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Operated by Scandlines
Sailings Up to 10 times per day
Distance 34 miles, 55 km
Duration 2 Hours
2p+Car+Return in our estimation € 258
Destination(s) 🇩🇰 Denmark, 🇩🇪 Germany
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If you’re looking for a swift and scenic way to sail from Germany to Denmark, hop on board the Scandlines ferry from Rostock to Gedser. In just two hours, you’ll glide across the Baltic Sea and arrive at your destination, ready to explore the wonders of Scandinavia.

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Ferry Rostock to Gedser

The ferry from Rostock to Gedser connects Germany with Denmark. There are two very good things about this ferry crossing:

  • You can board the ferry throughout the day because 10 boats sail back and forth every day.
  • The route is currently operated by Scandlines; because of this you can use the Scandlines Combi tickets which are very popular with tourists through Denmark.

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The cost of a ticket varies per sailing

Timetable Rostock – Gedser

There are 10 boats going back and forth on the route every day. It is possible to book both a night and a day trip with this route. Times can vary from day to day, so it is important to keep a close eye on the times. In order to provide the best possible overview, we have placed a small schedule below.

Rostock- Gedser

  • Monday:
    • Departures: 01:30, 04:30, 06:00, 09:00, 11:15, 13:30. 15:45, 18:00, 20:15, 11:30
  • Tuesday – Saturday:
    • Departures: 04:15, 06:00, 09:00, 11:15, 13:30, 15:45, 18:00, 20:15, 22:30
  • Sunday:
    • Departures: 06:00, 09:00, 11:15, 13:30, 15:45, 18:00, 20:15, 22:30

Gedser – Rostock

  • Monday:
    • Departures: 01:30, 03:45, 07:00, 09:00, 11:15, 13:30, 15:45, 18:00, 20:15, 22:30
  • Tuesday – Saturday:
    • Departures: 02:00, 07:00, 09:00, 11:15, 13:30, 15:45, 18:00, 20:15, 22:30
  • Sunday:
    • Departures: 07:00, 09:00, 11:15, 13:30, 15:45, 18:00, 20:15, 22:30

It will take about 2 hours to sail from one side to the other.

Departure, sailing time, and arrival

How far in advance do you need to be present?

It is recommended to be at the port of Rostock or Gedser. at least 30 minutes before departure.

Departure address ferry Rostock

18147 Rostock, Germany. However it is very to navigate to this crossing.

Sailing time Rostock-Gedser

The tour takes about 2 hours.

Rostock Ferry Arrival

Arrival address: Moltzaugade 1, 4874 Gedser, Denmark. This is also the departure address for the way back.

The ferry route is part of the E55 European route, which connects Helsingborg in Sweden with Kalamata in Greece.

Ferry costs Rostock – Gedser

To determine the costs of your crossing as accurately as possible, it is possible to use the booking engine of Scandlines. Here you can enter a specific date when you want to travel, with which transport you want to travel, and with how many people you travel. We have already made a few test bookings for you below so that you can estimate how much you will achieve yourself:

  • 1-person car, single ticket: €134
  • Two persons + car, return ticket: €258,-
  • The ferry route offers various ticket options, such as round-trip tickets, open return tickets, easy return tickets, and SMILE point tickets for members of Scandlines' loyalty program.

On this crossing, it is only possible to travel with a vehicle.