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Holland ⇔ Norway
18 Hours
3 times per week
Holland Norway Lines
From: 148,00
holland norway lines


Germany ⇔ Norway
18 Hours
3 times per week
Holland Norway Lines
From: 225,00


Denmark ⇔ Norway
2h 15 mins.
2 times per day
Fjord Line
From: 34,00


Denmark ⇔ Norway
19 Hours
5 times per week
From: 39,00
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Germany ⇔ Norway
20 Hours
7 times per week
Color Line
From: 132,00


16h 30 mins.
Once per day
Fjord Line
From: 72,00
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Ferry travel Information

About the ferry routes in and around Norway

Enjoy a cruise ferry or drive yourself.

Denmark, the Netherlands, and Germany have good connections with Norway. There are fast and relatively short crossings between Denmark and Norway. However, you can also book a long crossing between Copenhagen and Oslo. It is also possible to sail by ferry from Sweden to Norway.

If you opt for a crossing to or from the Netherlands and Germany, you can enjoy aboard a cruise ferry. That is a ship that looks more like a cruise than a ferry. That means a night cruise with lots of entertainment on board.

Travelling and Staying in Norway

Are you looking for peace and space? Norway offers beautiful nature, and thanks to the Fjords, you experience unique landscapes.

The country is a popular holiday destination among people who want to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Usually, travellers go to Norway in their vehicle, as the natural beauty is easiest to reach by car.

The country is also frequently visited by people with a motorhome or caravan. This group will usually use the ferries that sail to the country.

The village of Ålesund in Norway

The village of Ålesund in Norway

Don't expect big highways in Norway. Travelling through the country at your leisure is best because the roads are often winding, and there is often a maximum speed of 70 km per hour. If you are making a round trip, you will probably also have to take a domestic ferry now and then. This allows you to cross the fjords and avoid long detours.


What people like to know

The ferry companies that you see most often when you book a ferry trip in Norway are DFDS, Fjordline, Colorline, and Holland Norway Lines.

The cheapest way is to get there by car from Sweden, otherwise you need to drive towards the north of Denmark. It's easy there to go by ferry to Norway. 

If you're only thinking about the cost to get there by ferry: you can book tickets from the North of Denmark for € 100,- and the longer the ferryline is the most this will cost you.

Keep in mind though that Norway is an expensive country: It's almost impossible to have a cheap holiday in Norway. Expect to return with empty pockets. =)

Yes, it is usually possible to take the dog on board the boat to Norway. On the longer crossings, kennels can often be booked or the dog is allowed in the cabin. On short crossings, the four-legged friend can remain in the car. There are some formalities. For example, the dog must have an animal passport, a microchip, timely rabies vaccination, and treatment against tapeworm.

If this is not followed, there is a risk that the dog, cat, or ferret will have to be quarantined for four weeks. More info regarding bringing pets on ferries.

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