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Ferry from Netherlands to Norway won’t sail today

Update: This connection has changed to Emden-Kristiansand for the reasons below.. You can read more about this move here: Eemshaven docking problems forces HNL to move to Emden.

Today's sailing of the Holland Norway Line has been canceled, making it the fourth time in just over a month that the ferry has been unable to depart from Eemshaven to Kristiansand. The quay at the harbor of Eemshaven was occupied, leaving no space for the Holland Norway Line ferry.

Affected travelers have been notified about the cancellation, but the exact number of people impacted is currently unknown.

The shipping company used to have its own designated space at Eemshaven until last October, but it now shares the dock with other vessels, leading to occasional missed opportunities for the Holland Norway Line. This weekend marks the second time this has happened.

In a statement to RTV Noord, a regional TV channel, a Holland Norway Line spokesman confirmed that the issue is temporary and the company is working towards a long-term solution that would ensure the availability of a designated quay for their ferry operations.

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