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Camper or caravan on board the ferry? Here are some tips

Are you an avid camper? Then it is good to know that your caravan or motorhome may be taken on board. Whether you have booked a campsite in France, England, Sweden or Corsica; just park the camper on the car deck of the ferry during the crossing. You do pay extra costs and you will have to book on time.

Tip 1: Book on time and book a flex ticket

Driving to the harbor at a venture is not a good idea anywhere. Car decks fill up quickly and there are limited spaces available for caravans and camper vehicles. This of course differs per shipping company, but don't take any risks and book on time! Tip: book a flex ticket and determine the exact travel date shortly in advance.

Ferry company Stena Line regularly has great offers for motorhomes and caravans, check them out here: Stena Offers

Tip 2: Check the extra costs for a caravan or motorhome on board

If you take a caravan or motorhome on holiday, you pay for the extra space on the car deck. Fees vary by ferry company, specific ferry route, season, time of departure and by length of vehicle.

How much is it? Some examples

  • On the Amsterdam (IJmuiden)-Newcastle route you pay about 200 euros (one way) at the ferry company DFDS for a camper or caravan of standard size
  • On the route Kiel – Göteborg, (Stena Line ) you pay a small additional fee for your caravan or camper: about 25 euros
  • And at Stena Line you can even take your caravan for free on the Harwich – Hook of Holland connection This is only true for daytime sailing not for evening.
  • Holland Norway Lines sails between Eemshaven and Kristiansand and charges high rates for campers and caravans due to the limited space on the car deck. This can amount to more than 300 euros in high season

On the website of the relevant shipping company, you will find the exact rates for your departure date and ferry route.

dfds ferries
RATHER THE BOAT THAN THE TRAIN – Are you traveling to France or England with your motorhome or caravan? You can travel cheaper by ferry than through the Channel Tunnel. A return ticket with the ferry costs approximately 300 euros for a camper in high season, and a train ticket via the Channel Tunnel costs about 400 euros. Moreover, there are stricter rules for campers, for example about the number of gas cylinders in your vehicle. For safety reasons, a gas (LPG) vehicle is not allowed to pass through the Channel Tunnel at all.

Tip 3: Measure the camper including the bicycle rack

When booking a car-plus-caravan ticket or motorhome ticket, you must specify the length and sometimes also the height and width. Check the site of the ferry service to see which categories apply and carefully measure your caravan or motorhome. That is including a bicycle rack or towbar! In case of doubt; measurements are taken in the port.

Tip 4: Book a cabin

Can you imagine yourself sitting on the deck in front of your own camper and enjoying the sun? Unfortunately, you are not allowed to stay in the camper or caravan during the crossing. There is one exception: Anek Superfastferries between Italy and Greece (see box). On all other ships it is not allowed and you must book a cabin for a night crossing.

From April to October, you can camp on the ferry of Anek Superfast Ferries. These boats sail between Italy and Greece (Ancona/Bari-Patras routes). You simply stay in your own caravan or motorhome and use on board facilities such as showers/toilets and electricity. With camping on board you can relax in your own familiar environment and save on the costs for a cabin. Also ideal: your dog can come along!
Would you like to know more about traveling with your dog on the ferry? Read our article: Ferries and Dogs: The Complete Guide

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