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2p+Car+Return in our estimation € 380
Crossing Italy ⇔ Greece
Destination(s) 🇬🇷 Greece, 🇮🇹 Italy
Distance 290 miles, 470 km
Duration 17 hours
Operated by
Sailings Up to 1 time per week
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The ferry from Bari to Sami covers over 470 km and brings you to the lovely island of Sami near mainland Greece.

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Sami Greece

Ferry to Bari and Sami

The ferry from Bari to Sami (Kefalonia) leaves only once a week. The experience of people traveling on this ferry is rather positive compared to other ferries from Italy to Greece. This is also an interesting ferry to simply travel from Italy to Greece and then after a few days on Sami travel further on into Greece.

Route Map

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Tickets and Booking

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Which ferry companies sail on this crossing?

The ferry between Bari and Sami is currently operated by: Ventouris Ferries.

How long does the Bari-Sami crossing take?

The travel time of the ferry is around: 17 hours. And only leaves once a week. Please arrive early at the harbor and calculate extra time for check-in and boarding if necessary. How long in advance you need to be present is usually communicated on your ticket or on the website of the ferry operator you sail with.