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Ferry to Tasmania

How to get to Tasmania by ferry

On hold
sprit of tasmania


Australia ⇔ Tasmania
10 Hours
sprit of tasmania


Australia ⇔ Tasmania
10 Hours
Up to 2 times per day

Getting to Tasmania

If you want to travel to Tasmania, you can choose between two modes of transport. That is flying or sailing. Although the plane is of course much faster, many people choose to book the ferry to Tasmania.

A big advantage of the ferry is that you can bring your car and more luggage. Besides that, the ferry is a greener alternative.[1]Ferry Emissions Research: Carbon Footprints Compared, The ferry is of course also just fun and a great trip for both locals and tourists.

Scroll further down for useful information about the ferry to Tasmania, which now departs from Geelong!

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Map with crossings to Tasmania

There really isn't much choice to reach Tasmania. You can only book with one ferry company: Spirit of Tasmania. 

From October 2022 : The Spirit of Tasmania will no longer sail from Melbourne but from Geelong. A completely new terminal has been built there.

Travel tip: Seasickness on this ship

The Bass Strait can be smooth, but it is often a rough sea to pass. If you are scared of seasickness on this ferry make sure you prepare well. A medication that can help must be taken before any symptoms! Seasickness pills are the way to go.

Ferry from Geelong to Tasmania

Spirit of Tasmania operates two ships back and forth between Geelong and Devonport. The ships are luxurious though new ships will arrive next few years.

While the departure port used to be Melbourne, they moved the terminal to Geelong to make especially the ‘parking near the dock' easier and more convenient.

Australia (Victoria) ⇔ Tasmania

Popular 1 sprit of tasmania

Spirit of Tasmania

Spirit of Tasmania ferry

The ships sailing to Tasmania are well-equipped. You will find a restaurant, several bars, a shop, a cinema, a children's playground, a game zone, and children's entertainment. 

Although they are fine ships, the Spirit of Tasmania I and II will be replaced by the Spirit of Tasmania IV and V in 2024.[2]New Ships,

Frequently Asked Questions

The ferry to Tasmania departs from Geelong. A completely new terminal has been built there. The ferry used to depart from Melbourne.

The travel times are comparable with the Melbourne-Devonport crossing. Spirit of Tasmania sails to Tasmania in about 9.5 to 11.5 hours. Heavily dependant on weather. 

When you take your own car on the ferry it simply is cheaper to go by ferry as renting a car for 10 or 15 days can be very expensive. 

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