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Ferry to Latvia

Discover the best ferry crossings to Latvia


Sweden ⇔ Latvia
7h 30mins.
up to 12 times per week


Germany ⇔ Latvia
24 hours
Up to 6 times per week

Ferries to Latvia

When you want to travel to Latvia, the ferry is one of your options. Several ferries are crossing the Baltic sea to Latvia from Sweden and Germany.

On this page, you'll find information on the various ferry routes to Latvia.

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Map with all ferry routes to Latvia

From Germany and Sweden ferries sail to Latvia. From Germany, you can sail from Travemunde to Liepaja in Latvia.

From Nynäshamn (close to Stockholm) in Sweden, you can sail directly to Ventspils. 

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In this module you can find the various ferry connection to Latvia, you can sail from either Germany or Sweden to Latvia or one of the other Baltic states. From Finland you can sail to Tallinn for example.

Travel tip: book your ferry to Latvia and combine with Estonia, Lithuania or Finland.

On the Baltic Sea / Finnish gulf, you can combine many ferry connections in a round trip/road trip. Suppose you sail from Germany too, for example, Latvia, and bring your car. In that case, you can drive up North to Estonia, take the ferry there to Finland, and sail back via the Helsinki to Germany or Helsinki to Stockholm connection. You can also go south and take the ferry from Lithuania to Germany.

From Sweden to Latvia

The ferry from Sweden to Latvia and vice versa sails from Nynashamn to Ventspils. Nynashamns is located near Stockholm in Sweden, and Ventspils is in the Northwestern part of Latvia. Stena Line operates on this route. If you travel by ferry from Sweden to Latvia, this crossing will take around 7,5 to 8,5 hours.

Sweden ⇔ Latvia

1 stenaline ferry


Looking for a ferry to Sweden or Latvia? Then the crossing between Ventspils and Nynashamn is an ideal crossing. This route is being operated by Stena Line and takes you from Sweden to Latvia and vice versa in just 7.5 hours.

Ferry from Germany to Latvia

Want to travel from Germany to the Baltics or Latvia? Then you can sail directly to either Lithuania or Latvia. From Travemunde, there is a direct ferry to Liepaja on the Southwestern coast of Latvia. This an at least a 22-hour crossing, so you'll need to add a cabin to your booking too. On this crossing, you can take your car on board the ferry. 

Stena Line operates the route from Germany to Latvia; it also operates the other crossing to Latvia, the ferry from Sweden to Latvia (Nynäshamn-Ventspils).

Germany ⇔ Latvia

1 stenaline ferry


This Stena line ferry takes you from Germany to Latvia and vice versa. In around 22 hours you can sail on this route directly from Liepaja (Latvia) to Travemunde (Germany)

Best way to travel to Latvia by ferry

The best way to travel to Latvia by ferry depends on from where you leave. You can either sail from Germany or Sweden directly to Latvia by ferry. But if you for example have to travel from Finland it would make sense to sail to Estonia from Finland and then drive further south to Latvia.

Frequently Asked Questions: ferry to Latvia

There is one ferry from Germany to Latvia. This is the connection from Travemunde to Liepaja. This is a direct crossing that takes you in just under a day from Germany to Latvia and vice versa.

There is a ferry crossing between Sweden and Latvia. The route on this crossing is  from Nynäshamn to Ventspils. This is a popular connection with up to 12 weekly sailings.

No there is no direct connection to Latvia from the UK. You could travel from the UK to the Netherlands, drive from the Netherlands to Travemunde in Germany and take the ferry from Travemunde to Liepaja in Latvia.

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