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Within the red squares, you can find local routes that are pretty popular domestic ferry routes in Germany. 

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Germany ⇔ Denmark
45 mins.
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Germany ⇔ Norway
20 Hours
Up to 7 times per week
On hold


Germany ⇔ Sweden
2h 30 mins.
Once per day
On hold
Hansa destinations


Germany ⇔ Sweden
18 Hours
Up to 3 times per week


Germany ⇔ Denmark
2 Hours
Up to 10 times per day
On hold
holland norway lines


Germany ⇔ Norway
18 Hours
Up to 3 times per week
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Germany has some important connections between the European mainland, Scandinavia and the Baltics. It is the most important hub country for ferry crossings with the Nordics together with Denmark.

There are several ways to travel to Germany to take and offboard the ferries. You can travel from Denmark, Sweden and Norway by ferry to Germany and continue your journey from one of the German harbours. It is also possible to travel from either Lithuania or Latvia by ferry to Germany.

If you're heading to either Norway, Sweden or Denmark, the German ports are an ideal starting point for your vacation.

Between Germany and Denmark you have the ferries from Rostock to Gedser and Puttgarden Rodby, making it easier to travel from Copenhagen and Sweden to Germany and vice versa.

Sweden: Germany offers ferry connections to several Swedish cities, including Trelleborg, Malmö, and Gothenburg. These routes are vital for passengers and freight transport between Germany and Sweden.

Norway: Germany serves as a gateway for ferry travel to Norway. Ferries operate from Germany to Norwegian cities like Oslo and Kristiansand, providing a popular and scenic transportation option for passengers travelling between the two countries.

Finland: Germany is an important ferry hub for travel to Finland. Ferries connect Germany with Finnish cities like Helsinki and Turku.

Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania): Germany plays a crucial role in connecting the Baltic States with Western Europe. Ferries operate between Germany and Baltic cities Liepaja (Latvia), and Klaipeda (Lithuania), facilitating trade and tourism between the regions.


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