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Destination(s) 🇫🇷 France, 🇬🇧 United Kingdom
Crossing UK ⇔ France
Operated by Brittany Ferries
Distance 112 miles, 180 km
Sailings Up to 8 times per week
Night Crossing Possible
Duration 11 Hours, 5h 30 mins.
Vessel type Cruiseferry
2p+Car+Return in our estimation £479
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The Plymouth-Roscoff ferry, operated by Brittany Ferries, offers a maximum of two daily sailings in each direction. This route allows you to cross the English Channel in approximately 5 hours and 30 minutes. If you choose the night crossing option, the journey duration ranges from 9 to 11 hours.

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Ferry to Roscoff and Plymouth

Plymouth-Roscoff is the westernmost ferry connection between England and France, linking South West England with Brittany. This crossing is particularly popular among British holidaymakers, especially during the summer months when demand is high. During the winter season, there is a reduction in the number of sailings.

Ferry Route Map


In most cases, the ferry sails from Plymouth to Roscoff at night and from Roscoff to Plymouth during the day. This crossing is quite dependent on the seasonal demand and operates minimally in winter.

The departure schedule varies by month. From Plymouth, the ferry typically departs around 22:00, with an arrival the next day at 6:30 or 8:00 (local time).

From Roscoff, there is usually a departure at 15:00, with an arrival around 20:15 (local time) in the evening.

📅 Plymouth to Roscoff timetable (pdf)
📅 Roscoff to Plymouth timetable (pdf)

Sailing Time Plymouth – Roscoff

The ferry journey between Plymouth and Roscoff covers a distance of approximately 184 km in a straight line. You can consider the following estimated durations:

  • Plymouth to Roscoff sailing times
    Overnight sailings (average 9-11 hrs) most days
    Daytime sailings available (5 hrs 30 mins) once a week on Fridays
  • Roscoff to Plymouth sailing times
    Morning and afternoon sailings available (average 5-8 hrs)
    Overnight sailings available during the winter (13 hrs)

How far in advance should you be present?

The final check-in times can be found in your ticket information, but you can expect the following maximum check-in times:

  • Travelling with a vehicle or on foot: 45 mins
  • Travelling with pets: 90 mins
  • Special assistance: 60 mins
  • Group travel: 90 mins


You can purchase ferry tickets either directly from the ferry company.


We managed to secure a foot passenger booking in March for this ferry at just £21. For overnight crossings, there is an additional charge of £5 for a Comfort Seat or £43 for a cabin without a window. A return trip in July for 2 passengers and a car is with £479 more expensive.

Baggage and Pets

If you're traveling with a vehicle (not a bicycle or motorcycle), it is possible to bring a pet on board. However, there are certain requirements, such as a muzzle and travel documentation. You can find more information on this page.

Onboard the Ferry

On this crossing, you'll be boarding either the flagship, the Pont-Aven or the Armorique cruise ferry of Brittany Ferries.

This (and more) can be expected on the Pont-Aven and Armorique ferries:

  • Restaurant and dining
  • Bar
  • Lounges
  • Spa treatment

  • Shopping
  • Sun deck
  • Games Planet
  • Computer games room

  • Cinema's
  • Programme of Children's entertainment
  • Children's play area

📅 Plymouth to Roscoff timetable (pdf)
📅 Roscoff to Plymouth timetable (pdf)

Plymouth Port

Plymouth Ferry Port, situated on the southwestern coast of England, serves as a vital gateway for ferry travel between the United Kingdom and France. Its picturesque coastal location also adds to the charm of the journey.

📍Stonehouse, Plymouth PL1 3EW, UK (Google Maps 🔗)

Roscoff Port

Roscoff Port is strategically positioned in Brittany, offering fast road connections to and from the Western Loire, the Dordogne, and the Atlantic coast.

📍Port de Bloscon, Brittany, Roscoff, 29680, France (Google Maps 🔗)

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