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Malta ⇔ Sicily
1h 45 mins.
Up to 2 times per day
From: 69,00

Santa Teresa-Bonifacio

Sardinia ⇔ Corsica
1 Hour, 50 mins.
Up to 4 times per day
From: 32,00

Villa San Giovanni-Messina

Italy ⇔ Sicily
20 Minutes
Up to 54 times per day
From: 6,00


Malta ⇔ Sicily
4h 30 mins.
Up to 2 times per day
From: 79,00


Italy ⇔ Sardinia
11 Hours
Up to 2 times per week
From: 38,00


Italy ⇔ Greece
8 hours
Up to 1 time per day
From: 97,00
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Information for ferry passengers

About the ferry routes in and around Italy

Italy is one of the most popular ferry countries in Europe, especially in the summer when many people choose to spend their holidays on board.

The location of Italy in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea has ensured that there are many ferry services with other countries. You can easily travel by ferry between Italy and Greece, Croatia, Spain, France, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and Malta.

You can also discover the beauty of the Italian islands by ferry. Whether you want to visit the famous Sardinia, Sicily, Elba or Capri or explore lesser-known gems like Ischia or Lampedusa, you will find a ferry route matching your preferences and budget. Book your tickets online now and get ready for an amazing journey across the Mediterranean Sea.

There are also nice ferry connections with Malta, Corfu and Corsica from Italy,

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    I am planning to travel to Italy May 2024. Can you please tell me when ferry schedules will be available for this time frame. Specifically Civitavecchia to Olbia or Cagliari.
    Thank you very much for your time.


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