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Ferry to Paris

How to travel from the UK (London) to Paris

dover-calais ferry operators

Dover Calais

UK ⇔ France
1h 30 mins.
Up to 35 times per day


UK ⇔ France
5h 45 mins.
Up to 3 times per day


UK ⇔ France
4 Hours
Up to 4 Times p/day

Portsmouth-Saint Malo

UK ⇔ France
11 Hours
Once per day

Getting to Paris by ferry

When examining the map closely, it becomes apparent that a direct ferry route from London to Paris is technically feasible. To embark on this journey, one would require a ferry departing from London, specifically from the Thames. This ferry would cross the English Channel and proceed to ferry passengers all the way from Le Havre, situated along the Seine River, to the city of Paris.

You would have to cover 347 kilometers (216 miles) which would take about 12-13 hours alone (also this long since you will go over rivers). Overall, the combination of geographical challenges, alternative transportation options, and market demand has likely contributed to the absence of a direct ferry service from Paris (France) to London (UK). So, indirect is the way to reach Paris from London, but how do you get there?

From UK to Paris by Ferry, Map Guide (v1.2)

© - Ferry to Paris Route Map; Last Update: October 2023

© – Ferry to Paris Route Map; Last Update: October 2023

Top 6 Paris ferry routes on our map

This map displays the different routes from Southern England to French coastal cities, which can serve as a starting point for further travel to Paris. It allows you to conveniently zoom in and out to identify the crossings that lead to Paris.

The best routes and ferries to get to Paris

Let's get to the point, there are many ways to get to Paris, we simply ignored the longest and most expensive crossings and made a shortlist of the in our eyes and experience the best ways to reach Paris from the UK or London when traveling by ferry:

Ferry RouteTime London to English HarborTime French Harbor to ParisTime on FerryTotal Time to Reach Paris from London
Portsmouth-Le Hvare1.5 hour2 hours5.59

In 6 hours to the Eiffel Tower?

Of course, you have to check in, wait for the boat and drive from one huge city to another resulting in crowded roads and lots of problems if you do this in high season but it is certainly possible if you time it well.

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These routes can easily be compared & booked

Booking ferry tickets from the UK to France is easy with our online booking module. You can find and book your desired ferry crossing in just a few clicks by entering your travel dates and destination. The system will show you all available options and good alternative routes with sharp prices!

The Condor ferry 'Liberation' is very fast!

The Condor Liberation ferry sails from Portsmouth to Cherbourg and has a maximum speed of 39 knots! Although the normal sailing speed is a lot lower than the maximum speed, this ferry will take you to France from the UK within 3 hours.

The Strait of Dover Ferries

ferries in the port of Dover

Ferries in the port of Dover

The most popular routes to France are those that sail over the narrowest part of The Channel. Dover handled almost 12 million people a year pre-corona & pre-Brexit [1]Passengers transported to/from main ports – United Kingdom – quarterly data, Eurostat..

For tourists to Paris, the ferry from Dover to Calais seems to be the most logical choice.

The biggest advantage of the ferries that run from Dover to Calais is that they have a crossing time of just 1.5 hours. They are also quite affordable if you compare them with other crossings to France. The possible waiting time at the border checks is however the largest disadvantage, especially in high season.

If you choose the ferry from Dover to Calais, you can choose from 3 companies. These are DFDS, P&O, and Irish ferries. The first two companies, in particular, have a lot of departures per day and are quite cheap.

dover-calais ferry operators

Dover Calais

UK ⇔ France
1h 30 mins.
Up to 35 times per day


UK ⇔ France
2 Hours
Up to 8 times per day


UK ⇔ France
4 Hours
Up to 4 Times p/day

Ferries from London to Paris

Reach Paris by ferry from

Newhaven Dieppe is a great connection for those who want to travel from London to Paris. You travel with this ferry in a fairly straight line in the direction of the French capital. So you make fewer miles/kilometres and don't have to drive that far on this route.

This route is a very popular alternative to the ferries operating in the Strait of Dover. Another good route to Paris would be the Portsmouth to Le Havre ferry.

2 brittany ferries

Traveling through France

Traveling in France is very pleasant. In combination with the ferry, most people will go by their transport. You will then have to get used to driving on the right, but that will go well after a while.

The good roads are unfortunately not always free. In France, you travel a lot on toll roads. These do not cost much, but the amount can add up considerably over a long drive to the South.

In google maps, a function allows you to avoid toll roads. However it's almost impossible to reach Paris from any of above destinations without a toll road. Or go with your 4WD and drive through the fields! =)

toll autoroute france

A typical toll booth in France

Frequently Asked Questions

The cheapest crossing is the ferry from Dover to Calais. Depending on how busy it is, DFDS or P&O is the cheapest option.

The shortest crossing is between Dover and Calais. This ferry sails a distance of approximately 41km to France. The boats then take 1.5 hours. Because of this short distance, it is one of the busiest routes in the world.

The fastest ship that sails across the channel is the Condor Voyager. It achieves maximum speeds of 42 knots or 78 kph. It used to sail to Normandy but nowadays this ferry is leased by Brittany Ferries to Condor Ferries and sails towards the Channel Islands. As a result, the Condor Liberation is now the fastest boat sailing from England to France. It has a maximum speed of 39 knots and sails from Portsmouth to Cherbourg in 3 hours.

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