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Ferry from Uruguay to Argentina

Discover the best ferry crossings to Argentina

Fast Ferry
Colonia buquebus

Buenos Aires ⇒ Montevideo

Uruguay - Argentina
3 Hours
Up to 6 times per day
From: 194,00
Fast Ferry
Colonia buquebus

Colonia del Sacramento ⇒ Buenos Aires

Uruguay - Argentina
1 Hour 15 Mins
Up to 10 times per day
From: 167,00

The ferries from Uruguay to Argentina

There are two options if you want to take a ferry from Uruguay to Argentina passing the ‘Rio de la Plata'. 

  1. From Montevideo to Buenos Aires – Argentina. (Minimal 3 hours)
  2. From Colonia del Sacramento to Buenos Aires – Argentina. (Minimal 1 hour)

Between Uruguay and Argentina, you even have the fastest ferry in the world[1]Wikipedia: HSC Francisco. Meaning you can get from one city to another in about 5 hours. Keep in mind though: this is an expensive ride. It's cheaper to take the bus to Colonia del Sacramento and take the ferry from there. 

Also, read our guide ‘From Argentina to Uruguay‘ if you are traveling the other way. See the map for more info.

The ferries to Argentina

As you can easily see on the map is that all series end up in Buenos Aires. In the last 10 years, there were about 2 other ferry rides going to the city of ‘Tigre' in Argentina. But those ferry lines all stopped. 

Ferry Information

The fastest connection to cross Rio de la Plata is the ferry to Colonia Del Sacramento to Buenos Aires in Argentina. You can reach Argentine in about 1 hour on the ferry. Here you can see why:

Ferry to Uruguay

On all the connections to Buenos Aires, you have the possibility to choose a ‘fast' or a normal ship. Of course the price for these kind of ships is different. 

Timetable, availability, and compare prices

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This route is really good to book through a comparison

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Frequently Asked Questions

Buquebus and Colonia Express are the main ferry companies operating between Argentina and Uruguay. There not much other options.

You can travel from Montevideo or from Colonia de Sacramento.

A valid passport or ID is required to travel, and some operators may require additional documentation. You can read more about it: Ferry Travel ID Requirements.

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      1Wikipedia: HSC Francisco