the pricing. It’s however just somewhat cheaper than the crossing by the bridge. The fact that it’s an international crossing between two countries will also pump up the price a bit. We will look into this a bit more and get back to you.

  2. Hi Very Snowy!

    Thanks for your question, in this article you can find more info on the ferry from Newcastle to Norway:

    So as you can read here: it seems that is a plan in progress, but sailings will only start in 2026.

    Best regards,

  3. Hi Sarah,

    We also checked, I think the sailing schedule for Q4 for the ferries still have to be made. When we check Virtu Ferries we can’t use the booking engine from October onwards yet. Should be available shortly.

    Best regards,

  4. Hi Stacey,

    Thanks for the question and we assume you meant 2024: for the dog you’ll find more information on this specific page of the company: Spirit of Tasmania:
    and on this page you can find more information about the weight, height and price of bringing a caravan to Tasmania:

  5. Hi Silvia,

    Thanks for your question. We’re sorry to inform you that there are no direct ferries from Stockholm to the UK. On this page you can find the information needed, vice versa though: The ferry from Nynashamn to Gdansk might be a good fit. Or drive back to Trelleborg in Southern Sweden and take the ferry to Rostock with Stena Line:

    Hope this helps.

  6. Hi Karen!

    It looks like this is possible with the aroe ferry. You can travel from Fynshavn to Aero and from Aero to Langeland by ferry and a car.

    Hope this works

  7. Hi Dianne,

    Thank you for getting in touch. We’re not Brittany Ferries, but we strive to provide a comprehensive overview of available routes and considerations. You can find all the information regarding Club Voyage on this page at Brittany Ferries. Club Voyage Benefits.

    We couldn’t find any information about prioritized arrangements for bringing your cat onboard as part of the Club Voyage membership.

    You probably found the information on pet friendly cabins already, but if not you can find it here:

    Have a good trip!

  8. Hello Jordan,

    We perate as an informative ferry portal, so the ferries themselves are not under our ownership. However, almost all ferries from Wales to Ireland accommodate cars. It’s advisable to book in advance to secure a spot on the parking deck.

    Let me know if you have any remaining questions.

  9. Hi Clair
    In most cases you can take a motorhome on the ferry. On the Calmac website you’ll find more info here: Often this is a bit pricier than travelling by car, but we couldn’t find the exact prices.

    Did you figure it out already yourself? And if so, we would be happy to know!

    Best regards and happy travels!

  10. Hi Kenneth,

    That would be the Dover to Calais crossing – approx 90 mins.

  11. Hi Fredrik,

    Quite late but thanks for your comment – there have been crossings in the past: and there are plans for a direct crossing in the near future again. We really hope a ferry from the UK to Norway will return too, especially since the ferry from the Netherlands to Norway ceased to exist as well.

  12. Hi Neil,

    Glad we could be of help with our guides! Have fun on your fishing holiday. Happy travels

  13. Hi Christine,

    Thanks for your question. There are 3 different options: Fishguard-Rosslare, Holyhead-Dublin and Pembroke-Rosslare. The price really depends on dates and which ferry you’ll take. Stena Line has a really helpful low fare calendar. In the booking module of Stena Line just under the dates you can use this option. If it’s a short stay, you’ll also get a short stay discount. So for example if you will sail from Wales to Ireland on the 18th and sail back on the 20th you’ll pay around 107 pound for a return ticket or 2 persons on the Holyhead-Dublin route. Fishguard Rosslare is exactly the same price. Pembroke Rosslare is just a bit more expensive on a short break for 2 persons without a car: 114 pounds. So the routes from Stena Line seem just a bit cheaper on these specific date. But I would recommend to use the low fare calendar and check yourself.

    Best regards,

  14. Hi Sue,

    Thanks for your question. It depends a bit on the route and the specific boat. With Stena Line for example you can book a pet cabin. And the rules are different per ferry.

    On Stena Adventurer (Holyhead – Dublin) and on Stena Nordica (Fishguard – Rosslare), pets must remain in their cabins for the duration of the crossing. All pet owners must clean up after their pets both in the cabins and on the decks. For example: Pets travelling on Stena Edda (Liverpool – Belfast), Stena Embla (Liverpool – Belfast), Stena Estrid (Holyhead – Dublin), Stena Horizon (Cherbourg – Rosslare) and Stena Vision (Cherbourg – Rosslare) can get fresh air, exercise and toilet breaks in a dedicated area on the outside deck. Pets must remain on a non-retractable lead. You can also book pet friendly cabins. For Irish Ferries you can find more about the rules on this page for the route from Pembroke to Rosslare.

    Long story short: you can travel by ferry from the UK to Ireland while walking the dog with for example Stena Line on the route from Holyhead to Dublin and Fishguard to Rosslare and Liverpool Belfast.

    Hope this helps.

  15. Hi Larry,

    Thanks for the question. A lot of the ferries from the UK to Northwestern Europe have ceased operations in the past 20 years. Mainly due to a combination of additional environmental & fuel legislation and low-cost airlines. We do however see greener passenger ferries emerge and a renewed interest in sailing from the UK to Germany and Scandinavia. Hopefully this leads to re-establishing a new ferry to Northwestern europe from the UK. You can also find more about the disappearance of ferries between the UK, Germany & Scandinavia here:

    In the meantime you could use the ferries from and travel from there to Germany. From most of the Dutch (Holland) ports, you’ll be in Germany in about 2 hours driving.

    Newcastle to Amsterdam
    Hull to Rotterdam
    Harwich to Hook of Holland
    Dover to Calais.

    Hope this helps and answers your question.

  16. Hi J Lapinskas,

    It seems to some of the schedules for May 2024 are already available, you can find more information on the exact dates and times in this table:

    Let me know if you have any remaining questions!

    Best, JW

  17. Hi Kelly,

    It seems to be still running: I hope this works for you.

    Best regards,

    Jan Willem

  18. Hi Kelly,

    Thank you for your review of this ferry route! It’s always valuable to receive feedback and hear about people’s experiences during their crossings!

    Best regards,

    JW – Team FerryGoGo

  19. Hi Erik,

    Thanks for sharing your review. Highly appreciated and super informational for people looking for more information on a ferry to Norway.

    Best regards,

    Jan Willem – FerryGoGo

  20. Hi Bernard,

    Thanks for sharing your experience with this trip. For your information: the ferry company that sails to Iceland, Faroer and Denmark is callled Smyril Line.

  21. Hi Mateo,

    Thank you for your response! Renting at the location can be more cost-effective than bringing your own car on board, especially on a short trip. As for rental cars, insurance is typically included in most cases, and it’s also usually possible to upgrade the insurance.