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How do I get to Hamilton Island by ferry? 5 FAQ answered

Do you long for an unforgettable escape to Hamilton Island? We help you on your way. Let’s answer the 5 most frequently asked questions about how to get to Hamilton island by ferry.

Hamilton Island sounds like paradise

And that’s for sure. This iconic destination, right in the middle of the beautiful Whitsundays, has won the hearts of both Australian and international travellers. Imagine standing on the most stunning beach you've ever seen. You feel the soft sand between your toes and a gentle sea breeze on your skin. As you wander through the green oasis, all you hear is the melodies of tropical birds and the rustling of leaves. The crystal-clear waters of the Great Barrier Reef shimmer invitingly, waiting for you to explore their vibrant underwater world. Convinced? Let's board the ferry.

1.      Where does the ferry to Hamilton Island depart from?

You can take the ferry from Port of Airlie (Airlie Beach) or Shute Harbour on the mainland, in about 1 hour you sail from Airlie Beach to Hamilton Island Marina. The ferry to Hamilton Island is operated by Cruise Whitsundays.

2.      Do I have to book in advance?

Although it is possible to book a ticket online, it is not necessary to book in advance. Just buy your ticket on the day of departure and check the current timetable of Cruise Whitsundays.

3.      Can I bring my (rental) car to Hamilton Island?

Hamilton Island is a car-free zone and therefore has this typical quiet island atmosphere. The island is not that big and you can easily get around with other modes of transport. Do you really need to bring your car? Then you can get a Temporary Vehicle Permit (TVP) for a fee.

Convenient long term parking facilities are available in Airlie Beach (for free) and at the Port of Airlie terminal. The Cruise Whitsundays Maritime Terminal Car Park costs $10 per day.[1]

4.      How do I get around on Hamilton Island?

Thanks to the absence of cars, there is a disctinctive serene ambiance on Hamilton Island. It’s easy to explore the island on foot, rent a golf buggy or use the free island shuttle bus[2]

5.      Can I get to Hamilton Island by air?

You can fly to Hamilton Island Airport direct from Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane.

We of course recommend the ferry! Because nothing beats the charm of a boat trip along the Whitsunday Islands. Hamilton Island is a dream destination that promises to create lasting memories. So go pack your bags and hop on that boat.


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