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Ferry to Arran

How to travel to the isle of Arran by ferry


Scotland ⇔ Isle of Arran
54 minutes
From: 5,00


Scotland ⇔ Isle of Arran
30 minutes
From: 4,00


Scotland ⇔ Isle of Arran
40 mins.
From: 4,00

Isle of Arran by ferry

Arran is known as a versatile island in terms of nature and there is also a lot to do. It is therefore a popular island among tourists. That also means that there are many ferry departures to the Isle of Arran. However, you can only choose from two ferries. These are the ferry from Ardrossan to Arran and the ferry from Claonaig to Lochranza (in winter this ferry sails from Tarbert).

On this page, you will find more information about travelling to the Isle of Arran. Also view the handy map to see where the ferries go.

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Map with crossings to the isle of Arran

The map shows 3 ferry routes but only 2 ferries sail to the island. During summer a ferry departs from Claonaig and in the winter the same ferry leaves from Tarbert.

  • During peak season, there used to be an Ardrossan-Cambletown and Brodick Campbeltown connection. Unfortunately, we currently have no information on when this crossing will resume.

Travel tip: Check the route status

The crossings around the Hebrides are very seasonal. In addition, bad weather or tides can affect sailings. Therefore, check in advance the status of the crossings. For CalMac sailings you can find information about this on the Service status & info page.

Ferry to Brodick 

Ferry sailing to Arran

Ferry sailing to Arran

Most people travelling to the Isle of Arran will take the ferry from Ardrossan to Brodick. Ardrossan is around 45 minute's drive from Glasgow and can be reached in just over two hours from the English-Scottish border.

The crossing has a pleasant duration. With an hour it is not too long but not too short either. You have enough time to enjoy the view and have a snack and a drink on board.

We do recommend booking this crossing in time. It is a popular route that can get fully booked on the busier days in the summer. So if you want to sail at a favourable time,  book your ticket well in advance.

ferry terminal Brodick

Ferry terminal Brodick

1 calmac ferries
From: 5,00
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Ferry to Lochranza

ferry departure Claonaig

The departure of the ferry in Claonaig

You will not find a large ferry terminal on this route. There is only a small ferry here that you can drive/walk on and off. This ferry sails from Claonaig in summer and from Tarbert in winter.

To get to Tarbert or Claonaig you have to make a big detour from a Scottish mainland or take a ferry. This ferry is therefore mainly used by people who are already recreating or living in the area. It is also a nice ferry for island hoppers.

The Claonaig/Tarbert – Lochranza ferry is operated as a ‘turn up and go' service. That means you don't have to buy a ticket in advance or make a reservation.

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From: 4,00
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About the Isle of Arran

Approaching Isle of Arran by ferry from Ardrossan.

Approaching the Isle of Arran by ferry from Ardrossan

The isle of Arran is located in the Firth of Clyde area and it is the sixth largest island in Scotland.

Arran is also seen as a place where all facets of Scotland come together on a relatively small island. You will find mountains, castles, beaches, golf courses, breweries and cheese makers.

Island hopping thanks to Calmac's ferry network

Calmac ferry

Calmac Ferry sailing to the Hebrides

CalMac Ferries Ltd, also known as Caledonian MacBrayne, is a ferry operator owned by the Scottish Government. It is the largest ferry operator to the main islands on the west coast of Scotland.[1]Caledonian MacBrayne, The ferries connect The Hebrides and the Isle of Arran with Scotland. 

The area is very suitable for Island hopping. In this way, you get to know the unique atmosphere and nature of different islands. Check our handy ferry map of the Hebrides to get a good view of the possibilities. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The ferry crossings are operated by Caledonian MacBrayne (CalMac).

The ferry to Arran departs from Ardrossan and is only £5.00 for a foot passenger. Two passengers with a car cost around £25,50. 

The ferry crossings in the area are operated by Caledonian MacBrayne (CalMac). This is a company owned by the Scottish government and therefore they are able to keep the prices pretty low. 

The most popular ferry to Arran departs from Ardrossan. It is also possible to travel from Kintyre Peninsula. A ferry departs here from Tarbert (winter) and Claonaig (summer). 

1 Caledonian MacBrayne,