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From: 565,00

Sailings Once per week
Duration 2 days
Distance 1500 km, 935 miles
2p+Car+Return in our estimation € 625
Destination(s) 🇩🇰 Denmark, 🇮🇸 Iceland
Operated by Smyril Line
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If you want to take the ferry to Iceland you will be departing from Hirtshals. From there your first stop (6 hours) is Torshavn on the Faroe Islands and from there you sail on to Seydisfjördur in Iceland, about once a week all year round the MS Norrona sails on this particular route

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ferry Iceland - Seydisfjördur

Ferry to Iceland Seydisfjördur and Hirtshals

This ferry crossing is probably better known as the ferry from Denmark to Iceland than Hirtshals-Seydisfjördur. From Danish Hirtshals, you will leave with this cruise ferry and sail in about 2,5 days to Eastern Iceland with a stopover at the Faroe Islands. It is certainly not the most common way to travel to Iceland, but it's a unique and comfortable experience, which is also a Northern Atlantic cruise.

The ferry you use for this crossing is the MS Norröna. The ferries sail once a week for the whole year. If that is the case, the car or camper can also be taken on board. The sailing times and days vary, so check this well in advance. With this crossing, you will of course, get a cabin on the boat: with a TV, shower, and toilet. On board, the ship is a swimming pool, sauna, entertainment for the kids, and various restaurants & shops.

On this page, you will find information and tips about this crossing to Iceland

Ferry to Seydisfjördur – Hirtshals costs

If you want to travel by ferry to Iceland with Smyril Line, you can expect the following prices:

  • The lowest possible price for one adult: is €565,- for a one-way ticket for one personal car cabin
  • 2 persons with 1 car during peak season: €625,- for a one-way ticket 🛈
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Schedule of the ferry to Iceland and the Faroe Islands

Smyril Line sails on this route in both directions once or twice a week. In 2,5 days, you can make this crossing from Denmark to Eastern Iceland. Therefore, This ferry is also known as a cruise ferry and comes with package deals for the whole trip and accommodation in Iceland as a plus, for example, if you're interested. In 2,5 days, you can make this ferry crossing to Iceland. Please note that these times can always change and accurate information can be found in the booking module and on the ferry company's website.

Ferry to Seydisfjördur from Hirtshals

The ferry from Hirtshals to Seydisfjordur leaves every: Tuesday at 11:30 from Hirtshals to Seydisfjordur you will arrive on Thursday at 08:30  The sailing schedule of the ferry to Iceland depends on the season – to make sure you are up to date you can check the actual sailing schedule here.

Ferry to Hirtshals from Seydisfjördur

The ferry from Seydisfjordur to Hirtshals leaves every: Thursday at 10:30 with arrival 2 days later in Hirtshals at 12:30. The sailing schedule of the ferry from Iceland back to Hirtshals also depends on the season – to make sure you are up to date you can check the actual sailing schedule here. Schedule ferry Iceland Link to sailing schedule ferry to Iceland (PDF)

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On board the ferry to Hirtshals-Seydisfjördur

On this crossing, you'll be boarding the MS Norröna of Smyril Line. This is a cruise ferry which means there is plenty of entertainment and comfort aboard the ship.

  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Cabins
  • Spa treatment
  • Football pitch

  • Shopping (Duty-Free)
  • Sun deck
  • Outdoor hot tub
  • Swimming Pool & Fitness area

  • Cinema's
  • Teen Room
  • playroom for kids
  • Gaming area

Port information

To get to the departure port, use the address and follow the signs to the terminal when arrived.


Hirtshals terminal address: Smyril Line Denmark, Erik Sondrupsvej 10-12, 9850 Hirtshals, Denmark


Seydisfjordur terminal address: Fjarðargata 8, Seyðisfjörður, Iceland. 

Frequently Asked Questions Ferry Hirtshals-Seydisfjördur

Which ferry companies sail on this crossing?

The ferry between Hirtshals-Seydisfjördur is currently operated by Smyril Lines

How long does the crossing Hirtshals-Seydisfjördur take?

The distance covered by the ferry between Hirtshals-Seydisfjördur is approximately 1519 km as the crow flies. The travel time of the ferry is 2 days.

How often does the ferry go?

The ferries sails once a week and in peak season sometimes twice a week

Can I bring my pet on board?

Yes, almost on all ferry routes you can bring your pet (dogs and cats). On short crossings they stay in the vehicle and on longer crossings are often kennels available or special cabins where you can bring your pet. Keep in mind that countries often have special rules for pets that are taken across borders.

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From: 565,00