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Ferry to Iceland

How to travel to Iceland


Denmark ⇔ Iceland
2 days
Once per week
From: 565,00


Iceland ⇔ Faroe Islands
20 Hours
Once per week
From: 220,00

How to get to Iceland by ferry

There is only one ferry cruise sailing to Iceland. With this ferry, you'll be leaving from Hirtshals in Denmark.

When traveling by boat to Iceland, you'll board a special trip that departs from Denmark. The crossing can be combined with a visit to the Faroe Islands. Here you'll have a stopover.

We'll explain all options and you can have a look at our unique ferry map.

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Map with all ferry routes to Iceland

From Hirtshals, you first travel to charming Torshavn. This is the capital of the Faroe Islands located on the southern part of the island of Streymoy. After a stopover of a few hours,  you'll set sail to Seyðisfjörður which is a city on the Eastern Fjords of Iceland. From here you can travel further inland.

Ferry from Denmark to Iceland

The crossing to Iceland is a perfect form of slow travel! You can take full advantage of the longer travel time to relax and enjoy the onboard facilities. In addition to serving as a ferry, the boat is also often booked as a North Atlantic Cruise. So concerning the facilities on board: it’s a comfortable crossing.

There is enough comfort in your cabin, and on the ferry, there is also more than enough to do and plenty to see.

The crossing to Iceland will normally take about 66 hours in total (three and a half days). So, do bring a few good books with you!

Part 1: Hirtshals to Torshavn, the start of your ferry adventure


A view on Torshavn

From Hirtshals to Torshavn, the first part of this adventurous ferry crossing takes about 38 to 40 hours. 

Torshavn is the capital of the Faroe Islands. However, some people would rather call it a village because few people live there. It's also pretty small; You can walk straight into the center from the Ferry.

For those who decide to stay longer, various excursions are possible. You can think of a bus tour around the island, a visit to classic houses, or a waterfall trip. But walking around and tasting the atmosphere is also very nice to do.

Part 2: Set sail to Iceland!



From Torshavn, the boat departs for Iceland. The arrival is on the island's east side in the town of Seyðisfjörður, known for its old wooden houses.

The surroundings of Seyðisfjörður are very beautiful, but many people will choose to travel to the west coast of Iceland. There are more tourist attractions and more things to do, like visiting the capital.

1 smyril line ferry to iceland


If you want to take the ferry to Faroe Islands from Iceland you will be departing from the Seydisfjrodur located at the east coast of Iceland. The ferry sails to Faroe Islands in about 20 hours, the crossing is a night crossing so after boarding you'll spend a night on board the MS Norrona before arriving the next day in either Torshavn or Iceland.

From: 220,00
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2 smyril line ferry to iceland


If you want to take the ferry to Iceland you will be departing from Hirtshals. From there your first stop (6 hours) is Torshavn on the Faroe Islands and from there you sail on to Seydisfjördur in Iceland, about once a week all year round the MS Norrona sails on this particular route

From: 565,00
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With own transport on the ferry to Iceland

Iceland is a beautiful country for a short vacation or a long weekend away. Thanks to this cruise ferry you can explore Iceland with your own transport. Whether that is a 4×4 or a camper or caravan.

Flatey Island day trips

An easy way to find tickets for a ferry to Flatey Iceland is by filling in the fields below.

Keep an eye on the weather

Iceland is known for its ever-changing weather so make sure to dress accordingly. Wear layers of clothing, make sure to pack waterproof shoes, and don't always trust the long-term weather forecast. Things can change rather fast!

Frequently Asked Questions

When sailing to Iceland you'll probably be boarding the Smyril Line. Smyril Lines operates on the route from Denmark to Iceland. Via Hirtshals in Denmark, you will travel first to Torshavn (Faroer) and then to Seydisfjordur, the city on the East side of Iceland with the same name as the fjord it is located next to.

The cheapest way to travel to Iceland is probably by airplane. But the cruise ferry to Iceland is a one-of-a-kind trip which is also a Northern Atlantic cruise. So this trip in general is difficult to compare with a flight. 

If you travel by car in peak season with 2 people this trip will cost you about € 625,- from Denmark to Iceland. 

All passengers must have a valid identity card (When EU citizen) or passport, which must be presented on request. A passport however is strongly advised by the Smyril line. You can read more about that here: Denmark & Ferry ID Requirements.

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  1. Are dogs allowed on the ferry to Iceland?

  2. Thought I would share some info in this chat as I've done this trip, so could be helpful! The crossing to Iceland via ferry offered my family a leisurely form of travel (can't remember the ferry company name). We fully embraced the extended journey time by indulging in the onboard amenities. The ferry, ensured us with a comfortable and enjoyable experience for the family. Loved this route, would recommend.

    • Hi Bernard,

      Thanks for sharing your experience with this trip. For your information: the ferry company that sails to Iceland, Faroer and Denmark is callled Smyril Line.

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