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Ferries to Long Island

How to travel by ferry to Long Island

New London-Montauk

CT ⇔ Long Island
1h 18 mins.
Up to 4 times per week
From: 45,00

Orient Point-New London

CT ⇔ Long Island
42 minutes
Up to 20 times per day
From: 20,00

Bridgeport-Port Jefferson

CT ⇔ Long Island
1h 18 mins.
Up to 15 times per day
From: 22,00

Getting to Long Island from Connecticut

Long Island is easily accessible by car from the direction of New York. However, if you're coming from large parts of Connecticut, taking the ferry is almost unavoidable when heading to Long Island. For instance, the ferry from New London to Montauk helps you avoid driving over 220 miles around.

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Long Island ferry route map

To get a clear understanding of the ferry routes to Long Island, you can refer to the map below. We've created a separate ferry guide for the ferries to Fire Island.

Long Island ferry Information

The ferry to Long Island provides a practical and cost-effective means to discover this stunning island. With regular departures from the mainland, you can easily select a time slot that suits your schedule. During the crossing, you can enjoy amenities such as comfortable seating, dining options, and possibly even entertainment, depending on the ferry service you choose. Upon arrival on Long Island, you have direct access to various transportation options to further plan your journey, whether you wish to explore quaint villages, visit the beaches, or uncover local attractions.

Practical Travel Information

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