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Ferry from Netherlands to Norway won’t sail today

The sailing of the Holland Norway Line for today has been canceled, the ferry from Eemshaven to Kristiansand again won't sail. In the harbor of Eemshaven, where the MS Romantika docks, the quay was occupied and there was no place for the ferry. This is already the 4th time in over a month that there is no place for the ferry at the Eemshaven.

Travelers have been informed their crossing is canceled. How many travelers were affected by the canceled sailings is not known.

Until last October the shipping company had its own place in Eemshaven, but now it shares, and HNL sometimes misses out. This weekend it's already the second time that this happens.

To RTV Noord, the regional TV channel an HLN spokesman explained it is a temporary problem and they are working on a long-term solution, that should guarantee the sailings and where HNL has its own spot on the quay again.

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