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Ferry to Stradbroke

How to get to Straddie (North and South) by ferry

Gold Coast-South Stradbroke

Australia ⇔ South Stradbroke Island
30 mins.
Up to 5 times per day


Australia ⇔ North Stadbroke Island
25 Minutes, 54 minutes
Up to 15 times per day

Getting to Stradbroke

As a passenger without a car, it's super easy to travel by ferry to Straddie. Simply travel to Emmett Drive in Cleveland. From here you can't miss the thousands of signs next to the road pointing you either toward the Sealink ferry or the Stradbroke Flyer.

If you want to travel to North Stradbroke Island with a car you need to follow the blue line on the road when you arrive on Emmett Drive. The only possibility to get to Straddie by car is with Sealink. The price for this that you can expect is about $140 – $200 for a return trip. (Test booking example)

Don't make the mistake you think there is a ferry going from Victoria Point to Amity as this connection closed down many years ago. Google just uses old maps and connections. We are better at this, see below:

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Map with crossings to North Stradbroke Island

There used to be connections to and from Amity Point. There was also a connection from Amity Point to Kooringal, these connections are at the moment all inactive. We of course update our map if these connections are appearing again or even if there are rumors that these connections might reappear.

Timetable, availability, and compare prices

Our online booking module makes it easy to find and book your desired ferry crossing to Stradbroke. All you have to do is enter your departure port, destination, and travel dates. The system will show you the best routes and possible alternatives. You can then choose the ferry that best suits your needs and budget. Have a great trip!

Travel tip: Book early

The prices for the ferries rise sharply as the boats fill up. Especially during peak season, the ferries and parking decks fill up quickly. Therefore, book far in advance and avoid high costs.

Ferry from Cleveland to Dunwich

Sealink and the Stradbroke Flyer sail on this connection, however, only on Sealink, there is a possibility to add a car. 

Cleveland (near Brisbane) ⇔ Dunwich

1 Sealink stradbroke flyer

Things you should know about this connection

Port of Arrival Dunwich

When you arrive for your departure at Cleveland (Toondah Harbor), the signs will guide you to the ferries. There is a healthy competition going on though and make sure you take the ferry company you pre-booked your trip with. You will find the Stradbroke Flyer water taxis first and if you drive onwards you get to Sealink ferries.

  • Stradbroke Flyer water taxi docks at One Mile Jetty.
  • Sealink Ferries docks at Junner St, Dunwich.

Parking at Cleveland Australia

It's easy to park at the harbor of Cleveland (Australia) if you drive a bit backward from the harbor. After you've spotted the ferry companies. Don't fall for the Sealink paid parking; this is not needed.

With a car to Straddie

If you want to travel by car make sure you pre-book your trip in advance. The car ferry can be full at times and that way you don't have to wait.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, this ferry connection is inactive. You have to use the ferry from Cleveland (near Brisbane)

The travel time is about 45 to 50 minutes. If everything goes according to plan you'll arrive at Straddie within the hour!

Stradbroke Flyer water taxi provides a free shuttle bus that picks up passengers from the Cleveland Train Station 10 minutes before water taxi departures (some early and late services excluded).

A Transdev bus also travels to the Sealink passenger ferry or vehicle ferries from the Cleveland Train Station before water taxi departures (some early and late services excluded).

There is no regular ferry service between North Stradbroke Island and South Stradbroke Island. If you want to travel between these two islands, you can do so with your own boat or with a water taxi from the area.

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