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Ferry to Gozo

How to travel to Gozo by ferry

Cirkewwa-Mgarr (Gozo)

25 Minutes
Up to 31 times per day

Valletta-Mgarr (Gozo)

45 mins.
Up to 10 times per day

Getting to Gozo

The ferry to Gozo can be booked from Valletta or from the North West of the Island of Malta.

The Valletta-Gozo ferry is only suitable for foot passengers while the Cirkewwa-Gozo ferry is also suitable for cars or any other means of transport.

Have a look at our handy ferry map below to see where the ferries sail. 

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Map with ferry routes to Gozo

The ferry from Valletta to Gozo is a fast ferry that sails in 45 minutes to Mgarr. The Cirkewwa-Mgarr ferry is slower but the crossing is also much shorter. 

It is also possible to book smaller tourist ferries that sail via Comino. These make a stopover at the Blue Lagoon. 

Travel tip: Book in advance!

On the busier days, ferry boats can quickly become fully booked. The earlier you book, the greater the chance that you will have a place on the desired tour.

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Ferry From Cirkewwa to Gozo

Visitting Gozo? This ferry brings you (and your car) from the main island Malta to Gozo. The crossing takes only 25 minutes and you arrive in Mgarr. 

Gozo Channel ferries


Ferry Valletta to Gozo

Visitting Gozo? This ferry brings you (and your car) from the main island Malta to Gozo. The crossing only takes only 25 minutes and you arrive in Mgarr. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The ferry companies that sail to Gozo are Virtu ferries, Gozo Channel Ferries, and Gozo Fast Ferry. 

The ferry from Cirkewwa sails in 25 minutes to Gozo. The ferry crossing from Valletta takes 45 minutes.

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  1. Do the ferry’s run in October

    • Hi Madeleine,

      Thanks for your question. The Cirkewwa-Mgarr ferry is running in October. For the Mgarr to Valleta crossing we can't see past september yet. But we expect that one to be sailing as well.

  2. I have tallinja explore flex card with gozo standard. Can I go with this card from Valetta to Gozo for free?

    • Hi Rafal, I noticed the following on the website of the Explore Flex provider:

      Gozo Standard – This package is perfect for those planning to explore Gozo. It includes 6 days of unlimited travel on all bus routes, including the Tallinja Direct routes. You'll also enjoy a return trip to Gozo from Valletta with the fast ferry, ensuring you can make the most of your visit to this charming island. You’ll save €5 on this package costing €28.

      Meaning it will only provide a small discount, if you have the ExplorePlus package you can take the ferry for free. (Source)

  3. Will they be a winter timetable for the Gozo ferry traveling to Gozo in December 2023 and back January 2034

    • Planning for 2034 will be difficult! =)

      However you probably mean 2024, and for that you'll probably have to wait a few weeks, I dropped them an e-mail about it and will update you here when I hear anything!

      ~ Best Jochem

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