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How does the ferry booking module work?

We make use of the booking engine from Direct Ferries, which covers 4400 ferry routes all over the world. Direct Ferries compares crossings and shows alternative departure ports and dates. If you have found the right crossing, you can book it directly.

When a route is not listed, we would advise you to search FerryGoGo for the desired crossing and browse the ferry operator's website.

Buying ferry tickets online

When you want to travel by ferry, there are two ticket options you can choose from:

  1. If you know already where, you can book directly at the website of the ferry operator, which is, in most cases, the preferred option. On FerryGoGo for instance we get a lot of bookings at routes like Dunkirk – Dover (DFDS) or Puttgarden – Rodby (Scandlines). Routes that are easily bookable at the websites of ferry operators.
  2. You can book at a ferry ticketing website. is the current market leader. This is a preferred option when multiple ferry operators sail in the area and you want to find the lowest price.

How to get the cheapest ferry tickets?

The main thing you have to remember with booking ferry tickets is that you really have to book early if you seek the cheapest tickets. When ferry operators see their ferries getting full, the prices go up. We've seen ferry rates increase to 400%!

A few things we've learned seeing over 100.000 bookings through our website:

  • With or without a car is a huge difference, on average adding a car increases the ticket value by 2.4x.
  • Discounts provided by ferry companies are not significant. Don't focus too much on discounts and/or offers. Booking on unpopular dates and times is often the most significant money safer.
  • Many routes have reduced pricing based on seniority, local residence, disabilities, or age. Be sure to check out these prices before you go, as sometimes you have to bring some kind of proof with you.

Can you buy ferry tickets at FerryGoGo?

You can book tickets through the white-label solutions we provide, but you won't buy any tickets directly from us.

Our main goal is to guide our visitors to the best routes,  not to sell tickets. You can read more about this in the About Us section. When you use the engine above and on our website, you'll be booking tickets at the largest ferry ticket website in the World:

If you buy a ticket by clicking on one of the links on our website and completing the transaction, you will never buy directly from us. We always use partners for tickets. In this case, it's either Directferries, a direct ferry operator, or another partner who we think matches the needs of ferry tourists the most.

Why are you not selling tickets yourself?

We want to be the #1 ferry guide, to be the best possible guide: we also need to be negative about ferry trips,  and we provide alternatives if we simply think the ferry is not worth your time and money. Since we don't sell tickets ourselves: It's easier to be completely honest and provide the best guidance we can!

Can you book tickets on other websites?

There are various websites where you can book ferry tickets. We've listed 20 of them below:

  • 4400 ferry routes worldwide, #1 ferry booking website. Significant focus on UK tourists.
  • 400 Destinations and lots of positive experiences from users of the App and users from Greece. (country of origin of the company)
  • 30 to 50 Ferry trips (mostly day-trip based, like Krabi-Koh Phi Phi for example) in their activity database.
  • +/- 20 Ferry trips in Asia: Focus on Asia. 
  • Scandlines: +/- 10 combination tickets on Denmark's most significant international routes. 
  • Aferry: 4000 routes worldwide – Used to be a significant player in the world of ferry bookings, a large focus on UK-related ferry routes.
  • FerryScanner: Focus on ferries in and around Greece.
  • Unique website focusing on routes in and around Alaska and the US. Bookings are based on a quotation service.
  • +/- 50 Routes focusing on Dutch Travelers, bookings based on a quotations service.
  • GetYourGuide: +/- 40 Ferry connections, based on day-trip-like ferries.
  • Broad focus
  • Focus on Greece
  • 2400 Routes, but not that known to us; it seems to be a US company focusing on Greece.

If we spot more ferry booking websites, we will let you know, It's always easy to contact us!