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Price of a ferry crossing, a beer and a bratwurst during EURO 2024.

As the European Championship approaches, FerryGoGo has mapped out all ferry routes for EURO 2024. They've also checked out the prices for ferry trips to Europe this summer and the cost of renting a car. Now, they've looked into the stadiums where the tournament will be held, including the prices for beer and sausages.

The tournament will take place in 10 stadiums across Germany, from Hamburg to Munich.

They found out that a pint is the priciest in Stuttgart (£4.43) and the cheapest in Gelsenkirchen (£3.58), while a sausage is the most affordable there, too (£2.47). On average, a pint costs £3.91 and a sausage £3.13 in the German stadiums. Also, a beer on the ferry is more expensive at £5.28.

Are you curious about the price of a pint in different cities across Germany? You can find that information in the following post.

The average prices of the ferry crossings can be found here.

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JW van Tilburg
JW van Tilburg

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