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Ferry from Italy to Corfu

This is how you get to Corfu from Italy


Italy ⇔ Corfu
15 hours
up to 14 times per week


Italy ⇔ Corfu
7 hours
Up to 3 times per week


Italy ⇔ Corfu
10 Hours
Up to 5 times per week

The ferries going to Corfu from Italy

In high season 3 to 4 ferries leave for Corfu from Italy per day. The high season starts in May and runs until early or mid-September. 

Corfu is a very popular UNESCO World Heritage destination[1]Corfu – World Heritage with over 300.000 arrivals per month in the key months. (June/July/August/September) most visitors arrive from Greece or by Plane. The third option however are the ferries that go from Italy to Corfu.

These ferries that leave for Corfu are easily compared through our partners. Also, be sure to check the booking comparison engine below

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Map with ferry routes from Italy to Corfu


When you keep your mouse on the harbors you can see all possible routes. As you can also see the closest harbor is Brindisi. 

Travel tip: Book early

On the busier days, ferry boats can quickly become fully booked. Especially the ships on the line towards Corfu. The earlier you book, the greater the chance that you will have a place on the desired crossing.

Booking trips from Italy to Corfu

A good way to check possible ships and connections to Corfu is by playing around with the booking engine below:

From Ancona to Corfu

Ancona Harbor

Ancona Harbor

The ferries leaving from Ancona don't have the best ratings in the world, but they do bring you from Italy to Corfu for a normal price. 

Ancona ⇔ Corfu

1 Anek Lines Minoan Lines


There are multiple ferries that sail from Ancona to the lovely island of Corfu. The travel time is about 15 hours and tickets are popular and quite expensive.

From Bari to Corfu

Bari to Greece

 Leaving from Bari to Corfu


Bari ⇔ Corfu

1 Ventouris Ferries


The ferry from Bari to Corfu covers over 310 km and brings you to the lovely island of Corfu in Greece.

From Brindisi to Corfu


When you travel from Brindisi to Corfu you'll have the shortest travel time, for many tourists this also brings a rather positive travel experience compared to other crossings from Italy to Corfu.

Brindisi ⇔ Corfu

1 Grimaldi Lines


The ferry from Brindisi to Corfu covers over 200 km and brings you to the lovely island of Corfu in Greece.


Five Facts you should know about Corfu, before you book! 
  1. Corfu is the Seventh-Largest Greek Island. 
  2. The main city on the island is also named Corfu. (and is lovely)
  3. Corfu is home to 115 beaches.
  4. The island has two names. Corfu is also called Kerkyra!
  5. Corfu is the westernmost part of Greece and the northernmost of all the Ionian Islands.
One of the 115 beaches on Corfu

One of the 115 beaches on Corfu

Frequently Asked Questions

7 Hours, 10 Hours and 15 Hours.

The starting price is approximately € 65. Though this price is difficult to reach in the high season. Expect about € 300 to € 400 if you go by car.

Leaving from Brindisi makes this ferry crossing very short and has good reviews online. That would be our current #1 Choice. 

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  1. Do I need a passport when I travel from Italy to Corfu? I want to go there with Ventouris Ferries in July this year / we are a British family of 4.

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    1Corfu – World Heritage