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International Ferry to Greece

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Due to its many islands Greece is one of the top ferry countries in the world. [1]European Statistics – Just behind Italy in traffic numbers We got all major Greek ferry connections covered. Internationally speaking there are popular crossings with Italy and Turkey. Check out the ferry guides to prepare for a good trip. Are you specifically looking for ferry connections from one Greek island to the other? Then scroll a little further.

Ferry map: Ferries to Greece

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Greek Island Ferry Guides

Island hopping on the Cyclades or Greek Islands is more popular than ever before

Have you ever wanted to explore the stunning Greek Isles? If you’re looking for a unique way to experience the Greek Isles, then take a ferry ride! Exploring the Greek Isles by ferry offers a truly amazing experience with incredible views, easy access to the islands, and plenty of activities and attractions to enjoy. By using FerryGoGo you can explore the advantages and disadvantages of travelling by ferry, ferry routes, how to plan your journey, costs, where to stay, activities to enjoy, dining and shopping options, and safety tips. Let’s dive in and explore the Greek Isles by ferry!

Ferry map: Greek Islands

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Popular ferry crossings

Trending ferries in Greece


Greece ⇔ Turkey
12 Hours
3 times per week
From: 50,00


Italy ⇔ Greece
8 hours
1 time per day
From: 97,00


Italy ⇔ Corfu
7 hours
Up to 3 Times p/week
From: 80,00


Naxos ⇔ Santorini
2 Hours
Up to 8 times p/day
From: 68,00


Italy ⇔ Corfu
10 Hours
Up to 5 Times p/week
From: 60,00

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Ferry routes in and around Greece

A complete and growing list of all ferries Greece has to offer.

Ferries from Anek Lines, Ventouris, Minoan Lines and Grimaldi.


The quickest way is to drive to Brindisi and from there jump on the ferry to Igoumenitsa. It's quite a long drive from Calais (21 hours) but you have enough things to stop at or do during that road trip to Greece!


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1 European Statistics – Just behind Italy in traffic numbers