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Destination(s) 🇩🇪 Germany, 🇳🇴 Norway
Operated by Color Line
Sailings Up to 7 times per week
Distance 386 miles, 620 km
Duration 20 Hours
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The ferry from Kiel to Oslo connects Germany with Norway. The crossing is operated by Color Line and takes about 20 hours. The ferry offers a range of facilities and activities for a comfortable and enjoyable journey. The price of a ticket may vary depending on the season and the type of package.

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Ferry crossing from Kiel to Oslo.

The ferry from Kiel to Oslo is a luxurious cruise ferry. The boat has extra entertainment and comfort to make the crossing even more fun. Therefore, this crossing can also be booked as a two-day mini-cruise. The stay in Oslo on a mini-cruise is relatively short.

Color Fantasy in Kiel, Germany.

This ferry crossing is a frequently used ferry service for passengers to Norway and Germany (from Norway).

This ferry, between Kiel and Oslo, is probably the most luxurious ferry route in the world. This ship offers all the entertainment that regular cruise ships provide.

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Route from the UK via The Netherlands to Kiel and Oslo

When you travel from the UK to Kiel and Oslo, from the UK to Norway, you'll probably first cross to the Netherlands. You can drive to Kiel and take the next ferry to Oslo.

Route map Kiel – Oslo

From the Netherlands, the harbour of Kiel can be reached in a 10-hour drive (930 km from the centre of the Netherlands). After you get to Kiel, you can board in the evening and be in Oslo the next day. This is a night crossing where you check in at 9.15 pm and depart at 11.45 pm.

Timetable Kiel – Oslo

The ferries between Oslo and Kiel have a fixed timetable. The ships Color Magic and Color Fantasy return and depart from Kiel and Oslo at 14:00.

Departure and arrival times:

  • From Kiel to Oslo: 14:00-10:00
  • From Oslo to Kiel: 14:00-10:00
Color magic Kiel
Color Magic Kiel is a real Cruise experience on a ferry

Departure, sailing time & arrival

How long in advance do you have to be present?
Passengers traveling with a vehicle must be present at the terminal two hours in advance. Foot passengers must be present at least 60 minutes before departure. The check-in counters close at least 15 minutes before the boat departs. Passengers taking a mini cruise from Kiel can use this 15 minutes as the latest check-in time in Oslo.

Address Color Line Terminal Kiev

Color Line Terminal Norwegenkai 24143 Kiel/Garden

Duration: Kiel – Oslo
The ferry from Kiel to Oslo and vice versa is a cruise ferry and it takes around 20 hours to make the crossing.

Address Colorline Terminal Oslo

PB 1422, Vika
N-0115 Oslo

Boarding in Kiel for the ferry to Oslo.

Ferry Kiel-Oslo costs


This crossing of Color Line is not cheap, but it covers quite a distance. In addition, this crossing is a night trip, saving you accommodation costs. So you do get value for money. Comparable crossings such as Emden-Kristiansand can be even more expensive.

Rates one-way crossing Kiel – Oslo

  • The starting price for a 2 persons 1-passenger car is €414.
  • The starting price for 2 persons without transport is €264,-

About Norway

Norway has much to offer: from the Northern lights to the midnight sun and from the Fjords to the mountains, glaciers, waterfalls, and national parks. In addition to the various nature experiences, Norway also has many vibrant cities where there is a lot to do and see. Norway is a must-see vacation destination from Bergen to Oslo, Tromso to the Lofoten, and from road trips to culture.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Kiel-Oslo Crossing.

Several questions are often asked about this crossing:

Which ferry companies operate between Kiel and Oslo

Currently, this route is only sailed by the shipping company Color Line.

What are good alternatives for this crossing?

The easiest crossing to Norway is from Eemshaven to Kristiansand. A good alternative for this crossing to Oslo is the ferry between Kiel and Gothenburg, or from Copenhagen and/or Frederikshavn to Oslo. That crossing is faster, but from the Swedish city, it is also a bit of a journey to Norway.

Crossing review

Experience on this ferry

We regularly use the Kiel-Oslo ferry route to vacation with our family in the stunningly beautiful Norway. The ferry is essentially a cruise. There's plenty of entertainment on board, including excellent musicians and dancers who put on a fantastic show.

Food and beverages are available in various price ranges, from sandwiches with hot sausage or pizza to extensive buffets and even à la carte options. There are many dining options on board where live performances by artists frequently take place. The cabins are immaculately clean and comfortable.

Each cabin is equipped with a TV and a small fridge. The ferry sails very smoothly, and usually, there's no noticeable sway during the crossing. When departing from Kiel, it's enjoyable to watch from the sun deck around 6 pm as the large ferry sails under the Storebælt Bridge!

The arrival or departure through the beautiful Oslofjord can be clearly seen from the observation lounge or the sun deck. It's such a delight! As the ferry docks around 10 am, you can disembark feeling refreshed. This ferry is definitely worth its price.


From: 132,00