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About the ferry routes in and around Australia

Most ferries in Australia sail in the coastal areas. Popular ferries sail to the various islands of the coast or within cities like Sydney or Brisbane.

There are also a number of ferries that can shorten your journey considerably as they cross a bay and form a connection between two major roads. Examples of such connections are Wallaroo-Lucky Bay and Sorento-Queenscliff. These are also very popular ferry routes.

There are no international ferry connections to Australia. Unfortunately, that also means there is no ferry between New Zealand and Australia.  

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sprit of tasmania


Australia ⇔ Tasmania
10 Hours
Up to 2 Times p/day
Spirit of Tasmania
From: 65,00

Gold Coast-South Stradbroke

Australia ⇔ South Stradbroke Island
30 mins.
Up to 5 Times p/day
Couran Cove
From: 19,00

Wallaroo-Lucky Bay

Wallaroo ⇔ Lucky Bay
2h 30 mins.
Up to 2 Times p/day
Spencer Gulf Searoad
From: 26,00


Australia ⇔ Tangalooma Island
1h 18 mins.
Up to 5 Times p/day
Micat, Tangalooma Island Resort
From: 84,00


Australia ⇔ Australia
48 minutes
Up to 7 Times p/day
Searoad Ferries
From: 10,00

Rainbow Breach-Fraser Island

Australia ⇔ Fraser Island
10 mins.
Up to 22 Times p/day
Manta Ray Fraser Island Barge
From: 35,00
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